Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Naughty Moments

Today's Panty soaking moment is from Scintilla by Gothic Temptress


From chapter 10:
Edward's eyes were crazed, his jaw jutting out, his teeth clenched as he tried to maintain some semblance of control. He took in her violet lace bra and her hardened nipples visible from beneath the intricate details.

"Have I told you how beautiful you are, Bella?"

She leaned into his hot chest to whisper into his ear.

"You've told me enough. Show me."

With her legs astride his thighs, her skirt was pushed up near her waist. She relished in the feeling of his hands brushing along the outside of her thighs as he began to feed her desires with his fingertips.
"Bella, are you sure you're alright with this?"

She grinned into the sensitive shell of his ear.

"I don't even know what this is. Help me decide … "

A grin spread on his lips, salacious and promising. He lifted her right wrist to touch it with his lips once again as she pulled back to watch him.

"New kinds of sparks?"

She nodded in response, dropping her hips back so that she could be eye level with him.

"I want to burn … you … you make me want to burn so badly … "


He groaned when two of his fingers slipped beneath the saturated fabric, into the warmth, over the place where she needed it most. Her back bowed over the softness of the bed, pushing his fingers over the part of her that was screaming for something she could not fathom undulating beneath her whispering desires.

She only knew she wanted it. Desperately.

His wrist, palm, and fingers slid her into a place she had never known, her body so filled with energy that she began to moan loudly with every brush, every push. A finger slipped into the heat as the other moved along the throbbing part of her. Energy rushed through her in a burn so hot that she screamed at the ceiling, pushing herself erratically into his hand, forcing the base of his knuckles towards the mattress.

He moved his hand away from her and gripped the lace of her panties at her hips, pulling them down and off effortlessly before he slid his finger back inside. Her hips began to move against the motion of his hand, and Bella released a series of loud gasps as she felt his tongue descend down her body.

Her lusciousness opened for his hungry mouth. With his tongue splayed around and over the scorching part of her, he curled his finger deep within towards her belly button and she was suddenly propelled into a state she had never known. Her strong thighs were hot against his cheeks, the smell and taste of her seeping into his mouth as he fed.

Uncontrollable and drifting, her legs drawing apart farther to give him what she could, she pulled at his hair violently as his mouth dragged her into blinding bursts of light - wild, untamed explosions of movement as her body bowed off the bed. Rough and wanton jerks of pleasure sped her expertly into the fire.

The ripping sounds filled the air as they realized her nails tore through the sheet beneath them when her body released, the vibrations of their gasps feeding into the frenzy.

*Fans Self* - I so find this Edward so HOT and sexy *swoons*!
~I will have a full Rec of this amazing story up this afternoon~

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