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Lemon Drizzles

This weeks Pic Prompt:

Here are this weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Our Anniversary by Jasper's Women
I  look at myself in the mirror, I must say I look beyond sexy.  With my black thigh highs, black thong and black lace bra I will take his breath away later.  I hate to cover up my body, but I do need to wear a dress.   I pick up the dress that will barely cover my body and slip it on and walk out to tease my husband.  Just as I walk out  of the bedroom the crack of thunder is so loud and the rain begins to come down heavy.  It is pounding away and I look towards the windows to see a severe thunderstorm.     We can't walk to the restaurant in the rain, not in this outfit.  I stand and stare out the glass sliding doors that lead to the porch. I hatefully watch the rain pound on the porch and soak the wood.  The more rain that falls the angrier I get. 
I bought this dress for our first night in Mexico, we haven't been on vacation since our honeymoon, so this was our vacation and anniversary all smashed into one.  It was much needed and deserved.  We were both stressed from our jobs and not getting to see each other that often.  So, I was looking forward to a romantic dinner out, but now that was all ruined. 
I can hear Edward walking around and whistling away, happy as can be.  Why is he so fucking cheerful?  I stare at him and then walk into the bedroom and huff as I take off my dress and throw it on the floor in a huff.    I am going to have to order take out instead of eating out. I kick off my shoes and one lands near the door as Edward opens it up.  He is standing there in just boxers smiling at me.  "What are you so happy about?  Glad you get to order take out and watch TV?"  He stands in the doorway and shakes his head then looks me up and down.  "No. I have other plans for us."  He walks towards me and pulls my face to his and licks my lips with his tongue.  His tongue invades my mouth and the pleasure of his kiss sends shivers down my spine.  He lowers his hands to unclasp my bra and pulls me against him, the feeling of my skin on his makes me burn with desire.  He has this deep effect on me as if he can read my mind and knows exactly what I want and need.   
He lowers his mouth to my neck and places open mouth kisses down my neck towards my shoulders as he tweaks my already hard nipples.  I moan from the pleasure he is giving me and forget why I was so angry, this night is going to be wonderful.  Suddenly the kisses stop and he holds out his hand, I look at him wondering what he is doing but put my hand in his.  He smirks at me and walks pulling me through the living room, towards the glass siding doors and opens them.  I stop and pull him away, knowing the wind will blow the rain in here.  He holds onto my hand tighter and slides open the doors.  I try to pull my hand back, "Edward, I don't know what you are thinking, but I am not standing out in the rain, especially in the nude."
He stops pulling me and slowly walks in front of me and pulls me to him again.  He grabs my face once more and kisses me, letting his tongue explore my mouth.  His hands move down my body and grabs my thong. It is slowly being pulled down my hips and thighs, I instinctively step out of it when it hits the floor.  He smiles against my mouth and then lifts me in his arms and smiles at me with his most mischievous grin and walks out onto the porch. I scream as the cold air and rain hits my body.  My legs start and arms start moving around wildly in an attempt to get back inside and I hear Edward laughing. 
He lays me down on the ground cold wet porch and I try to get back up, but he pins my arms above my head and covers my mouth with his other hand.  I look at his face trying to figure out what he is thinking.  He stares at me with a look that I have never seen before, "I don't understand why you are struggling?  I plan on fucking you senseless right here on the porch.  If you think the rain is going to stop me then you are mistaken.  Now, you can fight me or you can let me finger your pussy and then fuck you senseless, but either way I am taking my beautiful wife."  and with that he forcefully opens my legs with his and I moan from the anticipation.  Still holding my hands above my head he slowly moves his other hand to my breasts and pinches and rolls my nipples in his fingers.  Then moves his hand down to palm my aching pussy.  I shudder from his touch and move my body up to meet his hand, I need more.  He  immediately pushes two fingers inside of me, "OH EDWARD, YES!"  I moan out as his fingers move in and out of me and the rain beats down on my overheated body, the sensation is overwhelming and erotic.   The more I moan the faster he pumps his fingers in and out of me.  The pleasure is so strong and just when I can't take anymore he pulls out his fingers and runs them across my mouth, I open my lips to taste myself on him. 
As his fingers slide in my mouth he pushes his cock deep inside of me.  I moan and suck harder on his fingers, "Now, isn't this better than sulking at the rain?  You may never want to eat out again Rose."  He groans as he pounds into me still holding my hands above my head.  I wonder when he took off his boxers, and was about to ask him when he smirks at me, "Don't worry about how I got them off of me and  into you, just enjoy it Rose."  and pounds harder and faster as he moves his other down from my mouth to right below my breasts and uses that as leverage to watch himself move in and out of me.  "My, my, Rosalie, do you know how sexy it is to see my cock sliding in and out of your pussy?"  That is all I need and I begin to shake as I explode around his cock.  "FUCK ROSALIE!"  he screams and slams into me hard as he cums deep inside of me.  He is still holding my hands above my head and looks down to where we are connected,  "I like you in nothing but thigh highs and soaking wet.  I hope it rains all week."   He groans and then pulls out of me leaving me feeling empty.  "Don't worry Rosalie, this night isn't over.  I have plenty more to do to you in the rain."  He breathes against my ear as he rolls my nipple between his finger and thumb. 


When the Thunder Rolls by Lady Tazz
Beta: TheUnderStudy

Things had changed drastically over the last few months since I jumped off that cliff. That night, as Jake brought me home, our relationship changed. I finally allowed him in and to love me. That night we both lost our virginity and the whole in my chest started to repair itself. My relationship with Jake was easy. He allowed me to be myself and he didn't treat me like a child. He certainty wasn't gentle with me.

Charlie and Billy couldn't be happier that we were together. I swear those two are worse than women. I think they have secretly planned our wedding and have discussed how many kids we would have.

Instead of feeling abandoned by the vampire family I once longed to be a part of, I finally accepted that they were gone. I gladly opened my life and my heart to my new family: a pack of wolves and amazing wolf girls. They loved me unconditionally and protected me from Victoria. A few weeks ago, they finally manged to end Victoria's existence along with two other vampires that were with her.

That next night Sam stepped down as Alpha and Jake took his rightful position in the pack. Sam and Emily were expecting a baby and he wanted to devote his time to her. I was so proud of Jake. The moment he accepted his role as Alpha his eyes met mine and my world spun. The elders believed that Jake needed to accept his true role as Alpha before he could imprint. I knew from that moment on that I would never be alone again. That night, as we made love, our bodies became one physically, spiritual and passionately. The experience was so overwhelming that it brought tears to our eyes. Afterwards, we lay naked in each other's arms, surrounded in our love.


Tonight was the tribe's equivalent of the prom, a simple year end dance. I was not attending Forks' prom this year. So when Jake asked me to the dance, I said yes.

Being with Jake had changed me in so many ways. He actually made me feel sexy and treated me as his equal. I couldn't imagine a life without him. I had no prior knowledge, but I didn't think it was possible for another man to make me feel the way Jake did sexually. It was like our bodies were designed for each other and our passion for one another was all encompassing.

I slid on my black thigh high panty hose and black lace panties. I was forgoing a bra, as my black sun dress was low cut, but has enough support. It was just less to take off later. Jake and I couldn't be around each other and keep our hands to ourselves. I went on the pill right after we had sex for the second time as I didn't want to rely on if he had a condom. Sometimes we found ourselves alone unexpectedly and me being on the pill, aided in taking advantage of those rare times.

I slipped on my black sundress and zipped it up. I then slid on my low-heeled sandals and took once last look at my hair and makeup. I stopped and smiled at my reflection in the full length mirror. I looked rather sexy. I grabbed my purse and overnight bag and I was out the door to the res.

The dance flew by and Jake whispered in my ear that we should take a walk on the beach. After stopping quickly at his car to grab a blanket we, made our way to a secluded part of the beach where we went often to be alone.

Jake spread the blanket on the sand and took off his shirt and shoes. He laid down on the blanket and the moonlight hit him just right. He looked stunning.

Are you going to join me?” he asked.

I slid off my shoes and unzipped my sundress letting it fall to the sand. I stood there in my black lace panties and thigh-high stockings.

God, you're beautiful,” he said as his eyes took me in.

Jake sat up and pulled me on top of him. His warm lips met mine as his hands palmed my bare breasts, sending waves of pleasure through my body. He quickly replaced his hands with his mouth, sucking and nibbling each breast.

Jake,” I moaned, as I undid his pants. I pushed them down with his boxers and took his hard hot cock in my hand. I began to move it up and down in quick strokes, causing him to moan.

I felt him pull my panties down. He traced a finger up my thigh, teasing me before he finally slid it through my folds.

Fuck, Bella. You're so wet and ready.” he whispered as his fingers pumped in and out of me.

We found a perfect rhythm as our hands brought each other pleasure. He grazed my clit with his thumb and I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to feel him fill me.

Jake, I need you in me.”

He had me on my back in a blink of an eye. He leaned down and his lips met mine. The kiss was so passionate it made my head spin. He slowly kissed down my neck and to my left breast. He took it into his mouth once again, teasing my nipple with his teeth as I squirmed under him. I felt his tip slip into me as he sucked and teased my right breast. He slowly eased into me and stopped. No matter how many times we did this, my body had to adjust to his size. I lifted my hips and in one thrust he was deep inside me causing, us both to moan.

Just as he pulled out and slammed back into me, the wind picked up and the skies opened. He never never stopped his movements. The feeling of our hot bodies colliding with each other as the cool rain pelted us was so erotic.

Harder please,” I begged, as the sky lit up around us.

Bella, I'm so close,” he groaned as his thrusts came harder, faster, and deeper.

He reached between us and his fingers rubbed my clit. “Jake,” I moaned as my body started to shake.

Within seconds, we were screaming out each others names into the night as thunder rolled around us. He collapsed next to me and wrapped his arms around me. We lay there in each others arms as the rain washed over our bodies.


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