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Lemon Drizzles

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This weeks Pic Prompt:

This weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Two Whole Days by Jasper's Woman

Carlisle / Esme




The house was empty, not one member of our family here. It was strangely quiet but calming.   I know she is looking for me, she wants me to take her, now that we have the house to ourselves for the entire weekend.  As she searches me out I keep evading her.  I want to surprise her, which is hard to do when you're a vampire. 


I hear her huff out of frustration as she storms off to the bathroom. I listen intently as she turns on the water and slowly peels off her clothes.  She gets in and moans as the water covers her skin.  If that's not torture enough I hear her rub her finger against her clit and gasp at the intense satisfaction she feels.  She slides her other finger down her body and into her wet opening. I can hear her finger move against her lips and her juices slip out into the bath water.  Yes being a vampire has its advantages. 


I can't take it anymore and rip off my clothes in the garage, where I've been hiding. I speed up to the bathroom and stand over the tub.  "Esme, let me help you with that."  She looks up at me, "About time you came out of the garage." I chuckle and step into tub and slowly slide in behind to her.  I pull her to me and hold her tight. I love when our bodies embrace one another. I kiss her deeply letting my tongue explore every part of her mouth.  Sometimes being just like this is more erotic than making love to her.  Holding her, feeling her against me, touching her curves and crevices, is so heavenly.  I can cum from this alone.  Our kiss continues and deepens as the love between us grows.  Our touches are of need and want, but delicate and loving. She caresses my neck as I hold her gently in my arms.  I could get lost in this moment. But, tonight I plan on doing more than that.  Tonight I need to be deep inside my wife, I need to satisfy her. I need to fuck her. 


I rub her back and ass and can only think of having that sweet pussy on my face again.  "Esme, I need to taste you, please come up here to me?"  She smiles and lets me pull her up to my face.  I position her over my face, as she balances herself on the edge of the tub on her knees.  I roll her clit between my fingers as I dip fuck her with my tongue.  She moans and gyrates and I know she needs more.  I chuckle and stick my two fingers deep inside her and suck on her tasty clit.  The faster I move my fingers the deeper she moans.  "Carlisle, please talk dirty to me?" she moans. How can I say no to that?  "I love fucking your pussy with my tongue.  The taste of you is divine and feeling of your juices running down my chin and neck drive me wild." That's all it takes for her to growl and pour all over me, I'm in heaven as I hold her to me wanting to savor every last drop. 


She slowly stands up and then kneels in front of me. The look in her eyes is pure lust, gone is my sweet and good natured wife. She has been replaced with a woman full of want and desire.  "Stand up and let me suck that big cock of yours until you cum in my mouth." She demands and I do just that.  She doesn't tease me or work up to it.  She grabs my ass and takes my entire lengthy down her throat.  I feel my eyes roll in the back of my head and for the first time I need to hold onto the wall to maintain balance.  She moves back until the head is nestled in her lips and then takes me all in again.  The pleasure is more than I can stand. I feel the growl in my chest rush out from my lips.  She grabs my ass, but keeps the head of my cock on her lips.  "What do you want me to do Carlisle?" She asks as she kisses the head of my throbbing dick.  "I want you to suck my cock like the dirty whore you are. I want you to suck it down your throat and swallow everything I give to you."  She growls and takes me all in again this time sucking me up and down at vampire speed.  She sucks and moans around my dick and I shake as my pleasure builds. She runs her hands along my legs and I lose it and shoot deep in her throat.


I pull out of her mouth and throw her over my shoulder.  She gasps, she knows what's going to happen.  I get to our room and throw her on the bed. She immediately lies on her back pulling her knees up to her chest.  She knows I like her opened up for me as I fuck her senseless. 


I crawl over to her use my fingers to open her pussy even more and slide my dick in.  I slam hard against her hips "Carlisle, Yes!"  I grunt as I keep slamming into her, "Yes baby, you are going to be fucked like a whore screaming my name. I am going to make you cum all night."  I growl and continue to slam into her. She shudders, "Oh God, I'm gonna cum."  her walls clench around me as she climaxes.  I soon follow and slam into her harder than before and shoot deep in her pussy.  I relax for a minute, then begin pumping in and out of her once more.  She looks shocked but moans.  I grab her hair and turn her face towards mine, "I said I was going to fuck you all night, I plan on blowing my load then starting all over again. We have two whole days and I plan on being inside of you the entire time."  She looks at me and grins.  She wants to speak but instead she tenses up and cums around me again. I chuckle darkly as I think about all the positions I'll have her in for the next two days. 


Risk Takers & Destiny Makers by The UnderStudy
Pairing: Charlie & Emily  

This was the end of our mission and I was about to be paired with another partner.  Still I couldn’t get Agent Charlie Swan out my mind.  I didn’t think I ever would.  So as he walked into the bathroom of our safe house, I knew I was going to have to take action into my own hands.
The sounds of Charlie hissing and sighing from the bathroom brought me out of my thoughts.  I heard the water slosh slightly.  I assumed he was finally getting into the bath.  The thought of him in nothing but what the good Lord sent him here in, made me shiver.  I tiptoed over to the door and hear more moans as he settled in his bath.   Water and a bare-chested Charlie were doing all kinds of things to my body.  I hadn’t realized I made a noise. 

"If you are going to stand by the door and sigh like that the entire time, you might as well come in," Charlie voiced bellowed through the door. 

I yelped and heard Charlie's small chuckle.  I opened the door and entered slowly. The scene before me caused me to chuckle and raise my eyebrow at him.  He was sitting in a large claw foot tub with bubbles surrounding him. Seeing the object of my desire nestled deep in the water, his chest wet with steam from the hot bath circling his face, was to die for. 
"You know there is a lot of room in this tub, Emily.  I wouldn't mind the company," Charlie spoke lowly, but loud enough for me to hear. 

"Well since you asked so nicely Charlie," I said while closing the door and stepping closer to him.

He gestured for me to enter the tub and I slowly undressed.  His eyes raked over my body as I teased him, taking off each article of clothing one at a time.  I caught him biting his lip and I wanted to ask him if he tasted good. I’d rather find out myself, so I slid my panties off and tossed them at his head.  He laughed and hooked his finger at me, directing me to come to him. I got in the tub, but sat at the other end facing him wanted to see what he would do. 

"If a woman is going to be in the tub with me, I'm going to want her closer.  If that woman is you, I want you on my lap," Charlie said in such a sultry tone, I nearly melted.  

He reached over, wincing slightly, and pulled me.  He held me in his arms like we had been doing this forever.  His fingers caressed down my face and I was in awe of this man.  This was a dream come true for me, but I would make it his too.  Charlie leaned down and kissed me.  It wasn’t just a peck; it was a declaration of passion.  His lips pressed firmly to mine and he took my bottom lip between his teeth before bringing his lips back to mine.  He was pure animal, yet contained.  His tongue then pressed its way through, taking control of mine and dominating the kiss completed.  He finally released my mouth when he noticed I would need air.

“I have been waiting to do that since the first day we were assigned together,” he whispered. 

His eyes closed as he traced his cheek over mine.

"What took you so long?" I joked and he laughed along with me.

I sat up and brought him closer to kiss me. His hands went to my waist while mine threaded in his hair. I lost myself in the kiss. The water sloshed around the tub and emptied onto the floor as we moved and twisted. He then lifted me onto his lap and I felt his cock brush up against my stomach.   I looked down to see if what I felt was in fact true.  As my eyes laid on his glorious member and purred at the sight of its length…and girth.

“I always wanted to know what it felt like to be inside you,” Charlie whispered before biting my earlobe.

He guided me quickly onto him, sliding me down his length in teasing fashion.  I knew we didn’t need protection.  We were tested frequently and I knew he read my file that I had the shot.  He had administered it for me himself while we were in the field.  I could shoot a man down, but I couldn’t stand needles.

Once he was buried deep in me, we both cherished the moment.  It was a long time coming.  He whispered how I was so warm and so tight.  I couldn’t take it anymore, so I rose up slightly and came back down on him.  He hissed and I started a slow, agonizing pace.  It was torturous for me as it was for him, but I want this to last a while.

I brought my hands from his chiseled chest to his dark, wavy locks.  I tugged his head back and to the side.  I slowly licked him from his shoulder, up his neck, and to his ear.  I bit into it as he did me earlier and earned and delicious growl from him.  He grabbed my ass and ground me into him further.  My head flew back in rapture as he increased the pace.  He leaned down and took one of my breasts into his mouth.  He sucked and licked, bringing me great pleasure.  He switched to the other and brought his tongue out to give my nipple a slow tantalizing lick.  I whimpered from the feeling and grasped his shoulders.

His rough hands squeezed my ass harder and I couldn’t hold back anymore.  I came around him, tightening around his cock.

“Emily, dear God.  I love to feel you like that,” he moaned.

“Then make me do it again,” I murmured as I brought him to kiss me.

“I’m never one to disappoint a lady.”

At that point, he took my hips in both his hands and leaned me back at a new angle.  He brought me up on him and slammed me back down.  The water splashed and spilled all over.  I looked down to see him enter me and it was a beautiful sight.  Charlie looked to see what had captured my attention and moaned as he watched his length disappear inside me.

“Uh… uh… Fuck Emily, come for me,” he commanded.

“YES! Charlie!” I screamed.

I felt him stiffen as I came and I felt his cock throb inside me.  He brought me into another one of his passionate kisses as we both climaxed.  When we calmed somewhat, our foreheads touched and shared our breaths.  He ran his fingers up and down my back.  I loved and hated this feeling of being safe in his arms.  I didn’t want to leave, but I knew I would have to soon.  I saw that all the water was just about gone from the tub and laughed.

“I guess we did make quite the mess,” Charlie sniggered.

“Let’s get out,” I said, stepping out and making sure to balance myself on the floor first. 

Charlie stepped out, but lost his footing.  I tried to catch him, but he just pulled me down to him.  We laughed and winced as we hit the cold, tiled floor.  I looked at him and was lost in his brown eyes.  He kissed me then and we found our pleasure again on the bathroom floor.  We soon christened his bed and later the table in the kitchen.  We never found sleep, but was wrapped in each other’s arms on the couch as the sun rose.

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