Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's New On TwiWrite?

Because I've been fail with posting these past few weeks, I have two fic that were recently posted on


Summary - You can't choose who you find your passion with. Bella finds herself questioning everything she knows when Edward and his family are called to Volterra, and she is sent to La Push. When left, again, to bask in the glow of her sun, her heart is in a headlock when she finds her passion with Jacob instead of Edward.

Post-Eclipse, takes place following the battle in the woods. Canon/Non-Canon pairings. Bella/Edward, Bella/Jacob. Rated for a reason. Bone-crushing Jacob hugs to ysar for my awesome story banner. :)

This one was uploaded yesterday and is seventeen chapters in. I'm curious to see who Bella chooses. I better go read!


Summary - When the lies and deceit are no longer tucked away, she's forced to make the choice she never thought she'd make. Everything they ever felt, everything they ever shared, would never be enough. Little did she know, the choice that tore her apart, would lead her to her salvation.

This one is two chapters in and its beautiful. I'm hooked and I need more. Its a good thing I'm the beta!

I plan to do full recs when I read a bit more.

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