Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs You Were Mine all Along By Piebald46

 As most of you know I have been a Carlisle/Bella kick lately! So it won't come as a surprise that today I bring a C/B Fic.

I found it last week and it owned me. It's complete so you wont have to wait for updates!!


Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and the rest of the Cullen's stay behind. Bella struggles with her growing feelings for Carlisle, and tries to be supportive for him after Esme leaves. Cannon couples, aside from Carlisle/Bella. M rating in later chapters.

This story takes place after Edward leaves Bella, the rest of the Cullen's stay behind. Esme has been unhappy with her life as Carlisle's wife, so she leaves and sends him divorce papers.

Carlisle and Bella find comfort, strength, love and eventually  passion with each other. 
What will the town think when words get out that Bella and Carlisle are dating? What will the Chief think? Can Bella and Carlisle fight the odds and grow as a couple? What happens when Esme and Edward come back? is Victoria still out for revenge?

Well, I guess you have to read and find out!

From chapter 6...

We stood like that for a moment. His face millimeters from mine as we breathed the same air. I tangled my fingers in his silky, gold locks and pressed my lips to his gently.
His eyes fluttered closed. "Bella." He whispered before he pressed his lips to mine again slightly harder than the first time.

My heart pounded wildly as my blood boiled in my veins. I pressed myself closer to him and he pulled my body tighter against his own. His eyes opened again and they were dark honey. I groaned as I leaned in and kissed him, hard.

He wasted no time responding as his mouth devoured mine greedily. I moaned as I felt his tongue seek entrance to my mouth and I opened gratefully. He tasted absolutely exquisite, like vanilla and spices. His fingers splayed on my lower back and he groaned into my open mouth. My head spun as I realized I was kissing Carlisle. I grasped the back of his head and kissed him deeply. He pressed against me harder and I felt his arousal pressed against my abdomen. I broke the kiss so I could breathe and moaned as his mouth descended down the column of my throat to my collarbone.

"Bella, Bella." He whispered against my neck. He pressed me backwards and lifted me slightly so I was sitting on a table. I couldn't even think about how my ass was probably scuffing a 400 year old table. He shifted me so he was between my legs and I wrapped them around him encouragingly. He groaned and ground into the apex of my thighs earning him a long moan of my approval. My center absolutely ached for him as he devoured my mouth again. I wrapped my fingers in his back belt loops and pulled him flush against me as I arched against his straining length. "Carlisle, please." I moaned, begging him to touch me somewhere other then the small of my back.

He pulled back slightly disoriented. "God, Bella." He moaned, shifting his lower half away from mine. I groaned with the loss and let go of his belt loops. "Do you know what we almost just did?" He asked in disbelief.

I smiled slightly. "Almost."

He breathed and stepped away from me, turning away so he could adjust himself. "Bella, you and I… we can't do this." He breathed. My heart thudded loudly in protest.

"I care about you, Carlisle. I'd hope you could realize that." I said seriously.

He shook his head. "I know that, and you know how I feel. You should know, anyway." He ran his hands through his hair and sighed. "In all my years I've never pressed myself to a woman like that during a first kiss." 

He said disgustedly. "I've always been a perfect gentleman." He deplored. "It's you, Bella. I can't stop myself.

You are glorious, and you don't realize it. Your skin is like cream and your hair like silk. You are the most tempting creature I've seen in all my years." He said almost accusingly.

I blushed. "So what are you saying, then?" I asked quietly.

He stepped closer and held his hand out for me so I could get down. "I think we have to slow down. You're so young, Bella." I frowned at him but took his hand anyway. "I know you've always known exactly what you want, you're very mature for your age. Still though, it's too soon for this."

I bit my lip and nodded. He was exactly right. We were being ludicrous. "You're right. Let me get this straight though, you aren't saying never, right?"

He laughed. "I don't know how I'll be able to leave you alone! We have to take our time though." He opened the door to the storage unit and walked out to the hallway with me. He shut the door and removed the key. 

 "The others may not be so understanding." He whispered.

I flushed, thinking of them. "Okay. We'll give it time. I have no problem waiting, Carlisle."

He smiled, taking my arm in the crook of his again. "I hope you're right." He said vaguely.

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