Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonders

Summary: Law Administrator by day & Adult shop worker by night, Bella Swan gets a strange surprise when a very unexpected customer enters Pillow Talk. AH, AU, OOC. M/NC-17.

I'm still into my C/B obsession, so when I came across this on twitter i had to read it. I was NOT disappointed at all. It's HOT!!
Bella works for the Carlisle Cullens law Firm during the day and Pillow Talk (a sex shop) at night. When Bella's much older boss Carlisle stops by Pillow Talk one night, what happens will soak you panties!! They don't call it a Sex Shop for nothing!!! *smirks*
The author has told me she was working on expanding this, and of course I squeed!


Summary - This little one-shot was stemmed from a picture-prompt writing session that my twin and I challenged ourselves to. This is the picture that the O/S follows and trust me when I say, you'll want to be looking at it whilst you read. Trust me.

This o/s is part of a series of 4 one shots by Brits23 & Lazykate under the name Masterperv Theatre. Carlisle... Bella... hospital... you just HAVE to read this to appreciate the absolute fuckhawtness of this Carlisle. Holy hell! HOTTEST.CARLISLE.EVER. Enjoy!

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