Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs...When the Night Comes by DiamondHeart78

I have recently found myself on a HUGE E/B kick. I do love a great E/B AH story. When I choose this pairing I do it for reason, usually because someone told me I should or I have loved the author's past stories.

Nightmares from a tragedy long ago plague Bella when the night comes. When a mysterious guest checks into her B&B nestled along Orcas Island's coast, can she face her past to move forward? Canon pairings. AH. Rate M for lemons later.

 First, this a amazing blinkie caught my eye, and I wanted to know more. I found out that this story was written by the author that wrote Merry Textmas, and I loved that fic, so I dove into When the Night Comes and I was instantly swept away in story.

The backdrop is set on an Orcas Island  near Washington State. They way she describes this island is breathtaking, it makes you want to visit!

This story is bittersweet, Bella lives the nightmare of the day her parents died, she came to live on the island with her Gran after that tragic night.The island makes her fell safe and secure.

Edward, has been haunted by the memory of a little nine year old girl that he came in contact with one night when he was waiting for his dad, Dr. Cullen to finish his shift. His father passes years later and something in his will sets Edward off to find the girl, now a women that has haunting him.

Will she remember him? What secret has his father kept? Is this fate? Has life has come full circle for them?

This story was an emational ride for me as its both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time!

It has currently 9 chapters, and the story is winding down.

From the Proloque:

Bella was jolted awake and sat up in her dark bedroom panting, sweating, crying. The images were still so vivid. She had hoped she was getting better, the nightmares becoming less detailed and less frequent in recent weeks. It was the same dream. Always. This time though, she saw her mother's desperate and fearful face. Bella's heart clenched as she sat, trying to regain her composure, taking deep cleansing breaths. She walked over to her bathroom and gently splashed water on her face, running a cool towel down her neck and to the back of her head. Glancing at the reflection in the mirror, she noticed she looked terrible. Her dark circles were prominent and her cheeks were sunken. When would she be normal again, she thought.

Bella decided to step out to her small balcony, breathing in the cool summer air, taking in the complete silence that surrounded her, the only sound coming from the trickling water ebbing at the rocky edge. Ironically, she was happy here, finding solace in the sound of water, in the sound of silence.

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