Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs Scintilla By Gothic Temptress

Today it's my pleasure to bring you this incredible story. I don't read many E/B's but this one has me hook, line, and sinker. This Edward is to die for. He is sexy, sweet, and an activist for world issues. What more could you ask for?

This is more then a fanfiction story, it's a life journey of self awareness and realizing what is a happening in our environment.

I promise you will fall in love with this Edward and Bella, and you will come away from reading this with so much knowledge about our world.


The temperature of our lives is first influenced by little sparks. If they are kindled, nurtured & encouraged, what fires can be ignited? A story about activism, the humanitarian spirit within and the slow burn of a passion years in the making.

A small spark often initiates a large flame. Will we remember this when we make the decisions that shape our future? If we kindle, nurture and encourage, what fires can we inspire?"


I looked up the definition of scintilla - A tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling: "a scintilla of doubt".

This story spans over many years and even takes us to Africa were the 'spark' that was always there low burning in Edward and Bella ignites into a powerful all consuming flame.

This Edward is older then Bella and they known each other all of her life. As Bella grows up, her passion for the environment increases. She also finds her feelings for Edward the man she admires, are changing. Will Edward realize the women Bella has become? Will he realize that he has influenced and help mold her into the beautiful person she has become? Will Edward and Bella finally figure out what Alice ans Esme already know; that they are destined to be together?

I have to say the amount of info that I gained about the environment form reading this fic is amazing! The story itself is beautiful, heartbreaking, and very intense at times. You will get lost in it!

I had the pleasure of doing a live interview along with Madam Akyria with Gothic Temptress about this fic and her One shots:

I will leave you with a quote from this story:

"... I think that I have learned more when I have failed. Because of those failures, I've gained so much more. Even if you fail, your goals will have meaning, have purpose. It will make you push harder next time. You know this already, Bella. If there ever was a time to believe it, it's now. You will persevere. You will become so much stronger because of all of this."

~Now go read Scintilla, and watch the 'spark' ignite between Edward and Bella!~

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