Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursday

Chapter 16 - Angel 

The waiting was going to kill me for sure. Just when I thought I would lose my mind, I saw her. The sight of her took my breath away. I couldn't move, just watching her as she walked towards to baggage claim and grabbed her luggage off the conveyer belt. I couldn't take being away from her one more second. I needed feel her in my arms. It's been too long ad that ends now.

She walked over to a bench and placed her bags on the floor, biting her lower lip as she looked around. I started to approach her and she was completely oblivious to my presence at first. She was looking everywhere but in my direction.

“Bella,” I said, with all the love and joy I had in me.

Her head turned and our eyes met. She dropped everything that was in her arms and closed the distance between us.

“Jasper,” she replied with tears in her eyes, as she jumped into my arms.

“Bella,” I whispered as my lips touched hers. In this moment I felt overwhelming peace for the first time in a week. I had my angel in my arms.

 You Were Meant to be Mine by Jasper's Woman


Beta Liv16


I keep my eyes on her as she gets down on her knees and slowly pulls down my pajama pants. She moans when she sees how hard I am for her. She rubs my legs and then grabs my cock. She licks the head all around and then takes me in her mouth, she takes more of me each time she moves forward. She is desperately trying to take all of me in her and I am in fucking heaven watching her. Her other hand moves around to my balls and she begins rubbing and massaging them in her other hand.

"BELLA! You are sucking my cock so fucking good!" she moans and that makes me fucking shiver, she begins sucking and slurping me and rubbing my ass as she takes me deeper and faster in her hot little mouth. I know I am going to cum, I can feel it building up. She senses it too and grabs my ass to pull me further into her and I fucking cum in her mouth. "FUCK BELLA. FUUUUUUUCK!" I scream out.

She stays down there and looks at me as she slowly lets me out of her mouth. I grab her shoulders and pull her up to me and kiss her hard as I invade her mouth. "I need to fuck you Bella, but I need to recharge. In the mean time I want you to take a bath. I want you to soap up that sexy body of yours and make sure you are smooth and sexy for me. Then when I knock on the door I want you to drain the tub and turn the shower on and push your back against the wall. I am going to fuck you in the shower, I am going to fuck you right up against the wall." She nods slowly. I see her shaking with desire and anticipation. I watch her as she walks into the bathroom and closes the door. I lie down on the bed and try to relax as I wait for my dick to recharge so I can fuck my wonderfully, beautiful submissive wife.

Path to My Soul II by Cullen818

Before I knew it, I took off running through the forest. I loved the freedom; feeling the wind swish through my hair as the cool mist sprayed my face. The only thing missing was Jasper’s hand in mine. I counted how many trees I’d passed as I ran, how many times I had to hurdle over a fallen log, and how many cars I’d outrun.



I slowed my pace and realized I’d screwed up big time. I’d been so focused on blocking everything out that I didn’t even realize exactly how far I’d run and in such a short amount of time.

I was fast!

No, no…concentrate!

I was on some sort of trail. I inhaled deeply and smelled a nearby lake. I looked around; I’d been here before, just not as a vampire. I peeked through the trees and saw a deserted swing set and play area. I saw empty soccer fields and a bike trail.

I was in the park, but because of the miserable day no one was here. Well, almost no one.

My hands immediately flew to my throat.

God, it burned!

Such Great Heights by SweetT129

Chapter 35
Will you please just come in the living room and talk to me? You can come back and finish this when you're done.”

I agreed with a sigh. After all, I'd been wanting her to talk to me for weeks. It was obviously too late now, but if nothing else, it would be nice to know why things went wrong.

I followed her into my living room, where Jasper was already sitting on the far end of the couch, nearest the front door. I let myself look at him for just a second, then returned my gaze to the floor. It pained me too much to see the hurt that was so clearly written all over his face. I knew that it wasn't only my doing, but I'd had a part in it, and to me, causing him any hurt was shameful.

Alice sat down in the center of the couch, leaving the last seat for me. I didn't take it, though, instead opting for the arm of the couch, facing out toward the TV. I was deep in self-preservation mode at this point, and staying aloof was a big part of that. What I really wanted right now was for someone to hold me and let me cry. But that was not an option, so I sat there with my arms crossed, holding my emotions tightly inside, waiting for Alice to begin. 
“Bella, can you please sit by me?”

“I am,” I replied curtly. I was close enough.

She patted the couch cushion beside her. “Sit down here. Please.” 
I sighed and moved down onto the cushion as she had asked, but kept my posture tight. I didn't turn toward her either. 
“I know you're upset with me...” she started.

I quickly interrupted. “I'm not. I told you before, if you wanted out, just to say so. You said so. I'm out. That's it.” I was curt and emotionless, but I had to be. If she wanted to explain her reasons, I would listen, but I didn't need apologies.

 Lunging at the human, Victoria pushed her into the side of the shed, barely restraining her strength enough to prevent a Bella-shaped hole from forming in the building. With her arm across the girl's throat, Victoria forced Bella to look her in the eye. “I am gorgeous,” she spat. 
“I know,” Bella agreed in a strangled voice. She may have wished she were strong enough to give the vampire a good punch in the face, she couldn't deny just how attractive she was. And not in the way that all vampires are beautiful either; no, Victoria was clearly something special.

“And strong,” Victoria added scathingly, squeezing Bella a bit tighter to prove her point. “And I'm not just somebody's good fuck, you little whore. I'm fucking phenomenal.”

“I'm sure you're great.”

“Don't fucking placate me!” Victoria seethed. 

“I'm not. I'm sure you were fantastic,” Bella said calmly. “I mean, you were at least good enough that James wanted you around. That's gotta say something for your skills, right?”

Victoria had leaned in so close in her rage that she and Bella were now nose to nose, both women glaring intensely at the other. 

“You should be so lucky as to experience skills like mine.” 

“I've never been very lucky,” Bella shrugged. 

Victoria paused for a moment, considering her next move. She hated this human, yet admired her at the same time. She wanted to shut her up, but she wanted her to do so because she knew she was wrong, not because she was forced. Victoria couldn't understand why she wanted this human's approval so badly. She should really just kill her and move on.

Instead, she kissed her.

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