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Lemon Drizzles

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This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Good Boys Get Presents by TheUnderStudy

I growled loudly as I burst through the door of my house.  The door swung open so hard that the doorknob imbedded into the wall.  I sighed and tried to calm myself.  Char was going to kill me when she saw that.  Right now I didn’t care.  I had just returned from another unsuccessful hunting trip.  It has now been a whole three weeks since I last fed.  I can certainly go another week, but I never liked to slip past two.  I was now closing in on a month and I was downright irritable.  It was all because of that sinful piece of flesh I ran across a month back. 

Groaning at the thought of the blond, tasty morsel that crossed my path had me hardening in my pants.  Char and I had a very open relationship with humans.  Vampires were off limits.  I would lose my shit and she probably would as well.  However, we liked to indulge in warm and fragile skin.  It also heightened feeding.  Sometimes, though, it was just about the sex.  Thinking about my blonde wildcat had me vibrating in delight. 

Char was my soulmate and the only one who could make me see stars, but the sight of my wildcat made me feel like it was the Fourth of July.  Char and I had gone out in the town looking for some fun.  We happened upon a bar that seemed lively and the music was classic rock.  I couldn’t deny going in when I heard the ending of Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’.  As we stepped in, the song had changed to Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take’.  Looking back, that song was perfect.  
I fell onto the couch, hearing it creak under my force.  I didn’t care.  I was already in trouble with Char.  I had been bitchy to her these last few weeks.   She left me mid-hunt to go rid herself of my funky attitude.  I just couldn’t find anything that smelled remotely similar to my wildcat’s scent.  The bar had been fun, but it was the fight that broke out towards the back that made it even better.  Four girls had started fighting and it was all hair pulling and scratching.  Then it turned into fist flying and biting.  My wildcat jumped in the throng to separate it.  The fight finally stopped, but I was hooked.  I inched closer and closer taking in my wildcat’s scent.  I hovered all night, unnoticed.  Unfortunately, it was later than I had expected and we were not able to stay.  I knew the sun would be out and we had to travel a ways to get back to our house.
So like a moth to a flame, I came back every day to the bar.  My wildcat wasn’t there and the scent was fading.  Char constantly laughed at me as I sulked and cursed.  I didn’t go to the bar this week.  I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I whimpered again as my hard-on strained against my pants.  I knew if Char was here she wouldn’t help me out.  She had been holding out on me.
I pulled off my shirt and tossed it across the room.  My hand ran down my chest and I pinched my nipples. A hiss of pleasure flowed from my lips and my greedy fingers finished their trek.  I unbuttoned my pants and snarled in ecstasy as the feeling of rolling the zipper down over my cock was absolutely sinful.  It sprang forth from my pants like it was desperate for air.  I never bothered with underwear.  They always got in the way.   

My hand wrapped around my swollen member and squeezed my eyes shut, hoping not to come too quickly.  I wanted to take my time.  I brought my hand down my shaft and curving it back up.  My body was tingling and I knew as much as I wanted this to last long I wouldn’t. The images of my wildcat were present in my mind.  The blond hair long around their face, the slight pink tinge of their cheeks, and that ass… My wildcat bent over a lot that night and I wanted to take a bite out of… 

Oh fuck… 

My strokes were becoming faster and my grip harder as I thought about that succulent ass.  But I’d save that for last.  I brought up the image of my wildcat’s lips wrapped tight around me.  That pink tongue licking me from base to my tip would drive me crazy.  The feeling of my wildcat’s mouth, wet and warm, around my cock...would bring me…to utter insanity.  Taking my fingers…putting them in those golden locks…bringing me deeper into their mouth.  I’d fuck that pretty little mouth.  My wildcat would moan and suck while on their knees in reverence of what all that was doing to me.  Before I’d come, I’d pull out and ready for more. 

I moaned again and again, bringing my other hand up to tease my hardened nipples.  I wanted to come so bad, but I love the feeling of building up the pleasure as well.  I thought about pounding into that ass.  I thought about my wildcat’s tight hole and the image of my cock sliding into something so tight.  I squeezed my cock at the tip again, gathering the venom that already started to leak.  I was shaking so hard from the pressure of my thoughts, the couch was practically hopping.  I couldn’t help the feeling of my hand clutching me tight like that place I wanted to be so badly. 

“Fuck… FUCK!” I screamed as my strokes became so fast and hard.  My free hand grasped the back of the couch and I heard it break. 

With the final thought of my wildcat clenching around me, I fell over the edge.  Long, venomous spurts spewed from cock.  Thoughts of coming all over my wildcat like a possessed animal prolonged my orgasm even more.  I moaned and writhed in an intense pleasure. It was so overwhelming that I think I would have cried if I could have.  I laid there in my happy mess feeling like I had been to heaven and hell, and so many places in between. 
I was so out of it, that I hadn’t heard Char pull up or even come in the house.  I was startled to say the least, even more so the heartbeat and scent that came behind her.  My eyes bugged out of my head and ran swiftly to clean up. I threw on my ‘Nuns do it on their knees' t-shirt and buttoned up my pants.  I was back on our broken couch before she rounded into the den. 

“Now Peter, mind telling me what happened to my wall by the door?” she asked; I just shook my head. 

“Well, what about our couch?” she asked; I just shrugged. 

“Hey, Char? Where did you go?” It was the melodious voice of my wildcat.  I was channeling my inner thirteen year old girl as I jumped and clapped my hands, squealing softly in glee. 

“Peter, only good boys get presents,” she said. 

“Yeah, but you don’t like good boys.  Present now please,” I said before I kissed her in thanks.  I would be thanking her more, much more, later.  I released her just as our chest entered the room. 

“Char!  This house is nice.  You must be Peter, I’m Mike.  Mike Newton,” he said walking over to me and extending his hand.  I took it in turn and shook it firmly.  “Char said you had a problem she thought I could fix,” he said with a big smile, flushing slightly as I still held his hand. 

He. Smelled. Delicious. 

“Oh yes, Mike.  Only you.”


Deal with the Devil by Jasper's Woman.
Why is this happening?, I love Rosalie. She's my mate and wife, my life. She saved me, she's my angel.  I shouldn't be thinking about anyone but her, yet again I am trying to hide my thoughts about Victoria.  I see Alice and have to beg her to not say anything, to stay out of my future, just for a few hours.  I need time to process this. 
If Edward found out that I was lusting after the woman who wanted Bella dead he'd kill me.  Rosalie would rip my dick off; I belonged to her and her to me.  So why was I thinking about Victoria?   Why did I want to fuck the woman who wanted to destroy our family? 
The moment I smelled her hair and saw it blow in the breeze. The moment I saw the shape of her breasts in that shirt and the small of her back as it leading to her tight ass, I knew I needed her.  Alice looks at me and shakes her head, "You are lucky Edward is not here to see my visions."  I look down and feel guilty, "I don't understand Alice.  But I need to get a away for a bit, I have to go someplace and think." 
Then I look at her, "Do you know what will happen?"  She shrugs her shoulders, "There are a few options, some good and some bad, but you have to decide for yourself."  I look at her hoping she might give some clues, "They are going to kill me, right?" I ask.  She smiles, "Or Victoria will kill you herself.  You have a tough decision, but I think you should just go and see what happens."  I nod and hope she is leading me in the right direction.  "Thank you Alice." I run a few towns over and check into the hotel. I love Rosalie, she is my life.  There is nothing I wouldn't do for her.  I am betraying her just by thinking about Victoria.  If this were Jasper or Edward I would kick their asses for doing this to their wives.  But here I am having all sorts of torrid thoughts about another woman.  What kind of man am I? I don't deserve Rosalie.  I see the hotel and quickly pay for a room, thankfully the clerk doesn't even look at me. I barely make it in the room before I rip off my shirt and fall onto the bed. 
I imagine she is on top of me and licking me all over and grinding into my hard cock. I bet she would be fucking wet by now.   I say her name aloud, "Victoria."  and feel a small bit of relief at being able to say it.  I want to scream her name over and over, I want to hear my name fall off her lips when I make her cum.
I unzip my pants and grab my throbbing erection, I imagine it's her hand grabbing me and pulling me out of my pants.  I run my hand up and down, twisting and turning as I get to the head.  I moan and think about Victoria naked, her breasts bouncing up and down while her mouth sucks me hard.  She takes me all the way in her throat squeezing my cock.  Or better yet, she's straddling me, slamming down hard on my cock while I watch her pussy slide up and down around me. 
I slow down, wanting to enjoy this, enjoy this feeling of letting Victoria invade my mind, my senses, my cock.  When I get home it will all be over.  I will have to hide my desires and needs.  I slowly move my hand up and down thinking about her pussy, how it would look spread open for me as I licked and sucked it.  Damn, I bet she's a good screamer when she comes.
I can't hold on any more, I need to release.  I need to cum and scream her name while I do.  I need to let it go, I pump harder and faster, squeezing my cock hard as images of her fly around in my head, then I let go and shoot straight up landing on my stomach. "VICTORIA, FUCK YES!"  I scream out.   I slow down my pumps until I am relaxed, but still in the same predicament.  I want her more than ever now, I want to fuck her and I don't think I will ever be able to control my thoughts until I do. I don't know what to do.
I can't go back; if I do it will kill everyone, especially Rosalie.  My Rosalie, how can I do this to her?  I lay on the bed unable to make sense of this, why is this happening to me? 
The door quickly opens and shuts; standing there smiling is Victoria. I stare at her, still holding my dick, with jizz all over my stomach. It can't be her, it's just my imagination.  There is silence and I know it's not real, it can't be, but then she moves towards me and I panic.  Fuck this isn't a dream, she's gonna kill me.  Maybe I should just let her rip me apart; it would save me all trouble from having to explain this to Rosalie and Edward. 
I tuck my cock back in my pants and lay there with my eyes closed waiting for her to rip off my head.  I feel her slowly walking to me, "I'm not going to fight you, just kill me already, I won't even scream."  I sigh and feel her standing right next to me.
Instead of ripping my head off, she licks the cum right off me.  I can't move I am shocked and my dick gets hard again.  She grabs my cock and deep throats me and sucks me and I can't even speak the pleasure is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.  She's sucking hard and fast, so fast her head is a blur and I cum in complete silence; the pleasure is too much for me to even make a sound.
She straddles my cock and begins to rub her pussy against it, I knew it she's fucking wet.  "I'll make you a deal Emmett. I can fuck you and your wife anytime I want and in return I will let your brother's human live.  I always felt safe with James, but he never got me all hot and bothered.  Just looking at you makes me wet and horny.  Then there's that sexy wife of yours, I bet her pussy tastes damn good.  So, you want the human to live or not?  Just give yourselves to me for all eternity." 
Is she serious?  Before I know it she naked and slamming down on me.  Between the pleasure and the thoughts of things to come.  I nod, "Yes, I WILL get Rosalie to go along."  I moan and suck her gorgeous full round tits.  I don't care what Rosalie says, this is how it's gonna be from now on; her, me and Victoria.  She will like it; I'll make her like it.  I grab Victoria's hips and pull her down hard. She releases all over me and I cum hard inside of her.  "Good boy Emmett, let's get back and show your wife her new life."  I nod and get dressed; I just made a deal with the devil, but I couldn't be happier.  


Hard to Ignore by lizzylillyrose
Edward / Bella

I closed my eyes and threw myself back onto the bed. My bed; the bed that she’d left only ten minutes ago.

How could an experienced, thirty-two ‘year old’ man suddenly have these thoughts and feelings for her…a mere slip of a girl?

A woman, Edward…you’d made sure of that – in this very bed.

I sighed at my rising emotions and lazily rubbed at my naked shoulders. I could still smell her; her scent was all over my body- -a scent that had driven me wild.

I should have tried harder to ignore her. I had tried to resist, but all my efforts had been futile. And now I had the memory of our crazy, impulsive, ridiculous and deeply satisfying time together.

But she’d already gone. She’d got what she came for. We’d said our goodbyes.

Emmett, my best friend, would kill me if he ever found out I had taken his little sister’s virginity. Taken it, screwed with it, and thrown it on its fucking head, all because she had tempted me like no other female ever had.

She’d thrown herself at me from the second she had arrived here- -the way she had climbed awkwardly out of the taxi, intentionally flashing her white and blue polka dot panties at me as she reached for something across the back seat. There was no sign of any embarrassment when she saw me looking; she had made no effort to cover her expanse of beautifully toned and tanned legs. How could I not have noticed her thighs when the skirt she wore barely covered her ass? And I caught the playful way she had wriggled at me, already starting the tease.

I should have ignored her. I should have ensured I kept away from her young, nubile body and completely disregarded her sweet intoxicating aroma.
I tried, but I couldn’t.

It was a miracle she was even here. Emmett had begged to let her stay with me; he wanted me to keep my eye on her, not let her out in the evening to party with the college boys. She needed to be alert for her interview the next day. He didn’t want them anyway near her. He had let her stay with me so that she was safe from their perverted minds and their wandering hands. He trusted me.

I had let him down.

Trust. A word I knew all too well, particularly now that she was going back home. I had to trust her to keep quiet and not tell Emmett, as well as not incriminate me at work. She’d be one of my students come September.

What the fuck had I done?

I sighed and shifted my position on the bed. She’d known exactly what she was doing. That much was now clear. I was her childhood crush, her big brother’s best friend, the man she’d fantasised about, the man she had wanted.

The man she’d had.

As soon as she’d entered my house, she had kissed me, a gentle peck on the cheek as she thanked me for letting her stay. The college was too far from home for her to travel there and back in a day; mine was the perfect place for her to break her journey overnight. And I’d had no problem with the arrangement until I saw her.

“You’ve grown up.” They were the only words I could manage as I’d tried to supress my rising excitement at the sight of her.

“I’m eighteen now,” came her breathy, cheeky reply.

I should have ignored her. I should have disregarded the flirtatious way she pushed her chest in my direction, the way she positioned herself, crossed legged on the floor when eating the pizza I’d prepared for our tea.

I almost forgot why she was here. But I had no desire to interview her tomorrow– she would be at the college later this year. As head of my faculty, I had no problem accepting her onto the course.
It was only when our pizza’s had been eaten and she followed me through to the kitchen that I questioned her innocence. She had come up behind me, snaked her arms around my waist and slipped one hand under the waistband and into my jeans.

“Where’s your bedroom?” she had whispered.

I had smirked at her forwardness, unable to resist her suggested words, not appreciating the meaning behind them.

I did now…

Her words had sparked an evening of firsts for me; I had never fallen so completely in lust with someone so quickly. And it was an evening of firsts of a very different kind for her. It was only afterwards that she had admitted the purity of her body, only after I had defiled her with the most lust filled sex of my life.

Now she had gone.

My hand slipped lower on my body, popped the buttons on my jeans and slid into my pants. Already hardening at the thought of her, I grasped myself tightly. Images of her young body filled my head, and I groaned and closed my eyes, switching my mind to remember the woman she was, not the girl I had corrupted.

But all I could see was her surprise as she saw my cock for the first time, the way she touched me, curious fingers examining me, eyes enthralled with what she saw. I remembered the softness and warmth of her untouched womanhood, the way she writhed against my mouth, and her screams as my tongue had caused her first orgasm to flood through her body. I recalled her excitement as she pleaded with me to push another part of my body into her eager begging one.

And I had…  numerous times.

I raked my spare hand through my hair. “Jesus...” I muttered, registering the fact that the mere thought of her was causing my body to react yet again. I had to control myself. I didn’t want this; I hadn’t wanted this. But she’d known how to play me, how to make me do exactly what she wanted.

It was all so wrong.

My hand tightened around my cock, and I lifted my hips awkwardly, shifting my jeans and pants down onto my thighs. I groaned as I brought my hand away from my rapidly swelling erection. I had to stop this. She’d gone…I couldn’t ever think of her like that again.

But I flouted my own advice.

Groaning even louder, I grasped myself and began moving my hand up and down my length. Once again, images of her amazed face crossed my mind. I grunted as I saw her innocent, curious face, and recognised the ache in my balls, knowing that the images in my head were causing my reactions. They were only increasing my need to satisfy myself this way. I remembered the suggestive, teasing words she’d spoken as she’d left this morning.

“You’ll think of me later. You’ll not be able to stop when you picture me. You’ll have no option but to push your own hand down your pants and fuck yourself.”

How right she’d been…

My actions sped up, and my thumb rubbed gently over the head of my cock, spreading the pre-cum around, making my playing surface even slicker. I recalled the way her hands had caressed, then wrapped tightly around me, and I shuddered in pleasure at the thought of how tight she had been when I was inside her, how phenomenal it had been to feel her clenching around me as her second orgasm left her whimpering beneath me.

I visualized the look that she’d give me when her body exploded around mine, the look of wonder that I could cause her body to react in such a way. My body trembled violently as my hand quickly and skilfully caused my orgasm to completely overtake everything. My hips thrust upwards from the bed, and several streams of my warm sticky cum spurted onto my belly. I continued to squeeze myself, milking my cock with an increased intensity, moaning and mumbling her name as I thought of nothing but her.

“Edward?” her voice suddenly broke through my haze, and I opened my eyes to see her standing in my bedroom doorway, a look of wonder on her face as her eyes met mine.

“Bella?” I gasped.

She’d come back. Why?

I swallowed hard as she approached the bed.

This time I had no desire to even try and ignore her.


Forbidden Fruit by Vampiremom1221

Temptation itself had been thrown in front of me when I walked into my front door tonight.  Standing in my living room was a goddess with long brown hair, deep chocolate eyes and the most luscious lips that I had ever seen.  She was 5’ 4” with curves that would make a Victoria Secret model jealous and I wanted her the moment I saw her.  Who in the hell was this girl and who did I thank for her? 

Suddenly a booming voice shouted out across the room.  “Dude, where the hell you been?”  My best friend and room mate Emmett was standing just behind the beauty in the doorway of the kitchen. He came over and grabbed me by the arm and drug me over to introduce me.  “Man this is my sister Bella.  Bella this is my friend Jasper“.  Oh shit!  This was Emmett’s sister.  When Emmett told me that his little sister was visiting us for the weekend I had pictured her as the sweet innocent seventeen year old tomboy that he had described her as not this fuck hot woman that I was faced with. 

“Hi, nice to meet you.”  She said with a sweet sexy voice that made my dick hard the minute I heard it.  

“Hi, nice to meet you too.  You are nothing like Emmett described.”  I gushed out before I even thought about what I said. 

“Let me guess, he still tells everyone that I have skinned knees, braces, and pig tails right.”  she said laughing.

“I don’t know about the pig tails and braces but I do believe that he has mentioned a skin knee or two.  But I sure don’t see any now.”  I flirted back to her as I eyed the limbs in question. 

Emmett looked at me sharply and I had to quickly look away before I got myself in trouble.  As hot as she was it wasn’t worth my life to be caught looking at her by Emmett.  But damn was she good to look at.  I licked my lips as I snuck another quick look at her chest.  Fuck I had to get away from her before I did something stupid like grab her by that luscious ass of hers and pin her against the wall and grind my ever growing erection into her.  Oh fuck me I am in so much trouble.  Emmett would kill me if he knew the things that I was thinking of doing to his little sister.

“We’re going out to grab a bite to eat if you want to come with us.”,  the angel in front of me said. 

I was tempted to agree and go with them but one look at Emmett and I realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to spend too much time with her around him.  “Ya’ll go ahead.  I’ve got a paper due tomorrow that I need to finish.”

“Alright man.  We’ll see you later”  Emmett said as they headed out the door. 

Alone, I headed into my room to work on my paper.  Sitting at my desk all I could think about was Bella.  I could picture her so clearly in my head.  Every time I closed my eyes I could see her brown eyes looking at me like warm chocolate pools that I just wanted to fall into. Not able to sit still I paced my room.  I could just imagine holding her in my arms as I placed hot wet kisses on those heavenly lips.  Moaning I threw myself down onto my bed.  In my mind I could feel her soft hands running up and down my chest as I ravaged her with my lips and tongue.  

“Fuck this”  I groaned as I drew my shirt over my head and pushed myself further up on the bed so that I could get more comfortable. The erection that I had been sporting since walking through my front door finally getting the better of me.  Picturing Bella I undid the button at the top of my fly and drew down the zipper.  Closing my eyes I pretended it was her as I reached into the top of my boxers and drew out my cock.  I slowly started stroking up and down as I imagined her full lips kissing down my chest.  I could feel her as she darted out her little pink tongue and flicked it across my nipple before drawing it into her mouth and sucking gently.  I groaned as slowly she licked down my chest dipping that delightful tongue into my navel. My breath caught and I stroked myself faster as I imagined her wrapping those supple rose colored lips around the head of my dick and licking it from tip to base and then back up.  I writhed as she drew me fully into her mouth and bobbed up and down until I was hitting the back of her throat.  I was lost in my imagination as I worked myself towards my release. 

“Oh fuck, that is so hot!”, I heard her say.

My eyes flew open wide and there she was standing in my partially open doorway.  I started to remove my hand from my cock but she quickly stepped into my room and closed the door.

“No, don’t stop.  That is the hottest thing I have ever seen.”  she whispered as she stepped closer to me. 

“Where’s Emmett?”  I asked her as I watched her lick her lips.

“Night class tonight.”  she panted as she crawled onto my bed beside me.  She leaned over and wrapped her hand around mine as we jointly worked my arousal.  My eyes never left hers and I felt the pressure build.  She squeezed my hand around me and it felt so good.  I couldn’t hold on anymore and I felt my release pulse out of me.  I shuddered as the final spasms went through me. 

Gasping I looked at her and asked, “What time did Emmett say he would be back?” 

“About an hour why?”

I smirked as I leaned over her and whispered, “your turn.”
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