Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursday

Here are this weeks teasers:


Chapter 16 Just Like I Planned

"So, what about you Alice, try anything new with Emmett?"  Bella asks and Rosalie looks at me with curiosity.  I smile, "Hey, I'm not kinky like the two of you. But I did swallow almost all of Emmett's cock and that was difficult considering he's fucking huge."  They look at me and start to laugh hysterically and shake their heads in disgusts.  "Hey, you're Jasper's submissive and you got Edward doing God knows what  in your bedroom and you think I'm freaky because I can deep throat Emmett."  I shout at them.  But then I turn my head to see our three men standing at the door. 
Emmett is smiling, happy as can be, he loves to be the center of attention when it comes to sex.  Jasper and Edward are in shock and look like they might just throw.  They both look at their wives, shake their heads and walk back outside.  Rosalie and Bella fall on the floor laughing at seeing their husbands' embarrassment and disgust. 
I smile as Emmett walks in and grabs some beers.  He kisses me and goes to walk out.  He stops at the door and grins at Bella and Rosalie on the floor, "Don't worry ladies.  My brothers know I'm better than them at everything, including size." and walks out.  They scream in disgust and laugh harder.  I shake my head, You have to know Emmett to love him. 


Chapter 7 - Putting the Pieces Together
"I'll leave you two alone. I'll be back in fifteen minutes," he said.

"Carlisle, do you think he can hear what's going on around him?" I asked.

"It's never been proven but I truly believe they can sense things. You and Edward are soul mates for sure. Your connection is so strong."

I smiled and nodded. "Thank you," I said. He smiled back and walked out of the room.

I placed my hand on Edward's. "Edward, I don't know if you can hear me." I took a deep breath in an attempt to keep the tears from falling. I wanted to crawl in his bed and hold him, but I couldn't. "God, I don't know where to start. I'm so sorry," I paused as the tears started to fall; I tried to keep them at bay and failed miserably. "You were shot because of me," I whispered.

I couldn't hold back any more. The tears fell fast and hard. They stung as they fell down my cheek leaving a salty taste on my lips. I cried for what felt like hours, when truly it was only minutes. I needed to pull myself together, so I choked back the sobs and tried to calm my breathing. It was useless. I placed my tear stained cheek up against his hand and sighed at the contact. "Edward, please...please come back to me. I need you. We need you," I whispered.

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