Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursday


Chapter 3 - Lunch With Jasper

I walked into the hotel restaurant, my stomach full of butterflies. I approached the maître d’. He smiled at me and said, “Afternoon Miss Swan, your party is waiting.”

Shit! He was here already waiting for me. This caught me off guard. I looked around to see if anyone noticed me, and I saw a table of women pointing at me and whispering. I smiled at them as I followed the maître d’ to the table. He was sitting there just smiling as I walked toward him. He rose from his seat and kissed my cheek. I wasn’t expecting that and again scanned the room for roaming eyes.

Hi, there,” he said as he pulled the chair out for me.

Hi,” I replied as I sat down. I looked up at him for a brief moment and said, “Thank you.”

You're welcome, darlin',” he said as he sat down.

I let out a deep breath. God, why was I so nervous? “Jasper, I don't usually do things like this.”

Like what, eat lunch?”

I mean eating lunch with a man I just met. You're a stranger.”

Well, after we have lunch I won’t be a stranger anymore,” he said with a smirk.


Chapter 15 - Stand My Ground

I woke up and slowly opened my eyes. “Ugggg,” I moaned. I had a splitting headache. I laid there with no desire to get up. Then I realized where I was. How did I get in my room?

"Good morning, Bella,” Emmett said.

I jolted myself into a sitting position. The sound of Emmett's voice scared the shit out of me.

Christ Emmett! What the hell are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?” I said in a stern quiet voice bringing my forehead to rest in my hands. God, my head hurts.

Are you a little hungover Bella?” he said as he walked toward me. “Here are two aspirin and some water. Take them,” he demanded.

Emmett, what...” was all I got out before he cut me off.

No Bella, I don't want excuses. Take the damn aspirin and drink the water.”

The tone of his voice startled me so I took the aspirin and drank the water.

Do you know you had Rose and I frantic last night looking for you? I finally found you passed out with an empty bottle in the bunk house.”

I gasp, as last night came flooding back to me, and so did the pain. “I...I...”

Chapter 4 - Girl's Night Out

We finally arrived at the club and found our way to the bar. The beat of the music along with the flashing lights took over all my senses. I couldn't help but let the beat rule me. As my body started to move to the beat my mind wondered back to him. Why couldn't I stop thinking about Edward? He was a complete jerk and completely superficial.

Hey, what's with that Edward guy from the bar? What's his story?” I inquired as we ordered our drinks.

Don't waste your time,” Alice snipped.

Ignore her. Edward is not one of Alice's favorite people, so to speak,” Rose interjected.

Because he is a complete pig!” Alice yelled as she replied to Rose.

Sorry I brought it up. I'm just intrigued by him. He's a player, right?” I asked.

Oh Bella, please don't give him another thought. Edward only wants one thing and that's sex,” Alice pleaded.

Bella, yes he is a player. Emmett's known him his whole life. He is just lost. Deep down, he is a good guy,” Rose replied.

A good guy? Rose have you lost your mind? He does nothing with his life but screw women.” Alice took a breath. “Bella, he is just rich, white trash; he lives off of his trust fund and all he does is party and pick up women,” Alice huffed.


Chapter Two

He continued to rub my back. “Bella, I know you’re struggling. I can feel it. Everything is all so new for you. You’re overwhelmed, but in time, you’ll learn how to deal with all of these new feelings and thoughts. No one expects you to be perfect, least of all me.”

“But, I’m confused most of the time. I have a hard time dealing with my strength, hearing and vision. And, my thoughts, they’re all over the place all the time. I can’t even read a book because I don’t know how to block everything else out.” I crawled into his lap. “I’m not a very good vampire, am I?”

“You’re a spectacular vampire.” He kissed the tip of my nose. “None of us woke up and knew how to do this.”

“I want to be perfect for you,” I told him. “You’re so good to me and I don’t want to fail you.”

“Hey.” He tilted my chin up and his golden eyes took my breath away. “You could never fail me.”

“I didn’t realize vampires could be hormonal.” I tried to laugh off my inadequate feelings.

“Have you met Rosalie? Or Edward, for that matter? And, they’ve been at this forever.” He stroked my cheek. “I’m here for you and I’ll help you any way I can.”

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