Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonders


Summary: Victoria comes back to Forks after several years for revenge, only to find that Edward has left and Bella has sworn off men forever. Neither woman is pleased to see the other, but by the time it's over, at least one of them will be pleased.   
 I love this one shot and I usually don't read femslash, but SweetT129 is an incredible writer.
They say there is a fine line between love and hate; however, there is a finer line between hate and lust.
Victoria is hell bent for revenge, a mate for a mate. When she finds out that Edward left Bella, her hatred for Bella quickly turns to lust.

"For whatever it's worth," Bella began, "The Cullens left a few months after what happened in Phoenix. There was an... incident. Edward decided that keeping me safe wasn't worth the constant effort, and he and the family took off. I never heard from any of them again."

Victoria paced as she listened, trying to make sense of what the girl was telling her. "That can't be!" she said, getting in Bella's face once again. "Why would he just walk away from you like that after risking his whole family to protect you from James? He killed my mate, Bella! And for what? For some ridiculous human that didn't mean a damn thing to him?" She was screaming by the end of her little tirade.

"Well," replied Bella casually. "According to the letter I found a year later under my bedroom floor, I did mean something to him. He claimed to have left to protect me. Some bull shit about loving me too much to let me be in danger, to let me give up my soul... Blah, blah, blah. Typical know-it-all Edward stuff."


Bella panted and moaned, nonsense rather than words spewing from behind the lips that were joined with Victoria's. For the moment, she had completely forgotten that the woman giving her pleasure was her enemy, that she hated her, that she wanted to kill her in horrible, torturous ways. The only thing Bella could remember right now was how to beg for more.

"Harder," she demanded as she pulled back for air, using her shoulders to push against the wall as hard as she could, making her back arch so that Victoria's fingers entered her at a new, even more delicious angle.

Rather than do as Bella asked, though, Victoria removed her fingers from Bella altogether and pushed her feet down hard from her hips. "Don't tell me what to do," she hissed as she stepped back away from the girl. Victoria had forgotten, however, Bella's tight grip in her hair, though Bella had not.

And it only get better and hotter from here. SweetT129 will be expanding this into a multi-chap. I for one can't wait. 

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