Thursday, June 9, 2011

Control made it to Round 2 of the Avent Garde Awards!!!

Hi, It's Lady Tazz and I'm on fanfiction cloud nine yet again!

My Jasper/Bella story Control made it into Round 2 of the Advent Garde Awards!
I'm just so...just wow!

Control is finialist in these two categories:

Best Non Canon Pairing

Best Rosalie

Thank you so much for all that voted in round one!!!!

A big thank you to my incredible pre readers:
Leckadams, Sexylexicullen, and Piperanna.

A HUGE thank you to my beta who is also my RL bestie Dragonfly336!

Okay, so here is the important voting information:
Round 2 voting June 12th - 26th

Again , thank you to all who read this story, it is very dear to my heart!!!

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