Thursday, May 26, 2011

AFraid of the Dark OS in Voting!

The Jasper's Naughty Girls and the Twi-Muses have teamed up to bring you Afraid of the Dark OS Contest!

We have 14 awesome stories for our contest. Let's see what prompts they chose and their story shall we? Now when you vote keep in mind the prompts and how well they told the story using the prompt, vote for your favorite two.

Crazy happenings are afoot in the vampire world, Bella breaks up with Edward and everyone around her starts going nuts.  Read about the craziness surrounding Bella and how she finally finds her mate.

Jasper's life, and his death, is shrouded in mystery, with no clear documentation of either, other than assorted legends and wives' tales. Late one night, while responding to a police scanner report of yet another murder in the boulevard in front of Devil's Chase, Edward comes face to face with the stuff of history and legends, forcing him to make a dark choice.   Entry for the Afraid of the Dark Contest.


Sometimes, you just don't know who you're fucking with.

Two years ago, Edward and Bella's lives were forever marked by tragedy. Edward has disengaged from life, content with his view of the world through the bottom of a bottle.

Two gruesome murders in Forks have the police working overtime and the citizens of Forks in a panic.  Charlie needs Edward's expertise, but is he too far gone to be of any use? He refuses to be torn away from his hiding hole until he finds out that the two girls murdered were friends of Bella's, who witnessed the most recent murder and insists that the culprit is no mere human.

Fraught with concern and longing for the girl he once protected and cherished and secretly loves, he travels back to Forks. Will she forgive him for leaving? Will he get the chance to find out?

When you know their secret, they will test your loyalties. They will push your limits and they will make you one of them. But answer wrong and you won't make it through the end of the night. Bella/Edward, Bella/Emmett & Bella/Jasper

Ever wondered what Edward really did when he was away from the family in his rebellious period?

Jasper is no longer held back by Forks and its memories. While on a job, he sees her. Who is this mysterious woman shrouded in black that has him wanting more...much more.

This is my entry for the Afraid of the Dark OS Contest

What if Jasper didn’t agonize over trying to take a snap at Bella and the Cullens never returned?  What if years later he got the chance to live out his dark fantasies? Warning of Darksper and DarkPeter, Gore and torture with splashes of dark lemons. Beware of the Whitlocks!
My entry for: The Afraid of the Dark OS contest.

Even wondered what would have happened if Edward never returned after leaving Bella in New Moon and she lived out her human life, only to die of natural causes one day?  It probably wouldn't be pretty.  This is a one-shot that tells the story of how Edward copes with existing after Bella is truly gone.  Dark Edward.  EPOV.  This is my one shot entry for the Afraid of the Dark Contest.
Burning with newborn bloodlust, Bella is awaiting her next meal, thirsty and becoming desperate, her maker tries to distract her from her needs and let her have what he knows she truly wants.

AU Breaking Dawn.  What if Breaking Dawn had went a little bit differently? What if there had been no baby and Edward changed Bella when they returned from their honeymoon as originally planned?  What if Bella didn’t have that amazing control and was able to essentially skip the newborn phase?  Would things have gone so smoothly?  Instead, Bella wakes up, thirsty for blood, only able to remember certain unpleasant memories from her human time with Edward, and struggling with a deep seated feelings of anger.  This one shot tells the story of how things went wrong after Bella’s change, when she is unable to hide her resentment against some of the Cullens who have wronged her in the past.   Instead of breaking dawn, Bella is anxious to break away.  My one-shot entry for the Afraid of the Dark contest.

Would you burn for the one you love? What if you you were forced to live a life without them, and in their place someone who you wished would have been the one to leave. Would you burn for them then? After losing Jasper, and stuck being mated to Edward. That's the choice Bella is having to make.

Jasper likes them young, innocent and unsullied. When teenaged Alice runs away from the advances of her mother's boyfriend, she is rescued by a tall, good-looking blond man who only has her best interests at heart, doesn't he?

Another night, another strange & gruesome murder in Portland. Detective Cullen is determined to solve this baffling case...but at what cost? What he finds could make or break...him.

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