Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Naughty Moments

Today I bring a Panty Soaking Naughty Moment from an Edward/Bella AH

From chapter 12;

He starts sucking on my earlobe and I melt into his arms. I am turned and pressed hard against the wall as Edward attacks me with his lips, hands roaming everywhere. I enjoy his sensual assault until it slowly dawns on me I am in my sweaty riding gear and Edward is in his work things, smelling delicious where as I probably smell rather...I freeze.

"Bella, what is it?"

Edward pulls back and gazes at me, confused. His eyes are hooded with desire and he is almost panting.
"I'm a little...dirty." I gesture towards my clothes, and suddenly realise I have committed probably the biggest double entendre possible. I clap my hand over my mouth, horrified.

Edward cracks up laughing. Then he straightens up and leans in, all traces of humour forgotten.

"I happen to like you...dirty," he murmurs and leans in for another kiss. My fingers reach into his hair and I pull him closer to me. We kiss frantically, all tongues and wandering hands. Edward kisses his way back to my ear and this time he is panting, hard. Actually it's not the only thing about him that's hard. I feel him press into me, as he growls in my ear.

"I want you...right now."

Oh God! I want him too, he's so sexy and edible and he smells so good. As he's whispering in my ear I lean closer and kiss his neck. I can't help myself - he tastes so good. I flick my tongue out against his warm skin.

Yes, I lick his neck.

Edward groans.

"Need you, now. I can't wait..." he pants.

What happens next is so quick, it's a blur. One minute we are kissing with hands roaming everywhere, then the next I am pressed against the wall, my jodhpurs on the floor at my feet. Edward lifts me and pushes inside me.

"Hold on to me," Edward murmurs in my ear.

I wrap my legs tight around him and he begins to thrust, hard and fast.
Oh my God! What is he doing to me?

I've never had sex like this - fast, hard, hot sex. It's always been in a bed, apart from one awkward car fumble.

Edward is grunting as he pushes into me, mumbling so fast I cannot understand what he's saying. Not that it is possible to be coherent. Each thrust is that bit deeper and hitting spots inside me that until this morning I never knew existed.

I am gasping, panting, groaning and already feeling close to my orgasm. This isn't all slow and sensuous like my romantic ideals. This is raw, rough, but so good at the same time.

~HOT! Who doesn't love wall sex?!? Edward can slam me up against the wall anytime he wants! *licks lips*~

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