Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tie Me Up &Tease Me Thursday

Here are this weeks teasers:


Chapter 5 - A Lot of Self-Loving


I can't,” she said as she pushed me away. "I have to go." She slid off the bar and headed for the door.

Bella,” I called after her, standing there in shock.

She got to the the door, stopped, turned around. She looked me in the eyes and I thanked God she had come to her senses.

Sorry,” she said, and then she was gone.

Sorry? I started to pace. That all she has to say, is sorry. What the fuck just happened? I needed a drink. I walked behind the bar and poured myself a shot Jack.

Fuck, I was horny as hell and she left me high and dry. Ever since I met Bella yesterday my sex life has gone to shit. I poured another shot and walked back to my office to take matters into my own hands again.


Chapter 4: Pure Pleasure


The sound of the bathroom door opening brought me back to the present. Jasper! Yes, Jasper! He walked out of the bathroom and toward me in all his naked glory. His eyes never leaving mine as he crawled back into bed. “What now?” I asked, as I bit my lower lip.

“You tell me. Do you want me to leave?” he asked me seductively as he hovered over me.

“No...” I was cut off by his incredible lips. I gladly opened my mouth for him. As our tongues tangled, I could feel his hands start to roam freely over my body.

“Good, because I don't need to be anywhere till' tomorrow night. So, I'm all yours,” he moaned in between kisses. “I want to get to know every inch of you. I want my mouth to get to know every intimate part of your body. I want to bring you pure passion. Do you want that, Isabella?” he asked as he kissed my neck.

“Yes,” I moaned. “Please.”


Chapter 4 - Movie, Munchies, and Making Out

It was almost midnight when he suggested we get going, he knew I had class tomorrow morning. We pulled into my driveway and he turned off the truck, just the radio was playing.
“Bella,” was all I let him say before I pressed my lips to his. He moaned and I deepened the kiss. Our tongues tangled as our hands wandered each other's bodies. He palmed my breasts over my shirt.
He moved toward me and my back was pressed up against the passenger side of truck. My legs were spread as far as they could be in a skirt. Emmett was pressed up against me, I could feel his hand slide up my thigh to were I wanted him to touch me the most. I moaned into his mouth as his hand ran over my thong.
“Oh, Bella,” he moaned. “I want to touch you so bad.”
“Please,” I begged as I undid his denim shorts sliding my hand over his cock and freeing it from the confines of his shorts.

Chapter 33 teaser:

Every kiss in my life had led to this one, I was sure. Our lips moved together, pressed firmly against each other, searching for more with each pass. With a soft moan, he slipped his tongue past my parted lips, delving into my mouth to find it's partner. As the kiss deepened, I reached for him with my free hand, grabbing the loose fabric of his tee shirt behind his shoulder and holding it tightly as I desperately tried to pull myself further into him. The kiss consumed me, enflamed me, blinded me. There was nothing else in the world now. I no longer existed, nor did he. There was only us.

We finally pulled away, our eyes reopening as we stared at each other for a moment, both of us panting. He released my hand and began to lift my shirt from the hem, pulling it up and over my head.
“I need you,” he whispered in a low, gravely tone.

“Like air,” I replied breathlessly, unbuckling his belt.

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