Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - While his husband sleeps, Edward decides to worship his body. Slash E/J Oneshot.

Are you in a dirty mood today? I am!  I found this short little one shot over on Twiwrite and I thought it was awfully steamy! 

Edward adores his husband and wants to worship him every chance  he gets. Look, I can't blame Edward...I'd want to lick Jasper while he was asleep too!

Summary - There is nothing harder in life than saying goodbye to the one you love. Edward and Jasper. JPOV

We all know in life that happily ever after often doesn't happen. I don't usually read stories that don't have an HEA, but sometimes those are the stories that we take away a lesson from. Sometimes those are the stories that haunt us well after reading them.

Sometimes in life we have to make decisions that we ourselves don't want to make, but we do it for the right reasons. Sometimes in making those decisions we hurt those we love, and perhaps shatter our own heart.

For Jasper, Edward was his everything. He loved him deeply and completely. Edward loved Jasper, but not enough to come out of the closet. Edward was going to marry a woman to make his family happy and in the process shatter both his and Jasper's heart.
From the Os:

Looking out the windows that overlooked the Dallas skyline, my heart was broken. Any minute he was going to walk in the door for his "bachelor party". This was it, our last night together and then tomorrow, he was going to say "I do" to Jessica Stanley. Her father and Edward's father were long time friends and always knew that their children would end up married, merging together two families and two businesses as well. Edward always knew what was expected of him and being with a man romantically was not on the list.

It was never a secret, I always knew this day was coming, but I was desperate for anything I could get from him. Edward was the man I had built my world upon and we were the only ones who knew it. For him, I did what I said I would never do when I left Texas. For him I put myself back in the closet for five years. For him, I loved with all my heart and it was never enough. Tomorrow I would lose him, tomorrow my life would be over.

This is a beautiful and heartbreaking story. Take this wonderful overwhelming journey as Edward and Jasper spend their last night together. We do get to see happy sexy times in flashbacks (thank God for that).

So, go grab a box a tissues, refill your coffee, and go read this one shot. It will be an emotional ride, but I promise you wont be sorry.

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