Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs...Six Weeks by vbfb1

Today I bring you yet another Edward/Bella story. I know, but I told you I was on an E/B kick.

Edward has been avoiding sexual contact with his wife for six weeks. What happens when she lays it all on the line? After Edward and Bella reconnect she finds out she is pregnant. Pretty Porn Entry Now Extended.

From the beginning of chapter 1:

Six weeks. Six fucking weeks.

That's how long it has been since I've had sex with my husband.

I don't know why we haven't had sex; believe me, it's not as if I haven't tried. I've made every effort to entice him – fancy lingerie, dancing around the house in his clothes, even an impromptu strip tease. I had done everything short of getting down on my knees and begging, but nothing seems to work. His response is either he is too tired or he isn't in the mood.

I am so fucking sexually frustrated right now. I think if Edward was to even look at me with a little sexual intent, I might come.

Tonight I've decided I have to up the ante and just lay it all out on the table, so to speak.

I've made his favourite dinner, lasagne, which is in the oven warming. I also made him my famous apple pie for dessert.

It's five thirty and I know he will be home from work in about half an hour. I head upstairs to get ready.
Taking a shower, I clean myself up, removing every trace of hair from my legs, armpits and pussy. Knowing how much Edward likes when I wear my hair down, I dry and straighten my hair. I slip on a robe to stop myself from getting cold, and then grab his favourite pair of fuck-me heels from the back of the closet and put them on. I head downstairs, the anticipation killing me. Tonight we are going to resolve this no sex issue, one way or another.

I quickly pop into the kitchen and check on dinner. It is ready so I turn the oven down to a low heat. Then I head into the dining room to wait for him to come home.

As I sit there waiting from him to arrive, I start fantasising about how I hope tonight will go. Images of him fucking me hard and making me come all over the dining room table swim around in my mind, and I feel my arousal start to pool in my folds. I think about having a little five-finger fun before he gets here, but I look at the clock and realise that he should be home any moment.

I hear the garage door start to retract. My heart starts to beat at a rapid rate. He's home. Suddenly I begin to feel very nervous, but I squash that feeling. The horny sex kitten in me wants to be fucked tonight, and no amount of nervousness is going to stop me from trying to achieve that goal.

I shed my robe and hop up on the edge of the dining room table. I spread my legs, placing each foot on a dining chair, and rest my hands on the table behind me, causing me to arch my back a little and stick my tits further out.


The author had my full attention right out of the gate.

Something happens one night at the hospital that makes Edward push his wife away. Bella,has waited long enough, she needs to be physical with her husband, so she comes up with a plan to seduce him. When Edward finally opens up and tells her what happened, he realizes it wasn't his fault.The two have an incredible night of passion that leads to thier lives changing forever.

Go read Six Weeks, and take this incredible journey with Bella and Edward.

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