Monday, June 27, 2011

Naughty Girl For A Day - Jasper's Women

Happy Monday, I'm here with Jasper's Women and she is our Naughty Girl for the Day!

She a regular here on Fridays for our Lemon Drizzle Segment. She is the author of the Jasper/Bella story 
You Were Meant to be Mine and many others.

When Lady Tazz asked me to be Jasper's Naughty Girl for the Day, I got so excited.  I had to stop and check my panties... once they were okay, I ran to the computer and wrote out who I wanted to rec'.  Now, I currently have about thirty stories on my alert it was hard to pick just three... I love all the stories I read and review.     
This story needs lots of love.  If you are looking for a fresh non-cannon paring then check this story out.   There are some steamy sexing with Charlie and Alice.  That's right Charlie and Alice! I promise you it is so worth the read.  Not only is Charlie HUNG, but Jasper WANTS Alice to go to Charlie, it turns him on!  We ALL want a hard and horny Jasper!  I have pleaded with the author to get a banner... imagine how visually stimulating that would be!  Mina Violet  Don't Be a Stranger  

Looking for Darksper and DarkPeter?  Then this is the story.  Jasper shows his truly violent side and Bella is the victim.  Or will she get him back?  Who knows?   There is lots of violence, but sometimes violence can be hot, especially when Jasper is delving it out.  Yes, I'm a little twisted, but aren't we all?  So, if you handle the torture and death, then you are in for one steamy ride with Peter and Bella. Dark NerdyPretty Piece of Flesh  

This is a Peter and Bella story.  But it's has all sorts of non cannon parings which I like!  Hell There's even a hot scene with Jasper/Victoria... that alone should make you wet and run over to your computer.  You know you want to.  So, a wronged Peter and a pissed off Bella get together with their new family and slowly take revenge on those that messed with them.  Not only is it well written, it steamy and hilarious.  Can't beat that.  Mama4dukes   You'll Find What You're Looking For At Wallmart

I would like to thank Jasper's Women for being our Naughty Girl for the Day!

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