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Lemon Drizzles

Welcome to the the last week of May!

   This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Giving In by TaintedDarkInuShemeeko 

It was chilly tonight. I noticed Edward had a fire blazing in his fireplace.  It raged alone, much like Edward these days. He had lost the love of his life, Bella captured in the death-grip of a coma.  Their unborn child continued to thrive everyday, growing and expanding the walls of Bella’s uterus, blissfully unaware of Bella’s condition.  Amazing how life finds a way.  But Edward was lost without his connection to Bella.
It pained me to see him in such despair, so with a red silk robe covering me, I sat down in one of the upholstered chairs closest to the fire and waited for Edward to emerge from the shower.  

I smiled when he did. His hair was wild and wet as it lay on his head. Droplets of water ran excitedly down his chest until they disappeared into the towel that covered the rest of his perfect form from my eager view.  

“Jasper, what are you doing here?” he questioned.

“I’m just taking advantage of a moment.  You should too.”  

I saw the confusion in eyes, until I untied my robe and let it fall gently to the red carpet beneath my feet. Alice had shared everything with Edward; he was her brother and best friend so my endowment was of no surprise to him. 

“I can feel your curiosity.  Just give in and try it, after all, you might just enjoy it.” 

I move quickly before he could reconsider; my lips captured his in a passionate kiss. Edward started to pull away so I used my gift to influence his desire. He was putty in my hands; I teased him at first using my teeth to gently nip at his neck. The action forced a moan free from Edward. 

“See how easy that was, Edward,” I said to him in a caressing tone. 

The two of us were soon spread out on the fine oriental rug in front of the fire – Edward’s towel cast aside. My hands slid slowly down his chiseled abs -- my mouth soon followed. I had moved to his pelvis planting soft kisses there when Edward moved beneath me and tried to get up.  

“Jasper, stop we shouldn’t be doing this.  It’s not right,” he spoke firmly to me with the authority that I loved to hear from him. 

I moved quickly over his body and gently cradled his face in my hands, caressing his jawline. 

“There is nothing wrong with any of this. Just lay back and let me give you pleasure.” 

I then slowly pushed his back onto the floor and began my downward ministrations once again. Edward was well-endowed indeed, and the arousal I was making him feel succeeded in making him harder. His hips arched as I brought my mouth down over his erection. He moaned deeply as he climbed the peak of his orgasm. He found his release in my mouth and I swallowed it in delight. 

I moved to straddle his hips where I rode him until he was gasping my name in ecstasy and I his.  I continued with the rocking friction on my hips against his until I felt his body hardened beneath mine as he found rapturous pleasure once more. When we both were spent, we lay on the soft floor panting as we both tried to catch our breath. 

I've Been Waiting by Jasper's Woman

I was once again in the shower jerking off and thinking about Peter. I can't stop thinking about his broad shoulders, muscular arms, long legs, and his fucking package.  What is wrong with me?  We've been friends since we were little; he's like my fucking brother.  Damn it, I'm fucking Jasper Whitlock for fucks sake! I have girls crawling all over me.  I feel the intense sensation in my stomach building, and I stroke my cock harder and faster until I shoot my release onto the bathroom walls and yell out Peter's name. Once I regain composure, I feel so stupid. What if he was home and heard me?   
I thought it would be great to rent an apartment with Peter, now I realized I am fucking torturing myself.  If he ever found out, he would beat the crap out of me and leave.  What am I going to do? I can't keep going on like this, but I can't tell him.  He fucks more girls than I do, why would he want to be with me?  I get out and wrap a towel around my waist, walking out of the bathroom that we share.     

I walk into the kitchen to get a drink of juice.  That's when I realize that Peter is sitting on the living room couch in just his boxers.  He's staring at me and I feel so stupid.  "Did you need something Jasper?  I thought I heard you call me in the shower." He’s looking right at me. I turn around and try to think of something as I gulp down the juice.   

I laugh, "No man, I was just thinking about a girl I met today."  He smiles and stands. I hate when he walks around in just his boxers, it makes it even harder for me to not think about him.  "Oh really?"  He asks and smiles at me.  "Well, is her name Peter?"
Now, I feel so fucking stupid and pissed.  "I don't know what you THINK you heard, but you are getting weird and shit." I put the juice back in the fridge and am about to walk out of the kitchen, when he grabs my arm.  "I know what you were doing in there Jasper."  He says and looks into my eyes. 
Fuck, is this where he calls me out and throws me out.  Is this where he calls and tells everyone what he caught me doing?   I am too scared to say anything and just pull my arm away and try to walk to my bedroom.  But he grabs my arm again.  "What the fuck man?"  I yell at him.   
He grabs my other arm and swipes my leg, causing me to fall onto the floor.  I try to get up and away from him.  With him touching me in nothing but boxers and me in only a towel, I am getting hard and I can't let him see that.  He holds me down by my arms and looks into my eyes.  His lips are almost touching mine.   

I moan and try to control myself, what is he doing?  Then I feel his lips on mine and his tongue invades my mouth.  His tongue is so warm and strong; I ball my fists up and keep them at my sides, still afraid that this might be a joke.  I want him so bad, I want to feel him in my mouth, I need him, but I can't let him know that.    His mouth moves down my neck and kisses all the spots that make me harder.    I want to touch him and grab him, but I can't.  I'm afraid this is just a dream. Maybe he knocked me down and beat the crap out of me and I'm hallucinating.  Then I feel his mouth and hot breath just above my cock. 
I can't do this, I push myself up, "Peter, No, I can't.......I'm not...."  He stops me by coming back up to my face and kisses me softly and leans down on me.  I can feel his rock hard cock on my leg and I want it so bad.  "Jasper, I want this as much as you do.   If I had known you had those feelings for me, I would have done this months ago."  He kisses me again and then moves right back to my cock and takes it in his mouth before I can stop him.  I throw my head back and feel him move up and down my length.   Fuck!  His mouth feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock.  He massages my balls and moves them around while rubbing that spot right under my balls. Fuck! I am in fucking heaven.  This is the best fucking blowjob I have ever gotten.  He's taking my whole cock in his mouth and I can't control myself and grab onto his hair and pull it hard as I try not to push into him. He's sucking me faster and faster and rubbing my balls just the way I like.  I can't hold on and scream out "Peter, I.....Fuck,” as I explode into his mouth.  He sucks me dry and kisses me back up to my mouth.  
I'm still holding onto his hair and kiss him hard, feeling his chest against mine, both our chests touching as we breathe heavily.   His muscles feel so fucking good against my chest.  Then I feel his hard cock on my leg. I reach my hand inside his boxers and grab it and immediately move up and down.  I moan out his name again, I love this feeling of him in my hand. He does too from the way he is kissing me. He kisses my neck and moans, "Jasper, fuck me, please." 
He stands up and pulls me into his bedroom.  He pulls off his boxers and hands me a tube of KY Jelly.  He gets on his hands and knees and spreads his legs. I am about to fuck my best friend, I am about to go to a place we can never come back from.  He turns his head around, "Jasper, I know you want to, I want to go there with you, please?"  I crawl onto the bed and pour the liquid in-between his cheeks as I rub them and rub my hand along his opening, then I spread his cheeks and line myself up with him.  I slowly push myself in and almost die right there.  He is fucking tighter and hotter than I have ever experienced in my life.  I push into him slowly at first, but then he reaches around and grabs my hand and puts it on his cock.  I fuck him and jerk him off, fast and hard.  I feel my balls slapping against him as he grabs my ass.  We are both grunting and moaning each other's names.  When I feel him explode on my hand I let go and cum hard in him, "I love you Peter."  We both collapse and he pulls me into his arms.  "I've been waiting for you to admit that for a over a year now Jasper, I love you too."  And he kisses me softly.  


What’s Left of Me by TheUnderStudy

It was time for me to show Aro I was the one in charge.  I stormed his office, set on dominating him.  It was time for him to be the Prince and not the King he played.  Ripping his clothes off and forcing him to his knees, I dared him to challenge me.  He knew he had gone too far.  It was my throne, not his. 

“Suck,” I commanded. 

Aro knelt willing before me.  His own erection began to leak as he took the way my cock bounced in anticipation.  He clasped his hands behind his back just the way I like it.  His tongue reached out and began to lick my balls first.  Then he trailed up to my tip, using his tongue to pull me in.  I hissed in satisfaction and at his teasing.  He began to suck and lick my entire shaft.  He was always so good, so willing.  I couldn’t hold back anymore and I threaded my hands in his long, black hair.  I wrapped it once around my hand and pushed him further down my hardness.  Aro moaned and the vibrations almost brought me to my climax.  I held off, wanting to fell his mouth more. 

I slowly guided him, pushing more of me down his throat.  He took it, all of it.  With a swirl of his tongue, I could no longer hold back. 

“Aro…,” I gasped.  “Drink…all of me.” 

He squeezed my cock with his mouth one more time and I shot my come down his throat in long, thick spurts.  Aro did as I asked and drank all of me.  He then looked up to me after cleaning me off and his blood red eyes dove into what was left of my soul.  He knew his power over me.  He had taken my throne, my heart, my soul.  He owned me and used it to his advantage.  But as the young Emmett Cullen once said to me, “I’m not going out like someone’s bitch.” 

My rage festered still within in me.  I had to claim him again and demand my respect in return.  He needed to be reminded that I gave him this life and I can certainly take it away.  I yanked Aro up off his knees and threw him into his bookcase.   

“You will no longer challenge me,” I spoke with authority.  He had better reply. 

“Yes, my Caius,” he replied willingly, devotedly.  
I turned him to face to the shelf and began to nibble his back and squeeze his ass.  He hissed in pleasure at my small bites and tried to push into my cock.  It was already hard again, awaiting more pleasure. 

“You will respect my house and my Athenodora.  She is no longer my wife, but she is my cherished friend,” I said as I ground myself into his ass. 

“Yes… Yes, Caius,” he moaned in whisper. 

“You are my mate.  Mine!” I growled, giving him a slap on his ass. 

“Dear God… Yes! Caius!” He was practically about to come all over his books, but he knew to wait for my command. 

I gave him another slap on the cheek.  This hit a little harder and I was rewarded with his hiss at the sting. 

“You will no longer toy with Marcus and Didyme.  Whatever you torment your sister and my brother in arms with.... End. It. Now,” I command, slapping his ass again, even harder.  

I heard the wood shelves crack and break.  Books fell to the floor and I thought it was from his hands.  I looked lower and saw the damage.  It was from his engorged cock.  I smiled wide, delighted that I could get him this hard.  

“Am I clear, Aro?” I asked. 

“Yes, my Caius.” 

I bit into my mark then, releasing some of my venom into him. He writhed again.  For good measure I made a new mark on the other side.   


I watched as his venom pooled at the bite. I rubbed my fingers across it, collecting the venom.  I brought them down to his tight hole and pressed my thumb against his opening.  He was panting by this point and I knew I had him just where I wanted him.  I pressed my finger in and felt him tighten around me.  I pulled it out and pressed my index finger in next.  I added another then, feeling him stretch around me.  Aro was so close and I knew he was next to exploding. 
“Do you like my fingers, Aro?” I whispered in his ear. 

He could not respond.  My fingers were working him into a frenzy.  I pulled them out and he whimpered at the lost. 

“You will come when my cock is deep in your ass,” I said as I licked my fresh mark. 

I pulled him to me and lowered him down to the floor.  I joined him next and took him his amazing body.  He was lean, but toned.  He legs were muscular and were long.  They easily wrapped around me.  His eyes were like the sweetest blood and I lost myself in them. I caressed him from his feet to his chest.  I took a moment to tease him and lightly nibbled from his thigh to his chest.  Aro’s erection was about to impale me. My own had searched out his and I couldn’t help but rub it more against him.  It was then my turn to moan.  Before it got too far away, I paused again. I took one last moment to hold his face and l make it clear to him how I felt. 

“My love is for you, Aro.  Abuse it no more,” I commanded. 

With Aro’s nod of acceptance, I bit into the spot where he heart used to beat.  He hissed and threaded his hands in my hair.  I leaned up and as I did before, I took the venom that pooled there and rubbed it down his chest.  I then took it to my cock and lathered it in his venom.  I found his greedy hole again and pushed myself deep within him. 

“Fuck, Aro, so tight,” I muttered. 

Aro was speechless, but he gripped my arms and pulled me in deeper.  I began a slow and steady rhythm.  We both panted and touched and caressed.  I began to pick up my pace, but Aro’s face of pleasure, the pleasure I was giving him was too much.  I was giving in to him.  This was not supposed to be me giving in.
I quickly pull out and Aro sighed and whimpered.  I ordered him on all fours.  He hated this position and I knew that, but this wasn’t about him.  It was about me exerting my dominance over him.  He found it impersonal and hated he couldn’t see my face, but I loved the feel of his ass.  I gave him two quick slaps and I knew he still wanted me any way he could get at this point.  I pulled him back to me and nibbled the cheek I just slapped. 

I was deep seated back in Aro the next second later.  He fit perfectly around my cock and I would fuck him forever if I could.  I began to pound harder and harder.  I gripped his sides harder, slamming him back on me.  He begged me for more and I gave it to him faster and faster.  I reached around and grabbed his cock.  My head was bent over his back and I was as deep as I could get.  I pumped Aro as I hit his favorite spot even better from this position.   

“Don’t come until I tell you, Aro,” I whispered.   

I ached, needed, wanted to come.  My balls tightened and I could feel Aro’s body tensing.  He couldn’t hold out much longer.  Neither could I, for that matter. 

“Come Tesoro!” I roared and came hard. 

“FUCK! AH! CAIUS!” Aro screamed and came just as hard as me all over my hand.   

We both collapsed onto the floor and I pulled him close to me.  I rubbed his ass and his legs.  I refused to pull out.  I licked over my bites and felt the vibrations of Aro’s purr. 

“Obey, Aro,” I sighed into his ear. 

“Yes, my Caius,” was his heady reply. 

I hardened again and he moaned, reaching back to kiss me.  


Lemon Drizzle by AllTheOtherNamesAreUse

We walked home from the pond in silence, ours skates draped over out shoulders.  My entire back was drenched; part of my front was drenched too, for a very different reason.  I smirked, listening to Carlisle remember the events of the last hour that marked the abrupt change in our relationship: our midnight race, collapsing in laughter in the snow, my touch on his scar, the feel of me underneath him, my lips, my hair, my hands on his back, my erection pressing though our layers of clothes against his, sliding, sliding, and finally… 
He stopped and looked at me sheepishly.  “Sorry.” 

I laughed.  “For what?  I’m thinking about it too.” 

“You’re really okay?  There’s a stigma, you know, for two men…” 

“Among vampires?” 

“No, among vampires, ANYTHING goes,” he laughed.  “But you are not so far from your human life.” 
I thought a moment.  “I’m far enough from it.  You’ve been my entire world for eight months.  And this has been coming for a while, Carlisle…”  

He nodded.  For me, too. 

“However, I’m not okay with my shirt freezing to my back,” I said, shifting my shoulders uncomfortably. 

Let’s get you home, then.   

He took my hand and led me to the house.  I hung our skates on the porch as he grabbed some firewood.  
When I entered and placed my shoes by his, he was already lighting the fire. 

“I’m going to take a quick bath to get warm.” 

He blocked my path in a flash.  “No, I have other ideas for warming you.”  He kissed me, his hands at my waist, lifting the hem of my sweater.  I groaned into his kiss and lifted my arms; the sweater was gone, and he worked the buttons of my shirt.  As he peeled it off, ice shards scattered across the floor like diamonds.  He grabbed a blanket off a chair and wrapped it around my shoulders, drying me.  He trailed his hands down my chest and abdomen, and I shivered as he unfastened my pants, but not from the cold. 

“Go lay on the carpet by the fire,” he whispered against my lips as my pants pooled at my ankles.  I stepped out of them, and dropped the blanket.  The carpet was warm and soft, and I lay back just in time to see Carlisle remove the last of his clothes.   

God he was beautiful.  He had been at his peak when he changed; his frame hadn’t been wracked by fever frozen in its diminished state.  He was muscular and vital.  I was amazed to hear his thoughts consider my beauty.  Where I saw my frame as scrawny, he saw it as lithe, sculpted.  He lowered himself next to me and trailed his right hand over my chest; my nipples tightened. 

“Are you still cold, Edward?” he teased, his lips against the shell of my ear. 

“Getting warmer,” I gasped, arching into his touch. 

Good, he thought, his mouth now far too busy to be used for something as mundane as speech.  His lips roamed my jaw, my throat, my chest, and I could only lay panting, trying to process all the new sensations.  You have no idea how hard it’s been to hide these thoughts from you; what a relief it is not to have to… my mind was flooded with images… memories of us blended with things he’d imagined…foreign yet intriguing thoughts… 
His warm mouth laved my nipples, and moved down the center of my abdomen, tracing the thin line of hairs, lower, lower… 

“Carlisle?” I looked down at him, alarmed.   

His face was by mine in an instant, his hand on my cheek, reassuring me.  Relax, Edward.  Just close your eyes and feel.  He kissed me, and I sighed, nodding.  His mouth traced a path down my body again, ending with his face hovering over my straining length.  His breath caressed it, filling me with exquisite anticipation.  I saw it through his mind: thick, hard and dripping.  Venom pooled in his mouth, and he groaned as he licked me, from base to tip. 

“Holy crap!  Oh God…Carlisle, Carlisle!” I moaned as his slick tongue slid over my shaft. 
So perfect…you’re so perfect, Edward.  His tongue rolled over the tip, and then he took the head into his mouth.  It was completely surrounded by his warm, wet mouth and I had NEVER felt anything so good…until he moved his mouth further down my shaft.  I clawed the carpet, trying to control the urge to thrust.  He swirled his tongue and lowered his mouth until my tip hit the back of his throat.  
“Fuck!” I gasped, my arms flailing against the carpet.  
You taste so good, Edward.  You feel so good…so hard…  

The fire, his touch, his mouth, his thoughts all warmed me, and I couldn’t help but thrust.  “Sorry,” I mumbled.  

Oh, Edward!  Do that again!  Don’t hold back…do anything that feels natural.  

He groaned around me as he thought.  I whimpered and reached down to thread my fingers through his hair. 
Yes!  His thoughts went dark as his eyes closed, and he focused on the feel of my fingers, of feeling sandwiched between my hand and my groin, of being surrounded by me even as he surrounded me with his mouth.  His right hand grasped my hip, then trailed down to cup my sac. 
“Oh God, Carlisle!” I thrust into his groaning mouth over and over, matching the rhythm of his thoughts—Edward, Edward—until my mind flashed white and I felt myself explode down his throat.  I could taste it in his mind, hear his satisfaction at swallowing a part of me.  It was primal, almost quenching a blood thirst.  
And the next thing I knew his face was by mine again, smiling down.  I could barely separate my satisfaction from his, and he laughed as he took in my incoherent state, brushing my hair off my forehead. 

“Warm now?” 
I threaded my hand through his hair and pulled him toward me, kissing him hard.

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  1. TaintedDarkInuShemeeko - Jasper/Edward: that was steamy! Would Alice mind sharing with me sometime?

    Jasper's Woman - Jasper/Peter: Do I smell a multific? I never thought of Peter and Jasper together. But now after seeing it written! Me want.

    AllTheOtherNamesAreUse - Carlisle/Edward: I think we are rare group of people that likes the CarlWard. Let me tell ya... After reading this, I am so damn warm.

  2. Holy Hell, Ladies! *fans self* That was one damn STEAMY post! Can I just tell you that I love me some SLASH any day, any time?? Whew! *wipes brow* I think it's time for a cold shower and a change of panties. Every one of these authors did an exceptional job. And I must say, the Caius/Aro pairing was down right DELISH! *licks lips*

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    aka Paula