Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Special Lemon Drizzle Post - Bad day goes down the drain by JaspersBella

Last Friday JaspersBella saw last week's Lemon Drizzle Pic Prompt and got inspired. I told her to go ahead and write the Lemon Drizzle and I would post it. 

 I was excited when she sent it to me to read. I really don't read Peter/Bella but this was so hot that I may broaden my reading horizons and explore this pairing.

When she sent it to me she knew she was way over the Lemon Drizzle word limit which is around 1,000 words. Hers was around 4,573, the lemon itself was 1352 words. It would of been a carnal sin to smut to cut any of these words out.

The Pic Prompt that inspired this author to write her first lemon!
Rub a dub dub....let's find out what Peter and Bella do in the tub!

Summary: Bella's having a bad day, can a soak in her tub take away all her worries? Find out what happens when she finds her roommate Peter in her tub. AU AH


Twisting my body, I turn to lie completely on top of Peter. "Right now Mr. Whitlock, I want to do what I was thinking about when I first walked in this room, seeing you in my tub."

He smirks, "Oh yeah, and what is that, Ms. Swan?"

Pulling myself up, I straddle his lap and throw my arms around his shoulders. I lean forward to whisper in his ear, "To fuck you."

OH MY GOD...*fans self*. Now go read this is sexy, sweet One shot. This is the author's first lemon and we here on the JNG blog highly encourage the writing of lemons!!! Remember to leave her some love by reviewing!!

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  1. Thanks for the rec. You are truly missing out if you aren't reading Peter/Bella stories. He has definitely taken over the number 1 spot for me from Jasper.

    I just couldn't resist when I saw this photo prompt, totally screamed Peter and Bella to me.

    Hope everyone enjoys.