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Lemon Drizzles

First I would like to announce April's Lemon Drizzle Author of the Month:

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This weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

My Favorite Cougar
Beta: idealskeptic
Pairing: James/Esme 

Esme untied her apron and tossed it at me. Lunch was definitely about to be forgotten. I didn’t know what had gotten into her, but I liked it.  There was a reason I had dubbed it “Shy Fridays with Esme.”  She was an older woman, widowed, but I could see so much sexiness in my fierce cougar.  She had used Lady Brandon’s Escorts for some time now.  Yet there was more to her than comfort.  I knew I wanted more than just her touch and tonight I would tell her such.
My shock at her playfulness must have given her the wrong impression because her cheeky smile faded.  Her worried face scanned mine for something.  I rushed back to her and scooped her up in my arms.  My lips were claiming hers immediately and instantly felt her panic cease.
“I’m sorry.  That was me trying something new.  I wanted to take charge and start things,” she said.
“I was just a little shocked.  You are just beautiful when you go after what you want,” I said as I kissed up her neck.
“Well, what did you want to do today?” She asked, her smile returning.
I got nervous, but I lifted her bridal style in my arms and carried her up to her bedroom.  I placed her on the bed and kneeled in front of her.  I could do this.
“I want to make love to you, Esme,” I said, gazing directly at her.
“You do?” She said meekly, tears already welling up in her eyes.
“Yes, I do.  I, James Cameron Tracer, would like to make passionate love to you,” I spoke strongly and true.
Esme grabbed my face and started kissing me with the fire she had started earlier in the kitchen.   Her hands then toyed with the edges of my shirt and we broke the kiss to bring it over my head.  I stood quickly, taking off my shoes.  She was in front of me placing kisses across my chest.  I turned her slowly with her back facing me.  I swept her hair across to the right side of her neck, exposing the left.  It called to me to bite it, claim her, mark Esme as mine. And that’s just what I did as I pulled the zipper down her dress.  Her moans and cries were music to my ears and I could not get enough.

 “James… Mmmm…  Yes…,” she whispered and hissed in approval.

She then ground her perfect butt into my raging erection and I almost lost it right there.  I let her dress fall from her and exposed more of her soft, white skin to me.  We both took shuddering breaths.  We knew what this meant, everything would change.  But this… this love between us would always be there.
Esme turned in my arms and walked back to the bed.  She lay down and her lovely hair, shining red in the sun, cascaded about her body.  I removed my pants and laid them off to the side.  I climbed onto the bed on top of her and slowly brought myself down.  Her body responded to me and arched in anticipation.  I kissed the spot between her breasts and then kissed her lips with the lightest touch.  Those little pecks upon her lips carried as much fire than our more ravenous kisses.  
She brought her leg up around me and lifted her hips to grind again me.  I kissed her more fervently this time and moaned into her mouth.  She chuckled slightly, knowing the effect she has on me.
“You find this amusing, woman?” I laughed and then went to taste her flesh again.
“Yes.  How can I do this…,” she said as she ground her heated core into me, emphasizing what “this” was. “…to you?”  
I could only answer her in moans and wanted to taste more of her.  I quickly removed her bra so that I could envelope those lovely pink nipples of hers.  Once her bra was discarded, I pulled one of breasts into my mouth and began to lap at them with my tongue.  Esme squirmed beneath me, inadvertently grazing my hard cock again.
“Esme,” I hissed.
“More, James.  I need more,” she echoed my cries.
Our love was burning us deeply and I could no longer wait to be inside her.  I had to have her now.  She slid my boxer briefs down with her hands and feet.  I eagerly just ripped her panties from her.  Esme didn’t have long to be shocked at actions before I had pushed myself deeply inside her.
So wet.
I pulled back out and pushed back into her, loving how it felt to be completely nestled in her.  Esme began to grip me tighter with her thighs.  I gripped her at the waist and lifted her up to me more, hitting her deeper.  It was her favorite spot.  I wanted her to come as much as possible before me.
I was kissing her, expressing my appreciation of her soul, her heart, her beauty.  I kissed away her happy tears as I drove harder and harder.  I felt her clinching around me and I held off, allowing her to have this moment.
“JAMES!  YES!” She called out as her first orgasm hit her.
I brought her up to me, sitting back on my legs.  I nestled her in my lap.  She was still breathing heavy, feeling the high from her previous climax.  I brought her up on my cock and slammed her back down on it.  The pleasure was almost too much.  I brought her up again and then down.  She fit to me like a glove and I loved being inside her this way.
She looked at me with such love and I knew I had to be with her always.  No one would take her from me or I her.  She was mine.  
“Yours, James.  Yes, James, yours.” She said in reply.
I must have said my claim out loud.  Esme pushed me back and she straddled me on the bed.  She wanted her control and I surely would let her have it.  I let her ride me, digging her nails into my chest, and bucking so hard against me.  I brought my thumb to her sensitive spot and rubbed it.  She was so close and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold on.  She rode me harder and harder.
“Esme, I love you.  Please… Please...,” I cried out and hoped she understood.
“James, yes!  Come for me my love!” She moaned.
And that was my undoing.
I grabbed her hips and brought her down upon me harder and faster.  The knots in my stomach became too much and I had to release the building pressure.
“ESME!” I groaned loudly, as I succumbed to the pleasure.
I held myself deep within her as I came, spilling my seed inside her.  It triggered another orgasm for her as well.  My name was a sweet cry on her lips.  It was chant between her calming breaths and I was soothed by her song.  She then collapsed on top on me and I cradled her to my chest.  We both were breathing heavily.  I was still inside her, but I wasn’t ready to leave.  Now that I made love to her, it was time claim her.
“How’s that strength, Esme?” I asked her.
“Ha!  This cougar is only getting started,” She replied and we both laughed.
I brought her in for a kiss, stirring our passion up again.  I loved this beautiful woman.
“Next time we get my camera and record it,” I whispered in her ear.
Her giggles were my only reply as I flipped her over and took her vigorously.

Next Weeks Pic prompt: 

 *Fans self* Very erotic!!!

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