Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Award Site ... The Twi-Fandom Spotlight Awards

 It's Tazz and I have exciting news:
An award site dedicated to ALL the people within Twi-fandom!!

Twilight Fandom is one big puzzle, and we all are just piece of it. Whether we are authors, pre-readers, beta's, banner makers, site admins, a reviewer, or an RP character. We all are just pieces, no one more important than the other, and needing each to be complete.

So, now to the Awards part.
I have teamed up once again with Akyria we co-admin three other sites together, The Twi-Muses, The Gem Awards, and the Fandom Connection.

Akyria and I are proud to announce the opening of the

*Waves* Hey Akyria here, and she is uber-excited to be announcing these Awards.

These awards will be in two rounds. First round is for the fandom sites, and the second round for the people of fandom.

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