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Naughty Girl For A Day - TheUnderStudy

Today it's my great pleasure to introduce TheUnderStudy as our Naughty Girl for the Day. She is a beta of mine and I'm happy to call her a friend.You may have seen her work here on the blog on Friday's, she is addicted to writing Lemon Drizzles and we love her for it. She is the author of a fantastic Emmett/Bella vamp mutli-chap that just completed, so go check out This Changes Things.

I live on the Jasper’s Naughty Girls Blog. Not just for the delectable lemon drizzles, but also for the amount of fic recs that are offered here. New fics, old fics, completed fics, and WIP’s.  They have it all.  So when Lady Tazz asked me to be a Naughty Girl For A Day, I squealed in true fan girl fashion.  Once I took some deep breaths, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some fic love.

These are two fics that had me utterly obsessed to finish.  They are both complete, so there is no need to wait. Find a cozy, quiet corner in the room and get reading.

Official Summary: Part One of The Whitlock Saga. Decisions change lives. What happens when a series of decisions set you on the path to become a completely different person? When Edward decides to return life has already moved on.

Hey it’s called Jasper’s Naughty Girls Blog for a reason.  Of course I am going to name a hot little piece like Finished Product first.  Mortissues blasts you out of the water with this rollercoaster of a fic.  It shoots off four years from New Moon, giving a glimpse into what has transpired to our dear Bella since Edward left her.  After the first chapter you are left in shock and in utter denial of what Mortissues managed to transpire in just the beginning.  I do believe the exact words of my review were: “Holy Fucking shit! Hello epic first chapter! Thy name is king! Damn that was truly heart wrenching, grasping at my soul, and bleeding truth I am glad to see told in Fanfiction. It's new edgy and takes what happens after new moon to the fucking stars!?”

So we have Jasper coming across a very different Bella Swan that has not let her past keep her locked away.  She is stronger, confident, but still sometimes shaken from her memories.  We bring in Jasper, oh delusional and broken man oh mine…I mean Bella’s.  This story is a slow burn between the two mainly because Jasper still believes that Bella is Edward’s mate.  Jasper tries so hard to deny his feelings for her, but in the end there is no staying away:

“I'm a simple man and essentially a selfish one. I knew it was wrong to want her, because of her humanity and because of him. But I want her so much it's a physical ache, not just in my dick but in every part of my body and so I made a decision, a decision to go after her despite the potential consequences.” – Chapter 11

There is some good and tasty Jasper/Bella smut going on in here. Mortissues doesn’t deny us at all in that area.  You feel like you’re right there.  Yet, there is a story of love, betrayal, transformation, and two little known-it-alls that you have your Bic itching to start a fire.
The Cullens make an appearance and stirs up the pot as well.  There are also some new characters that have you aching for more.  *cough* Joel *cough*

And let’s not forget Peter and Char.  Peter acts as our Jasper/Bella love connector and Char is our mediator.  Ha!  They really help to make this story.  They guide our newfound pair throughout their dizzy circles and also show you don’t fuck with a Whitlock.

Part Two: Ultionis is already complete and Part Three: Pax is ten chapters in.  Read.  Enjoy. Love.




Official Summary: Edward Masen's life intersects with Bella's at the restaurant he dines at for lunch every Friday. He's handsome, arrogant, and is used to avoiding love. She isn't impressed by the things that usually have women falling at his feet. AH/AU.

Want to be quivering in your panties? Then read this excellent tale of hatred, bitter truths, second…third…FOURTH chances, and where pennies and nickels are worth more than gold.

The story opens up with a spicy, smart-ass mouth Bella.  She works as a waitress in a restaurant owned by her roommate’s sister.  Times have been rough for our little lady as she was let go from her previous job and had to take this one to make ends meet.  One day the private dining room is in need of a server when the usual one was out.  It’s noon and there’s only one person that takes that dining spot on Friday at noon, the arrogant Mr. Edward Masen.

"I have to let you go, Peter. The incompetent staff here at Eclipse has now stained my eight thousand dollar Caraceni suit with a glass of wine from a forty-five hundred dollar bottle of wine. Have what I need when I get back to the office or else."

He set his phone down and snatched the napkin out of my hand.

"I'm so sorry," I said with a trembling voice. Either he was going to kill me or Rosalie was, my death was a given. "I can get you some club soda."

"Don't!" he bellowed. "Don't get me anything except the check. We're done!" – Chapter 1

After that you want to hate him don’t you?  Well you will even more for a few chapters.  Still the way she writes this story, you can’t help but love him too.  There is so much mystery behind the man and Bella can’t even deny the curiosity.  She has to find out more.  He has to be more than his asshole nature and abrasive tone.

Troublefollows1017 has emotional upheavals at every turn. And then when she twists, you can’t help but fall on the floor and laugh you ass off.  The inner workings of Bella’s mind as she attempts to understand her life has you in tears of laughter. She is relatable.  It’s great seeing Bella as she just stumps this man who never had anyone to stand up to him.  She is an enigma and even he cannot deny the attraction.

This story is nearly melted my computer when I read it.  There is so much angst here, but it is also fueled by the passion between these two characters.  There is so much give and take and more taking and taking…YES! Oh sorry…got a little caught up.  There is so much passion between these two characters.  Once their fire is lit, there is no putting it out.  I think it was the line:

"This won't be gentle," he warned as he pushed himself inside me, filling me in a way I'd never experienced before. – Chapter 6

that had me wishing that I wasn’t reading this while The Wiggles were playing in the background.  The whole gang is here and each is very well written and strong in the story, especially Alice.  I flove her hard!  She is one of the best written Alice’s I have ever seen.

This story isn’t just about their love and romance; it has adventure, danger, explosions, and death.  So if you are looking for a fluffy love fest, this is not for you.  But I dare you to challenge yourself and read something fresh and intriguing.

I would like to thank TheUnderStudy for being our Naughty Girl for the day, and I myself will be checking out Fridays at Noon.

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