Monday, May 30, 2011

Naughty Girl For A Day - leckadams

I'm very happy to introduce our Naughty Girl For A Day, leckadams

  She is my beta for my crossover Twilight story, and she pre-reads a few of my other stories also. She has Written a Lemon Drizzle, a few One shots, and she has a Multi-chap called To Hear or Not to Hear.


So after being asked to do this spot for the blog my immediate reaction was to freak out. I mean honestly, I just read a lot. Probably too much, but to be asked to do a spot on this blog for people to read about what I like to read, that is a little intimidating. So I did what any normal person would do, I freaked for a bit then started to fan girl squeal! So I took a break from reading to scour my favs, alerts and bookmarks for stories that I wanted to share. 

I would like to start out my day by bringing you a fucktastic slash story. The story just recently was completed, but is having outtakes added at the end. It was one of those great stories to have on alert because it was updating daily and I could always could on a chapter of smut at some point during the day.

Doctor Edward Cullen knows something is missing from his life. In a rash decision, he leaves Seattle for Forks, taking on the role as the town's new doctor, and taking on a house painting housemate, Jasper Whitlock.

I love the take on a very real situation and that makes it a very sexy story. As lonely as Edward is, he has always considered himself straight or even possibly a-sexual. I think many people can relate to feeling like nothing turns them on so the fact that this Edward is in the same boat make it very relatable. Jasper is, as always, an amazingly hot character. Jasper shows Edward that there is a possibility for him that he hasn’t explored yet. I love the fact that Edward’s limits are constantly being pushed by Jasper, but never to the point that Edward turns his back on the idea completely. Edward’s questioning of what he feels is right and what role Jasper plans in that is what makes this story completely worth the ride. 

Which of course makes me say things exactly like that. "I want you in my mouth, I need to taste you."

And then I'm not sure what happens, he moves really fast, but we're lying down on our sides, opposite from each other and I have his dick in my face. And then suddenly my dick is warm and wet and he's sucking on me and I'm staring at his erect and swollen cock.
I've never needed to taste something so bad in my life.

So I take him into my mouth, as much as I can, and I hum my contentment. Jasper moans around my cock sending shivers through me and I buck in response.”

I’m a huge fan of slash stories and this one is a great way to be introduced to slash if you aren’t a current reader of it. And if you are a fan of slash this story gives a very realistic yet completely hot portrayal of coming to terms with one’s sexuality. 

Bella has an itch. Carlisle has a few stiff drinks. A gritty tale of lust, betrayal, and the search for redemption begins. 

I was digging through stories to try at the beginning of the month and came across this lovely story. This story got a checkmark in all of my requirements for attempting the story: non-cannon pairing – check; smut – check; updated recently – check. And I was in for the run. Seriously, there are no words to describe the amount of lust and smut that is flowing from this story. An older lonely unhappy in his marriage Carlisle lusts after his step-daughter in-law. From the beginning the lust/smut level is at a 10 and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Although the story is only 4 chapters in, I have high hopes for the story. 

Bella bit her bottom lip, doing her best to look uncertain. "Please, Carlisle? I would really, really love to dance with you."

Laughter bubbled forth, shaking my whole body. The irony of it all was fucking rich. I downed the second glass full in one gulp and turned back to her. She stared at me, her expression carrying just a hint of her true intentions for the first time. Fuck it. Fuck my gold-digging wife and her idiot wuss of a son, too. If the little girl wants to play, who the hell am I to say no? "Hey Frank?" In my peripheral vision I could see him slow the rag he was using to wipe the bar. "You got a store room anywhere around here?"

I leered. Bella smirked. Frank stopped wiping altogether, pausing only a moment before reaching below the counter. A small set of keys dropped into my open palm seconds later. "Around the back," he pointed. "Key's color-coded blue. Try not to wreck anything."

"Shall we dance?" I whispered to her, holding my hand out. Her tiny one slid easily into mine, the contact sending a jolt of pure lust sizzling down my spine.”

(Word of warning though, I wouldn’t read this story at work. Your co-workers might notice your squirming)


  1. Thanks so much for having me on the blog today!

  2. Your welcome, but we should be thanking you! ;)

  3. Learning to Feel By OweNic is a definite MUST for any slash lover! Good stuff!!! Nic is a very nice person too! :)