Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tie Me Thursday

Here are this weeks teasers:


Chapter 6- Frustrated

Hey,losers,” I said as I walking over to Jasper and Emmett. “How did you both get out tonight without your women?” I asked, arching my eyebrow.
Our women are with Bella at some art show,” Jasper answered with a smirk, as Emmett let out a laugh. Just the sound of her name made my body react.
I shot Emmett a look. “Yep, I filled Jasper here in on Saturday night's festivities.” he said.
Crash and burn again buddy?” Jasper laughed. “Maybe you should just give up. I think you may be losing your touch,” he said sarcastically.
This caused Emmett to nearly fall off his bar stool laughing. I shot him another look. I was really not amused.
So, when was the last time you actually had sex? Not including rosy palm,” Jasper asked.


Chapter 6
Emmett and I had just gone out for a great dinner and Alice was actually gone for the night, so I invited Emmett in. It didn't take long for things to get hot and heavy on the couch.
Baby, let's go to your room," he whispered in my ear as he kissed my neck, sending a shiver through my body.
 Once in my room, he came up behind me and ran his hands all over my body.
 He lifted my dress over my head and tossed it to the side. He turned me around and I stood in front of him wearing nothing but a black fishnet body stocking and my heels.
 I took a step back. "Bella, you're sexy as hell," he said, as his eyes took in my body.
I licked my lips as I dropped to my knees. I unfastened his pants and let them, and his boxers, fall to the floor. I wrapped my hands around his hard cock, I leaned in and licked the tip and slowly took him into my mouth.


Chapter 7 - Bella
The next few weeks were a struggle, but I honestly believed I could do this. I had Jasper’s support and with that, I could accomplish anything. It meant the world to me that he was willing to let me figure out this life on my own. I appreciated his trust and willingness to let me be my own woman.
As the pages on the calendar turned, my focus was getting better. I could actually read a book now without hearing every other sound around me. I learned how to block out the traffic, running water, and to my delight, Peter and Char’s sex.

I was slowly letting go of the guilt of what happened in the park that night. With Peter’s help, I was learning to accept that while human life was precious, it was still a necessity for a vampire. The one thing that still bothered me was that feeding was the most satisfying experience of my short vampire existence. No animal could ever compare to the taste of my natural food source. But, I was determined, if for no other reason than to live a happy life with the beautiful man staring at me from across the other side of the pond. He didn’t have an easy existence. He was finally at peace and I wanted him to stay that way.

Chapter 15
Where in all of this did she EVER think I would share her with anyone let alone lend her out. The thought of anyone touching what is mine pisses me off.  I take a deep breath and try to control myself.    "Bella, nothing will ever feel as good as your wet and sexy pussy, your mouth comes close, but I'm not into fucking asses.  I did finger you there, because I knew it would increase your pleasure but that is as far as I will go."  Then I stop and take a deep breath to control my anger.  " YOU WILL NEVER BE WITH ANOTHER MAN OR WOMAN. YOU ARE MY WIFE AND ONLY MINE.  YOU WERE MEANT TO BE MINE AND BELONG TO ME."  I yell at her, I want her to understand my words.   I can tell she is relieved at hearing my words and that calms me down.  "Now, what do you mean WE read  about Doms?"
She laughs "Well Rosalie and Alice were curious about us, they could see that you were very controlling of me and I was okay with it.   So they asked and I knew if I didn't spill the beans they would harass me all weekend, so I told them.  I also told them about how amazing the sex is and even told them that you called to fuck me over the phone.  I think they were a little jealous." She smirks, she must have been bragging, Damn I love my wife. 
I laugh,  "I was hoping you would brag to them about how good you have it.  Alice gave me a look at the diner and I was worried that she thought I was hurting you." 

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