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Lemon Drizzles

Morning! First would I would like to announce the May's Lemon Drizzle Author of the Month.

Any Time by DarkAndAngsty


This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Covet What is Mine by TaintedDarkInuShemeeko

It had been years since I had laid my eyes on such beauty. Her supple body lay against the stone wall of the room, her wrists were confined to the wall by shackles. My eyes continued to rack over her body committing each curve to memory. 

“Good morning, Elizabeth sweets, did you sleep well or do you not need it?” 

I had a hard time remembering whether or not it was required for her any longer. Everyday I came to see her in the hopes of getting her to speak to me. Her bronze-auburn hair was always shining as if it had been washed and not a single fragment of dirt touched her glowing skin. 

“Do you regret your choices of old?” I questioned as I continued to pace inside the small stone room. 

She had the most enchanting emerald eyes I had ever seen. Each of us had a past -- mine had been riddled in darkness. Elizabeth’s had been that of a mere human. Carlisle Cullen had been there the night her life had ended. As requested of her Carlisle had taken her son Edward with him. I couldn’t help but wonder what the golden-eyed hunter was doing now.  

I quickly turned my attention back to Elizabeth. The second I reached out to touch her creamy skin, her large wings unfurled out toward me. Then for the first time in a week, she spoke to me.  

“Demon!” she spat at me as if she had tasted something vile.  

Her kind was human once, if one sacrifice their selves, or had no regrets from their human life. They had a chance at immortality by becoming Watchers; out living in the same realm as other immortals, such as my kind, vampires. Humans believed in angels, though they would have never been about to fathom the thought of seeing one in flesh and blood. So instead of calling themselves Watchers, many took on the term angel instead. 

I smirked at her before speaking again.  

“Yes, well demon though I be, my sweet, you still owe me. I saved you from Aro and you should be grateful.”  

My eyes roamed down her body once more, the sheer fabric covering her most intimate parts would be easy to remove. I was in awe at how my body reacted by just gazing at hers. My heat hardened at the very sight of the valley of red that hid her most sensual part from me. There was a way for it to be done. It however also seemed wrong to do such a thing to a beauty such as Elizabeth. 

I then realized that while I had been studying her, she had been studying me. 

“You are different from Aro; his eyes were the color of blood. They are not like Carlisle’s either. Yours are as black as an eclipse.” There was confusion in her voice when she spoke.   

I had spent months trying to understand why I was being pulled toward Aro’s dungeons. Now I knew, it was to find the one who had to be my fated one. I had become so consumed with making sure she would be safe from Aro and his guard, satisfying my thirst had been the last thing on my mind.  

For the first time in my new life, I thanked the heavens above for the gift that had been bestowed upon me. 

“I’m having a little difficultly deciding on a diet at the moment.” I said smoothly.  

What would it be like to taste her rich sweet blood? I had heard stories from other immortals that taking the blood of the one you had mated to was mind-blowing. There was only one slight problem -- my fated one seemed to loathe me. 

Perhaps her hatred of me came from the fact that I had her shackled to my wall. A much different idea came to me then.  

“I will release you from your bonds if you allow me one small thing.” I stated. 

“What could you want, demon?” she questioned coldly. 

“A kiss, darling, just one and then you will be freed.” 

With that one kiss I hoped she would see we were meant to be. 

“Just one?” Elizabeth asked. 

“Just one, my sweet.” I answered smoothly. 

The second my lips touched hers, the flames of desire burned hot inside my loins. I had to have more of her. Elizabeth returned the kiss with more passion. Her wings receded and disappeared from sight. Elizabeth was breathless as I pulled away. Her emerald eyes were heavy as she looked at me with lust-filled eyes.  

“Is that all you have, demon, or can you show me more?” she pleaded in a teasing tone. 

Free of her bonds, Elizabeth moved a hand up to slide the sheer fabric off her shoulder. It fell around her ankles in a shimmering pool. In one swift moment I had her in my arms and then we disappeared.  

Reappearing with her in my bed chambers, I laid her down on the dark silk sheets of my bed.  

“For you, my fiery angel, I can show you so much more.” I said in a husky voice. 

My clothes were easily removed; afterwards I climbed into bed with my fated angel. 

“I will give you a kiss you will never forget.” 

Elizabeth lay on her side as I coaxed her thighs apart. Burying myself in her valley, my tongue flicked out over her clit, taking in her sweet juices. I continued to stroke her with my tongue until my immortal beauty was over come with an orgasm.  

“Oh Demetri, by the goddess yes!” 

Her hands were wrapped around my thighs. I hardened at the feel of her teeth grazing over the tops of my thigh.

“You, Elizabeth, truly are a gift from the heavens and you are mine. I covet what is mine, always.” I whispered softly into her ear. 


Sculpted, Shifty, & Sniffin’ by TheUnderStudy

Renee POV
I was closing up the art studio when Carlisle came over to me.  He looked stunning earlier as he modeled his wonderful form for our class.  I asked to stay behind to close up the class.  The instructor and were good friends.  She didn’t mind having a reason to run off.  As Carlisle began to put his robe back on, I whimpered in displeasure. He had been staring at me the entire class., looking ready to attack me, in a good way that is.  So that is how I came to this moment.  Me in his arms, my back to him, and his minute kisses.  I wanted more and was going to demand such. 

“Carlisle… More please.  I’m no delicate flower. Devour me,” I whispered, tugging on his hair slightly. 

“Be careful what you wish for,” he growled out. 

A tiny squeak came from me as he lifted me in his arms bridal style and carried me over to the stage.  He laid me down and I could feel the pillows that usually scatter the stage beneath the silk sheet. Carlisle looked me over from head to toe.  He then reached up and released my hair from my clip and tossed it aside. Next my t-shirt was brought over my head and flung it across the room.  My bra was ripped from me and I could tell my clothes were becoming an issue.  I saved my skirt by shimming out of it quickly.   All that was left was my little red, lace boy shorts.
“These must go,” Carlisle said and then ripped my panties from my body.  “I knew that was your smell Renee.  I could smell you clearly from up here.” 

I was shocked and asked him how he could possibly smell me. No average human could smell a scent like that, especially that far away.  He simply told me that my scent was his ambrosia, a siren call to his body. I was going to call him out on his bullshit, but he lowered his head to my aching center. The discussion was dropped and anticipated what he was about to do next. His tongue reached out to lick me and I moaned in pleasure.  I felt him shake and grip me tighter. 
“I’ll try to be gentle, but you bring out the beast in me,” Carlisle said, licking my moist center again. 

“Fuck Carlisle!  Don’t be gentle, fuck me like an animal,” I screamed out.  I was shocked by response, but I was too caught up in how he was making me feel to really care. 

“Oh Renee I will, but I want to taste you first.” 

“Me too,” I stated as I flipped and was at his feet.   

I had always wanted to try this position.  Carlisle seemed a free spirit like me and I was sure he was okay with it.  I turned on my side to match him and took notice of his engorged….cock. I refused to say penis. His size was epic and had to be nine inches if not more.  I leaned down to lick his thigh and tease him.  He was ice cold here too and I worried my tongue would be numb by the time I finished teasing him.  However, I saw his pre-cum leaking from his tip and I couldn’t help but taste him.  I was rewarded with a groan from Carlisle.  My brain told me to focus on the pleasure now and ask ridiculous questions later. 

“I think you said you wanted to taste me?” I asked him and laughed. 

He lifted my leg over his shoulder and got to it.  I had forgotten what I was supposed to be doing until I heard his voice. 

“Don’t forget about me.  Just…just be careful,” he said. 

I nodded.  His wife must have done a bad job in that department and probably used too much teeth.  Knowing her she neglected the balls.  I began to lick him from his tip to his balls. See, I remembered. Then I swirled my tongue around the tip before bringing him into my mouth.  He was rock hard, like literally and yet again I stored that question again for later.  I wanted more or him.  His tongue was going so fast over my throbbing bud.  I loved every bit of it.  I pressed myself into him more as I sucked harder and harder on him.  He moaned into me and the feeling brought me closer to my climax. 

Carlisle then pulled out of my mouth and switched his position quickly.  A little too quickly if you asked me.  It seemed like he had another super human qualities.  He was above me and had my legs wrapped around him quickly.  I muttered to him I was on the pill and he laughed slightly.  Alien, superhuman, man of my dreams.  Whatever he was, I wasn’t trying to have a baby.  I could barely take care of myself.  He chuckled slightly and slid into me, drowning my inner ramblings.  I couldn’t help but moan.  He did as well and once he was fully inside, I felt so complete, so right. 
“Tu tiri fuori l'interno degli animali. Non riesco a contenere,” he said.  I took some Italian a few years ago.  I knew enough t know he was about to honor my earlier request. 
“Fuck me Carlisle!” I screamed in reply. 

He began slow motions at first, filling me deeply and then pulling out.  He then kisses me fervently, vigorously.  I thanked God for him and that thesaurus I bought last month.  Carlisle was many things and I wanted it all.  I wrapped my legs around him and begged for him to go faster.  He growled and pulled out.  I sighed at the loss of him, but then he turned me on my stomach quickly.  I felt him ease back into me.  He lifted me up and I wasn’t sure where he got the strength from.  But he had was lifting me on his own and plunging me down on him.  I just held on to his hands.  I came so hard that I screamed his name like he was murdering me.  Death by orgasm.
“Fuck Renee…so good.  Ci si sente avvolti fantastico intorno a me,” He whispered as my body squeezed him. 

Carlisle then put me on my side and entered me again.  I was sweating in some areas of my body, but my back was chilled by his.  I loved the feeling of hot and cold.  He increased his pace again and I was going to come again soon.  I could feel it.   

“So close…so close….,” he grunted and I could only do the same in reply. 

“I am yours Carlisle, yours!” I moaned, speaking a truth my body knew, but I wasn’t sure my mind would accept.  Old Renee would.  The Free Spirit would. 

With that, I understood. I released all of my fears, all of my dread.  I climaxed and he gripped me, burrowing his head in my hair.  He pumped inside me once more and I could feel his cool spurts inside me.  It felt so different, but so right.  It sounded like he is mumbling something about fate and destiny as I caught my breaths.  My heart began to normalize and I wanted to paint this moment, my moment of realization that I was made to be free.
Translations (Italian)
*“Tu tiri fuori l'interno degli animali. Non riesco a contenere,” - You bring out the animal inside me. I can’t contain it 
*“Ci si sente avvolti fantastico intorno a me,” - You feel fantastic wrapped around me.


Let's Start Over by Jasper's Woman

"What the fuck do you want?  Came to see if I was crying?  You enjoying this?  Gonna use it in one of your sick fantasies?"  He just stares at me in silence, "Get out, Just get out."  I scream and throw a pillow at him.  He flings it away and gets on the bed and holds me tight.  I try to push him off but he just hugs me tighter.  It's the type of hug that comforts you, I haven't been hugged like this in years and stop fighting and just let myself relax for a minute to enjoy the embrace.    He holds me tight on arm on my back and the other on the back of my neck.  When I finish and slow down my breathing he puts his hands on my face and pulls me into a kiss.  I smack him, "Is this why you came in here?  You wanted sex?  You wanted to give me a sympathy fuck?" 
He shakes his head and stands up and starts taking off his clothes.  I just stare at him, watching his huge muscles come into view before my eyes.  He is pulls down his boxers and OH FUCK, he is big and thick.  I can't help but stare at the monster of a cock.   He pulls me up to him and starts unzip and pull my dress down.   I try to push him away but he just puts his finger on my mouth.  "Everyone thinks I have a new girl in my bed every night, but I don't.  I haven't had sex in six months, everyone wants to believe the rumors instead of getting to know me.  It hurt me when you believed them too.  I never got a chance with you, you never wanted to see the real me and that made me angry and resentful.  Every time you saw me with a woman, it was to get their advice on how to get over you.  This whole day was about making you hurt because you are killing me.  Then when I saw you cry it broke my heart.   I want you in my bed and only you."    
Before I could respond yet again, he had is mouth on my breasts, biting and sucking my nipples.  Holy Shit!  He took off my dress and bra while I was listening to him.  OH FUCK!  his mouth on my nipples is too much and I groan as he slides my panties down my hips and onto the floor.   He picks me up and lays me on my bed and removes my sandals as he kisses up my legs and pushes them open.  He moves slowly towards my center and licks me hard but slowly and then slowly pushes his tongue deep in me.  FUCK! No man has ever done that to me before.  He moves his tongue around as he holds onto my legs.  The pleasure is more than I can bear and I start to shake. I need to taste him too and move my body towards his and pull his legs to me.  He understands and lays on his side as I grab his legs and lower my mouth down onto his thick cock.  As I slowly take him and move my hand up and down his base as he pushes two fingers into me and I moan around him. 
He grabs my ass and rubs it with his other hand as he licks and fingers me, OH FUCK!  he is giving me pleasure that I never knew existed and I take more of him into my mouth. I feel like I am going to gag but relax, I want to him to experience the same state of bliss he is giving me.  I move up and down and faster and he moans. I take my hand and rub his balls gently, I can feel his cock twitch in my mouth and he moans louder causing my body to tense and shake uncontrollably.  He moves his fingers around and I cum into his mouth; that makes me moan and suck him faster.  I begin humming up and down his length.  He holds on tight to my legs as he tenses and shoots his hot cum down my throat.  I hate to swallow but with my body still shaking from that orgasm I would do anything he asked.  I have never had an orgasm like that before, I wonder if I ever had any at all before now?  
Jacob loosens his grip on my legs and I do the same and then it hits me.  It could have been all bullshit and this was just a ploy to get what he wanted.  I feel the tears start again and roll over on my side away from him. But he grabs my arms and pulls me to him.  "I meant what I said Victoria.  I've fell in love with you when Edward and Bella introduced us two years ago. I die every time I see you and can't hold you, I think about you sleeping in my arms with your beautiful red around all around me.  I want and need you.  Please give me a chance to show you who I really am."   
I cry harder this time. Was I really that stupid that didn't see this?  All those times he asked me  out, tried to get me to go on weekend getaways with him.  He was only trying to get to know me and I pushed him away. I believed the rumors instead of getting to know him.  "Jacob, I am a bitch and stupid, I don....."  He put his finger on my mouth again, "Let's start over, let's start fresh.  We'll just be ourselves and get to know each other."  He smiles and I suddenly became aware that we were naked in bed after a very risqué sexual encounter.  "I love when you blush, it matches your hair and brings out your freckles."  and he kisses me softly and I can taste myself on him as I feel the butterflies in my stomach.  He pushes me on my back, I'd like to make love to you now."  I nod and gasp with pleasure as he pushes his large dick into me and it feels so right.  I hold grab onto his back and wrap my legs around him as he holds me in his arms and slowly moves in me. I shudder each time he pushes into me and moan into his neck as he groans into mine.  I feel my body tensing once again and get that incredible flush feeling and then release around him. "Oh Jacob, Oh Fuck."  I moan and he pants, "Victoria, I'm gonna cum, I have to pull out."  I wrap my legs tighter around his, "I'm on the pill, cum in me please," I moan still coming down from my orgasm.  And he shakes and screams, "VICTORIA, FUCK!" and cums inside of me.  Once he relaxes he pulls out of me and kisses me deep and passionately.    He stands up and pulls me up to him and walks me into the bathroom.  We have to get cleaned up and back downstairs before a search party comes looking for us. 

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