Thursday, June 2, 2011

Afraid of the Dark Contest Winners

What a ride this contest was...some of you scare me! 

The winners are...

We had some really fantastic entries and we want to thank all who took the challenge. Head on over to the contest page and check them out.

Jasper's Naughty Girls Pick...


prompt that inspired the o/s

Summary - Ever wondered what would have happened if Edward never returned after leaving Bella in New Moon and she lived out her human life, only to die of natural causes one day? It probably wouldn't be pretty. This is a one-shot that tells the story of how Edward copes with existing after Bella is truly gone. Dark Edward. EPOV. This is my one shot entry for the Afraid of the Dark Contest.


This entry rocked me to the core. This is a wonderful example of 'what if" he never came back. My heart broke for Edward. His love for Bella ran so deep. His pain so powerful.

It's only been nine years since Isabella Marie Swan left this world.  I was with her that day.  That April 24th was an unusually bright, sunny day in Seattle.  I’d visited Bella for the first time in forty-one years. The last time I had seen her in person before that had been a few days after she turned eighteen; the day I left her life for good.  She was now fifty-nine and dying from a brain tumor.  Alice had seen it in a vision, and while I had almost become catatonic with the force of the pain the knowledge caused, I knew I had to break my promise and go to her one last time. I had to tell her good-bye, and let her know that I loved her...that I would love her forever.

She hadn’t been angry or even surprised to see me.  It was as if she’d known I would come.  Her first words to me were, “It's today, isn't it?  Alice saw?”  I swallowed with great difficulty and nodded. 

I spent a total of nine-and-a-half hours with Bella before she took her final breathe. In that time, she told me about her life, and about her daughter, Emily. She’d said that even though she cared very much for Emily's father, she couldn't marry him because her heart still belonged to me. I told her I had never stopped loving her. She told me, that over time, she had come to realize I’d lied to her and that I had left her so she could live her life.  She also told me she’d forgiven me. Then she did something that would change the course of my existence forever. She begged for, and finally obtained my promise that I would look after her daughter from afar.  Bella told me she would feel better, able to leave this world in peace, knowing I was watching out for her Emily, even if it would always be from a distance. 

 Bella lived her life knowing Edward still loved her. Edward of course would grant Bella her last wish. How Edward deals with Bella's death is tragic. The pain that he feels is overwhelming and completely driven by the lust he had for here, that went  unsatisfied.

This story sent chills down my spine. It's a perfect portrayal of Darkward. I was intrigued from the first paragraph all the way to the last word. I've also read this one like five times. My heart breaks for Edward and I have to say, I can't blame him for how he deals with his pain.

If you love Darkward then trust me, you'll love this!



  1. WOW!! LOVE my banner! Thanks so much, y'all, for the contest, and I'm still shocked I won!

  2. I'm glad you love your banner, and congratulations!

  3. LOVED this contest! I was so happy to find a contest for the darker side of things and you guys never fail when it comes to helping authors push their boundaries with their writings! I was squeeing when I woke up to a text saying I was TwiMuses pick for this, absolutely amazed! My Peter and Jasper thank you! The banner, oh red eyed Whitlocks complete me! Thank you soooo damn much!!! Keep the dark contests coming please ladies!

  4. Congratulations on being The Twi-muses pick...You O/s was very dark...We are glad that we helped you push the envelope.