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Lemon Drizzles

Welcome to Week Two of June!!

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This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzle Entries:

My Goddess by TaintedDarkInuShemeeko
Pairing: Edward/Bella

I had waited over two centuries for the one that would be my mate, my bride. I had assumed that she would be a fey, or some other immortal. Instead I was granted a young witch who had yet to come into her immortality. For all the power she could control, her body was still mortal.
Bella was still cautious with me; she however confessed that she couldn’t deny the desire that flooded through her body with my touch. I knew Bella was mine the second I laid my eyes upon her. At the mere sight of her my heart had come alive awaking all of me once more.
Today it was my turn to share something with Bella. I had chosen to share my meadow with her.
“Oh, Edward it’s so beautiful here.” Bella said softly.
“Yes, it is, beautiful. It however, is not as breathtaking as you, my little witchling.” I said in a playful tone.
Bella just grinned at me as she took off running in the tall grass that surrounded us.
“Come catch me, Edward.” She called out to me.
I gave her a smug smile as I took off after her. Bella had no hopes of out running me. It took me a second to realize that she was laughing as she ran from me. I understand then that this was a game to her. If Bella truly wanted me to catch her then I wouldn’t disappoint.
She screamed playfully as I tackled her to the ground the long blades of grass gave way, under our weight. Bella lay on top of me; it was safer for her there.
“Edward, why do you call me your little witchling?” she questioned me.
I smiled gently up at her as I answered.
“That is what you are until you come into your immortality.” I said in a matter of fact tone.
There was the spark of something in her eyes as Bella looked down into my eyes.
“So what could we possibly do while we wait?” She asked playfully.
I locked eyes with her as a lope-sided grin made its way onto my lips.
“I believe I may have an idea or two.” I answered in a teasing tone.
I then reached out with both hands and took hold of both sides of the white button down shirt Bella was wearing and pulled with both hands. Buttons popped and shot into the long sweet grass around us. Her goddess, given breast seemed to bounce forward in excitement to be free from their confinement.
I raised a quick eyebrow when I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. It was a very enjoyable surprise to see.
Bella was now wearing a look of surprise on her face as she started down at me from her straddling position over my hips.
“If that blouse was one of your favorites I’ll buy you another. Hell I’ll buy you twenty of them if it means I can experience this beauty every time I ruin one.” I said almost breathless.
The effect that Bella’s body had over mine was truly amazing. I gently took her supple breast within my hands and started my ministrations slowly at first. As I familiarize myself with Bella well endowment. A soft moan escaped her lips at each movement of my hands. She brought her hands up to her head and ran her fingers through her hair as she tilted her head back at little bit.
Our hips started to grid together as Bella moved in a rhythmic motion. The repeated motion caused me to harden so fast I was sure my erection was going to rip through my jeans.
“Oh by the goddess, Bella if you keep that up I’m to have to take you, here and now.”
Sitting up, I wrapped my tongue around one of Bella’s nipples and sucked and nipped at it till I had her crying out my name.
“Oh my goddess, yes, yes, oh Edward!” She panted.
Bella had come at least nine times from just my touches. I had come at least ten. My excitement over Bella coming into her immortality was growing. Once Bella became immortal there was a very go chance that everyday would spent in bed with her in my arms.


Showing Gratitude by Jasper's Women

It was one of those nice summer days, when the weather's not to hot and a soft breeze floats by every so often. It was perfect for working in the barn. I threw the last bale of hay on the pile and was thrilled to finally be done. Now I could move on to the next chore. I took off my shirt since it was soaked with my sweat and decided to take a five minute breather before I began cleaning out the horse stalls.
As I walked out to the corn fields, I saw Bella walking over with two tall glasses of lemonade. I didn't realize how thirsty I was until this moment. I watched her walk towards; I was still unsure why she agreed to marry me. I have the prettiest and sweetest wife in Georgia. I smiled at her and nod as she hands me one glass. She slowly sipped hers while I gulped mine down, dying of thirst. I could see her looking at me, slowly raking her eyes down to my exposed chest to my stomach and stopping at my package. It was then I realized that Bella had on a white button down shirt with no bra. DAMN! I could see her beautiful breasts and alert nipples. I let my eyes wander down as I drank away and hoped she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I looked down to her short denim skirt. When does Bella ever wear short skirts? Please let her be bear under that skirt.
When I finished my lemonade I wiped my mouth off on my arm and took her glass from her. "Hey I wasn't finished with that." She protested, but I took it anyway and put it down on the ground. I stood in front of her and ripped her shirt open smiling as the buttons flew away. I stared at her tits, those gorgeous perky tits that were all mine. She smirked at me, "Now why would you do that? After I was nice enough to bring you lemonade."
I pulled her to me and kissed her hard, grabbing her ass and pushing her hips into my hard dick.
"I appreciate the lemonade and now I am going to show you my gratitude." I kissed her softly on her neck. When I stopped she looked at me and bit that sexy lip of hers. I slowly lay down and stared into her eyes, she didn't need to be told to straddle; she knew what I wanted. I was eagerly awaiting that bare pussy, but was pleasantly shocked to see white panties with pink polka dots. I almost died right there, those little panties made this even sexier; I liked knowing I had to work to get into them.
She went to pull off her shirt but I stopped her and rubbed her tits, "This stays on Bella, I might need it for later." I rubbed her hips into my mine, we both moaned at the friction. I took her nipples in my fingers and squeezed softly. I lifted my head up to watch her panties get moist with her juices. I loved making Bella mad with desire. "Carlisle, please I am aching for you, I need you inside of me." She moaned, rubbing herself against my straining dick. "Stand up Bella." She did.
I raised my hands and pulled down those sweet innocent little panties and threw them behind me. I took a minute to look at that sexy piece of heaven only inches above my face and licked my lips.
"Bella, I need to eat that sweet smelling pussy of yours, sit right here." She took a deep breath and I knew I had made her even wetter than she already was. She slowly straddled me and I pulled her down on top of me fast. I ran my tongue along her wet silky skin and savored the feeling of her juices running down my cheeks and chin. I would never get tired of her taste. I ran my tongue around her clit and then into her. She moaned and I held onto her thighs tighter as I sucked and licked away at my wife's tasty pussy.
She began moaning louder and faster, she was close so I moaned into her and the vibrations made her scream, “Oh Carlisle." as she released right into my mouth. She screamed and fell beside me exhausted by her orgasm, but I now needed release and I was going to get it. I stood up and unzipped my pants; she knew what I was doing and lay on her back, opening her legs as wide as she could with her feet in the air. Fuck, how did I get so lucky?
I pulled my jeans down and quickly got in between those gorgeous legs, pushing myself all the way into her. The sheer pleasure of being buried balls deep in Bella was too much and I threw my head back and moaned. She was dripping wet and immediately her walls clamped down on me, I knew this was going to be one good fuck.
I pulled all the way back out, leaving just my tip in her, this always got her g-spot and I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. I pushed back into her, hard and fast, after a few pumps in and out of her she gushed all around me as she grabbed my arms. "FUCK CARLISLE!"
After hearing her say that and, knowing how completely aroused she is, I pounded into her harder and faster, if that was even possible. I pulled her legs around my arms so I could lay down on her. This opened her up wide and got me in deeper. I pounded knowing I was going to cum soon. "Carlisle...... so fucking.....oh more......God"
Then she gushed around me one more time before I slammed into her hard, blowing my load deep inside of her. "BELLA!" I let her legs relax as I calmed my breathing down. She rubbed my back, "Carlisle, if that is the way I am going to get thanked for bringing you lemonade, how would you thank me for bringing you lunch with too?" I looked at her and smiled; thinking of all the things we can do.


Deals Made to be Broken by TheUnderStudy

"Marry me, Alice! Me…the man you love, who you have already named your children with!"
"I...can't,” she said as her tears began to fall. I wrapped her up in my arms and brought her to sit me on the grass.

"Why can't you live for you? You hate Sam. You said he smells like old cheese," I said into her hair. I kissed her temple and she sighed into me.

“You’re right. He smells like month old goat cheese,” Alice giggled. I never liked for her to cry.

“Then why? Why not me. You love me, Alice.”
"We have no money. What will we do for work? A place to live. Who will take care of my dad?" Alice ranted.

I grabbed her and kissed her with as much passion as I could muster. This was it. This was her leaving me.
"If you are to go to Sam, then let me take what's rightfully mine," I growled against her lips.
"Paul, what…," she tried to say.

I kissed the hell out of her. Her nails found their way in my hair and I loved how she pulled and scratched. She began to take one hand and slowly push her hand under my shirt. Her nails scraped across my chest and hissed in satisfaction.

We had never gone this far. Our kisses were lustful, but we had never gone any further than clothes on groping. I wanted her now, all of her.

“Alice, tell me to stop. I won’t…,” I tried to say, but just like I had, she kissed me silly.

She began to unbutton my shirt and then broke the kiss to slide it off my body. She began to breathe heavily as she took in my chest. I always was lifting and moving things on my job and believed in keeping busy. So I stayed in shape. I may have been also lifting a few weights. I had dreamed of her looking at me this way. Her eyes were on fire with want. I began to unbutton her shirt, just not as gracefully. She stilled my nervous hands and did the rest. She brought my hands to her breasts and squeezed.

I did not need her fucking help. I had some idea what to do. I wanted to discover what pleased her. She reached up and threaded her long hair in her hands. Alice moaned deliciously and rocked slightly on top of me.

“Damn, babe,” I moaned.

I leaned forward and licked her left breast. Her skin was perfect and just as tasty. I repeated the same on the other side and her head was thrown back again. I did that. I made her moan. Why couldn’t she be mine?

I pulled the shirt from her body and pushed her forward to lay her down on her back. I slid her skirt off and then her panties. I had seen the female body plenty times in magazines and late night Cinemax. This was different. Alice wasn’t some porn star, but she was a goddess within herself. I took off my jeans and Alice gasped.

“Where are your boxers?” She asked

“Alice, I always went commando,” I snickered and she moaned again.
The sound of her desire went straight to my dick and it bounced. Yeah, buddy she is hot. Alice began to giggle, but I gave her a look and she quieted. This was a moment for both of us. I knew I had to get her ready and I so fucking needed a condom. I was not ready to be a father, especially if another man would be trying to raise them. So I grabbed the fresh one I put in my pocket this morning. I wasn’t hoping for anything…okay, well, I was.

Alice rocked her hips towards me and I brought myself back to the matter at hand. My Alice wanted me. I ran my hand down her chest and stopped just above the spot between her legs.

She raised her hips again and her hand threaded in my hair. I took a finger and began to explore her. I watched as Alice moved and rocked. Her body was showing me where to be and how fast. I found her soft little nub and began to rub it. Alice was so damn loud and I was so glad we were far away from any of the trails. There was something I always wanted to do. If this was my last chance…

“Oh fucking shit, PAUL!”

Oh yeah…. It seemed that Alice liked it when I licked her. I took another swipe at her folds with my tongue and could not get enough. I then dove in, nipping and sucking, licking and tasting. I couldn’t get enough of her. Alice was panting and thrashing. Her breaths were getting shorter and closer together. I knew she was about to climax. My dick hardened even more at the thought. I stuck two fingers inside and bended them to find that happy spot I learned about in Alice’s Cosmo. Elusive my ass!

“Paul…Oh….fuck…FUCK!” Alice screamed and shook. Her orgasm took her over and I couldn’t wait to be inside her.

I swiftly put my condom on and before she could completely come down, I pushed into her. We both gasped. I held perfectly still. I felt the last spasms of Alice’s orgasm sputter out. Thank god they did, because I don’t know if I would have lasted.

“So….full….,” Alice muttered.

“Babe, I need to move. Can I…please....,” I begged. She felt so good and I wanted to feel more.

Alice kissed my shoulder and nodded. I pulled back out and then in again. She was heaven and I began to get upset that this would not be mine. I will miss this forever. I want her to be my forever. I pulled out again and I moved back into her just as slowly. When I felt her leg wrap around me, I knew I could go faster, deeper.

She fit me perfectly and I would never forget this feeling. No one else would this good. We both panted and Alice would sometimes bite into my shoulder. I had once measured myself at nine inches. I thought that okay. It shouldn’t hurt her, right?

“Alice…you…okay?” I barely was able to ask. She felt so good around me.

“Paul…I love you…love you…faster, baby,” I moaned and began to pick up my pace.

I went faster for her and harder. I couldn’t help it. I know this was our first time, but this would be our last time. I was getting close. Alice had a sheen on sweat on her face and her breathing was getting pretty much like last time.

I couldn’t hold out anymore. I tried, but it didn’t work. All I could feel was her tightness and the slick feeling of her pussy clinging to my dick. That thought sent me to my own orgasm. As I came, I felt her also spasming. She gripped me hard and it prolonged my orgasm. I didn’t want this moment to end, but it did. I collapsed to the side of her and pulled her to me. I was beginning to soften inside her and I knew I had to get the condom off. I took it off quickly and tossed it to the side. I pulled Alice back to me and held her.

Was this my goodbye?

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