Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs...The Elusive Mr. Cullen by dariachenowith

Today I bring a sexy and very funny All Human Edward/Bella

Bella is a high class escort, Edward her newest client. They soon realize that there's more between them than great sex and witty conversations. While Bella doesn't believe in fairy tales, her life seems to be turning into one fast. Or is it? AH/OOC
This is not your average E/B story, this is very different from anything I have read out there. I fell in love with this story right out of the gate!

From Chapter 1:

Women are complicated. Men are easy. I prefer easy. That's why I'm a whore.

LOL, yes Bella is a high class paid escort, but that's not all she is; she is also smart and funny. She loves sex, and she has figured out how to make a very good living doing what she loves.

From Chapter 2: 

"What exactly do you offer in your current line of employment? I understand why your agency is very clear about not spelling out the specifics, but I think now is as a good a time as any to lay out what I can ask for, and what not."

Part of me wants to crack the joke about the twenty buck blowjob again but the intensity of his gaze keeps me serious.

"It goes without saying that I'm offering a service, but this isn't all about sex. It is my job to make sure that you enjoy our time together. I aim to be your interesting companion, someone you can enjoy dinner with, someone you can bring to social events who will reflect well on you but isn't imposing in any way. If you want to engage in anything more adventurous than oral, vaginal or anal sex we will have to talk about it first, but I'm not here to fulfill your most depraved sexual fantasy. You hire me because you want the perfect, uncomplicated woman who you can treat like a lady but who doesn't expect you to remember her mother's birthday. I may be selling my body like any prostitute on the street, but I'm also selling my intellect and personality. If you want me, specifically, you will get me. I'm unique, and that is what you're paying for."

I can tell from the way he's looking at me that he likes my statement, even when the intensity in his gaze turns almost smoldering.

"That also includes kissing me?"

I laugh at the question, and hope the pretense that it doesn't make me want to slap my hand over my face is working.

"As I said, I'm a woman, not a badly conceived fictional character. I'll kiss you almost anywhere you want me to, and even the rest is negotiable."


This from chapter 2, made me love this Bella:

I have one rule, mostly to myself – I don't fake. I love sex, or else I wouldn't do my job. When a client wants me to come for him, I do. I've never been in a situation where that has been a problem, and I very rarely have to tune up my natural reaction. There are two kinds of clients anyway – those who don't give a fuck about my own needs, so they don't care whether I orgasm or not; and the others who feel good about making me feel good, too, and they are usually insistent enough to make it happen, or not shy about asking me to point them in the right direction or help. Either way, I like to think they all appreciate my honest reaction – and my newest client is obviously no exception to that.
This story is currently in chapter 5, so jump in and enjoy this incredible sexy and funny story. You won't be sorry.

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