Monday, May 2, 2011

What's New on TwiWrite...When Two Worlds Collide

I have the pleasure of rec'ing one of our own...


Summary - Jasper Whitlock is a NASCAR racer and Isabella Swan is an actress just coming off of her very public breakup with rock star Eddie Masen. What happens when they meet in the green room of the Jay Leno show? Sparks fly, that's what. When their two world's collide will it be just weekend of passion or can it be more?

This one is brand, spankin' new! It was just uploaded yesterday.

It's an AH version of J/B. Bella is an actress promoting her new movie and Jasper is a hot NASCAR driver. They "collide" in the green room of the Leno show and sparks immediately fly. I'm told this will update on Sundays, so go get started with chapter one. It's adorable.


  1. Thanks for picking WTWC!Your no kind to me!

  2. I meant to kind...should not leave comments without drinking coffee first