Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonders


Edward's thoughts during his and Bella's wedding night as holds her while she sleeps.
This One Shot was inspired by this video made by  Mistress GemGem.

 This video alone brought tears to my eyes, then I read the One Shot and the tears fell again. 
I'm not a huge canon Edward fan, but this gimps into his thoughts, made me soften towards him a bit. I walked away with a deeper understanding of the pain and anguish that is Edward.

Every memory of her flashed before my eyes, every thought and every dream. She was everything, and the reason I existed. I knew the tears would be streaming down my eyes in this moment, had I any to shed.

I loved her, more than life, more than death. Eternity, existence was nothing without her by my side. She was the light leading my life out of the pits of insanity, mediocrity and empty oblivion.


Summary - Jasper's fiancee takes off after cleaning out his bank account and stealing his car. What happens when he follows her, picking up a hitchhiker on the way? AH/ rated M for Monkey Sex. 1st place Public Vote in 100Monkeys O/S Contest by Team FireandIce.

Well, if I was going to hitchhike, I'd definitely want to be picked up by a hot, pissed off, bad boy like Jasper. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but that Bella is one lucky bitch!

Jasper is hell bent on catching up with Maria, who not only took a large sum of cash when she left, but she had the audacity to split in a very expensive car to boot. Can Bella distract him? I think we all know the answer.

Go check out why this took 1st place. It's totally worth your time.

And, I also need to say the author made me blush in her review response to me. She knows why!


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review of Devil, Cullen818! I meant every word of it, too!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Ladies. I just got home from work and read BOTH of them. LOVED THEM! Just what I needed after working 10 hrs. on a Sunday..............some good ole Cullen/Whitlock lovin'! ;)

    Keep up the terrific work, BB's! It is truly appreciated.