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Lemon Drizzles

 Welcome to the last week of June!!
Voting for Junes Lemon Drizzle author of the Month will be up next week!

 This Weeks Lemon Drizzle Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

She Played Me by Jasper's Woman
What?  There is a female leech on our line?  I don't give a shit if she's a Cullen or not, she should die from just standing there.  I walk to the line with my brothers and stare at her.  Damn, for a stinky leech she sure has a nice rack and that ass is perfect for grabbing while fucking her doggy style.  Sam looks at me and shakes his head.  Not only is that rude to think about a married woman, but she is a vampire.  She is cold and hard, she could snap your dick off dude.  He thinks and Embry laughs.  That may be true, but that body is meant for fucking not talking.
She talks about finding Jacob and wanting to help him get Bella. She doesn't want Bella to give up her life to spend an eternity with Edward.  Sam explains how Jacob left because she's engaged to Edward, yada yada, yada.. who cares.  Instead I think about what a vampire's pussy looks like, I wonder if it really is ice cold or can my dick warm her up?  Sam slaps my back and smiles at me, Well there's one way to find out.  Go and see if you can get some.  We'll be thankful when you stop going on and on about it.  
I walk over our line and get in her space, "I can take a message for Jacob, tell me exactly what you want.  I'll make sure he gets it."  I say as I look up and down her body focusing on those nice big tits.  She folds her arms over her chest and growls, "Forget get it, I'll send my husband to talk to him."  and she walks off.  "Hey where is your husband?  Why did he let you come here all alone? It's dangerous for a lady to be all alone around horny wolves." 
She smacks my face and I laugh.  She snacks me again and I grab her, pulling her in for a kiss.  I expected her to push me away but instead she rips my shirt open and kisses me back.  I break off the kiss and rip open her shirt and suck on those delicious tits. Her body's hard but if I squeeze hard enough I can move her tits around.  I push her down on the ground and bite and squeeze her nipples and she moans in response.  I rip off the rest of her clothes, she lays there and lets me do it.  I look down and can't wait to see her pussy.  I slowly open her legs and can't breathe at the sight before me.  FUCK, she has the sexiest pussy I have ever seen. She is bare and dripping wet, just how I like my pussy's to be.   I look up to see her smile at me, she knows she's fucking hot. 
I start at her tits slowly and softly, licking and kissing my way down.   I hold onto her hips working my way down. She responds by bucking her hips into me and I chuckle.  Yeah, she liked that shit. I spread her legs open and lick up her legs. I can taste the arousal that has dripped down her leg. I lick it up as I kiss towards her opening, pushing two fingers into her pussy.  She's ice cold but it feels so good.  "OH God your fingers are so warm and thick, just like I knew they would be."  She moans and pushes onto my fingers.

 . I then lick from her ass to her clit and in return I get a growl and she bucks her hips into my face.  I look up and smile before continuing to lick, suck, and bite at her clit.  Her pussy is cold but very sweet, the more I taste the more I want. I can't seem to get enough.
The faster I move my tongue the more she grunts and moans.  She grabs my head and pushes it harder against her pussy.  "OH Fuck, your mouth is so hot."  she moans out and I plunge my fingers deeper.  She gasps and cries out as I fingerfuck her fast and hard.  It doesn't take long for her to scream "YES MUTT, YES" as she cums on my face. I lick up ever drop she has provided for me. 
I slowly stand up and take off my pants,  "You ever suck wolf cock before leech?"  She shakes her head, "No, you'll be my first one mutt."  she sneers and grabs my cock, sucking on my balls as she pumps me hard.  Just when I'm about to beg her to put me in her mouth, she swallows me down her throat.  FUCK YES, I hate leeches, but they damn can she suck cock.  I try to keep standing up as my pleasure builds.  I pull out of her mouth, "ON your hands and knees leech, I want to cum in that pussy."   She laughs as she gets into position and fingers her pussy waiting for me, "YOU want to fuck me like a dog mutt?"  With that I slam hard into her and feel the ground crack below us.  The harder I pound into her the deeper we sink into the earth.  I grab her ass and pull apart her cheeks.  Damn, what a sight.  I suck my finger into my mouth coating it in my saliva, I slowly push my finger inside of her.  She moans and as I finger her ass, "Your cock is so fucking hot and big." She cries out as she cums again.  The feeling of her venom around my dick is too much and I blow my load deep inside her. 
I take a minute to calm down then pull out of her and fall on my back. I look over and see I fucked her about three feet into the earth.  I laugh and watch her get up.  I hand her the ripped clothes and feel bad that she has nothing to wear back to her house.  She doesn't take them, "You can burn them.  I don't want my husband to smell mutt on my clothes."  I roll my eyes, "Well what are you going to wear back to your pack of leeches?"
She stands  and  smiles at me, "I have an identical change of clothes back a few yards.  I'm going to swim in the lake and clean off your stench.  Then run back home."  WHAT?  Did she plan on getting fucked?  I must have looked shocked because she started to laugh. 
"I knew at least one of you was going to fuck me, so I made sure I was prepared.  Alice can't see when you mutts are around and Edward would never dare say anything if he hears our thoughts.  He's too much of a pussy."  She starts to walk off but stops and turns around, "Thanks for the fuck mutt."  and runs off. 
Ha ha, you thought you were using her and she played you.  You got used by a leech.  Embry laughs in my head after I phase back. I run back to camp with a huge grin on my face.  I hope she visits the reservation again, I would love for a repeat performance. 


Dr. Cullen by cullen818

I gently knocked on the double mahogany doors that led to the entrance of the Cullen residence. I'd been spending lots of time here these past six months. Edward and I had bonded over our love of reading and formed a friendship during our senior year of high school. We graduated a few weeks ago, but promised to stay close friends. I'd borrowed one of his favorite books and wanted to return it before he left for Dartmouth.

It was a hot July afternoon, and the sun was beating down on my over exposed back. I was wearing a thin strapped pale yellow sundress that was entirely too sexy for me, but when I saw it in the window I had to have it. I wanted to wear it for him, even if he never paid any attention to me.
I'd been standing there for five minutes, so I knocked one last time. Still no answer. Just as I was about to leave the book on the porch swing, the door was suddenly pulled opened. The speed startled me.


He was standing there in a pair of gray track pants that hung dangerously low across his hips. His hair was damp, probably from the shower. Did I mention he was shirtless?  His stomach was rock hard, his chest was well-defined and his arms were perfectly toned. If this was what forty looked like, it was pretty fuckin' hot!

"Dr. Cullen, I was looking for Edward."

"Were you?" He smiled as he widened the door. "Come in, it's hot out there."

It was hot inside too, for reasons we'd already discussed.

"I—well, I just wanted to return this book."

"I'll give it to him." He extended his hand for the book as I walked inside. 

"I didn’t mean to disturb you."

"You didn’t. I just finished working out and I was in the shower when I heard the door. Were you out there long?"

"No, just a few minutes. I thought Edward would be here."

"Did you?" He shut the door and turned to face me, glancing down at my body. "Nice dress."
"Umm, thanks. It's new."

"It suits you." He slipped his finger under the strap on my shoulder causing my breath to hitch in my throat. "It's extremely flattering."

"Thanks," I whispered. "I guess I should be going."

"So soon?" He closed the space between us and now his body was barely an inch from mine. He smelled of soap and shaving cream. The skin on his cheeks and jaw were so smooth I had to fight the urge to touch his face. "What exactly are you doing here?" He twirled a stand of my long hair around his fingers.

"I, umm, told you, I was giving Edward his book back." I suddenly felt nervous. Like I shouldn't be here. He was standing so close to me my head was spinning and strangely my panties were wet.
"So, you came here to see my son?" He tossed the book on the bench by the door.

"Yes." I swallowed hard because I was sure the lie I was telling was obvious by the blush in my cheeks.

"I see." He pushed me against the foyer wall with his body, pressing his chest against mine. He slowly trailed his fingertips down my neck and to the strap of my dress again, this time sliding it off my shoulder exposing the tops of my breasts to him. "You came here dressed like this for Edward?"

I nodded.

He dipped his finger inside my dress and rubbed the skin just above my nipple.

Holy fuck! I was dripping down my thighs and the humming between my legs was so intense.

"And, did you forgo a bra for my son too?" He slipped his finger lower, brushing it across my very aroused nipple.

I closed my eyes and focused on his touch. This was wrong, but I wanted this. I liked the way he made me feel. I'd been fantasizing about Carlisle Cullen for months.

He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine. "I was here last night when Edward was on the phone with you." I felt his warm breath on my mouth. "I heard him tell you he'd be at baseball practice all afternoon."

I stared at him, shocked he knew I wasn't here for Edward. I'd hoped to drop of the book and see Carlisle for just a few minutes. 

"Why did you come here?" He ran his lips along my jaw and down my neck, lowering his mouth to my breasts. He gently pulled at the material exposing my nipples to him. I was burning with embarrassment, but I was too turned on to stop him.

"I wanted to see you." 

"How old are you, Isabella?"


He swirled his tongue against my nipple and as he pulled me closer to him I could feel his erection pressing against my center.

"Has anyone ever touched you?"

"Huh?" My body was on fire. I didn't understand what was happening.

"Fucked you?"

"No, no…I'm a virgin."


Before I knew what was happening, he scooped me up and carried me up the stairs and plopped me onto his bed. My breathing was erratic as my chest rose and fell at a frantic pace. He crawled in between my legs and spread my thighs, rubbing his hands up and down my smooth legs before bending my knees.

"You're so beautiful." He leaned down and placed soft kisses along my inner thighs. I tried to sit up as I pressed my legs together.

"Dr. Cullen, I—"

"Carlisle," he whispered as he pried my legs apart. He slipped his hands up under my dress and pulled my panties down, tossing them to the floor. "You're not going to deny me a taste of that sweet, little pussy, are you?" He kissed his way back up my thighs, staring into my eyes before burying his head between my legs.

I should have been repulsed by his words. I should've felt violated by his actions, but I didn't. I wanted this and he knew it.

"Oh!" I cried out as he slowly moved his tongue through my slick folds. I gripped the comforter beneath me as he pushed his fingers inside me, working them in rhythm with his tongue. My legs quivered against his shoulders as my hips moved involuntarily against his mouth.

He briefly pulled away from me so he could place my legs over his shoulders and reached under my backside, moving me impossibly close to his lips. He licked me faster this time, biting down on my sensitive clit.

I twisted my fingers in is hair as I closed my eyes and rode out this fantastic feeling building inside my body.

"Carlisle…I…" I squeezed my eyes shut and let the sensation take over as I shuddered against him.
He continued to run his tongue along my folds and down my thighs. When I finally opened my eyes, he was by my side, propped up on his elbow staring at me. I looked down, feeling slightly awkward.

Did my best friend's father just go down on me?

"Don’t be shy." He tilted my chin up. "I'll expect you back here around two tomorrow."
I looked at him questioningly.

"Edward has baseball practice." He smiled. "And, you have more to learn."

My First Time by TheUnderStudy
Pairing: Seth & Tanya 

I had come to the visit the Denali Coven with the Cullens.  It was my college graduation present from Carlisle.  I did have my ulterior motives: Tanya Denali.  She had promised me so many things and I had already promised her my heart.

We had exchanged emails and phone numbers when she visited the Cullens.  It was he summer after my freshman year.  She stayed a week and we bonded over so much.  Our friendship developed into something more.  I wanted her.  I needed to have her.  However, I was worried that I might imprint. 

After a week of socializing with the family, I had enough. She took me to a secret hide-a-way, from out of ear shot of the others.  I didn’t care about imprinting once I saw her.  I knew I had been drawn to Tanya.  For the past three years, I craved her, needed her, and desired her.  I had been on the University of Washington’s Campus and still hadn’t imprinted.  Why would it happen now?

Plus I was still a virgin.  I had never even kissed a girl.  I wanted it to be Tanya.  I wanted everything to be her.  I wanted her to teach me the desires of my soul.

“I love you, Tanya.  I know there are dangers of imprinting, but I don’t care,” I said to her.
Tanya placed her fingers to my lips, and then kissed me deeply.

 “I love you too Seth.  If I am not the one that gets to keep you, at least I get to be in your heart first.”

And the teaching started.

Take her.

Claim her.

I undressed her slowly, kissing each piece of skin that revealed themselves to me.  I took extra time lapping and sucking her breasts. I could not get enough of them.  Her nipples were flicked, bitten, and licked from at least half an hour.  They were perfect. 

I then stood up and let my shorts fall to the floor.  My cock sprang forth and was ready to be dipped in her wetness.  I wanted to taste her there, but Tanya was worried that the venom would hurt me.  I slowly crawled back up the bed, kissing her feet then her calves, and suckling at the spot just above her center on each thigh. Since using my tongue was not an option, she taught me how to use my fingers to pleasure her.  I loved seeing her writhe beneath me.  She moaned and called out my name.


“Louder Tanya.  Does this feel good.  Same my name T,” I growled out.  My wolf had filled my mind full force. 

“Oh Seth! Fuck! Right there baby,” She moaned.

Make her come.

“I want you to come all over my hand, Tanya.”

“Damn Seth.  Fuck! I love you all commanding.”

“Come, now!” I growled.


Her walls clamped down on my fingers and broke them as she orgasmed.  I didn’t mind.  It was worth it.  I began to reset my fingers before they fully healed.  I knew it wouldn’t take long. Tanya gasped and worried over me.  She licked and sucked on my fingers, telling me how good she tasted.  Her hands lowered to my cock and I watched as she licked her lips.

Her mouth was an utter and complete joy.  I begged for more and I felt my wolf shaking its cage.  I didn’t want to lose control with her so close to me, but she was driving me insane with her tongue.  I ran my nails up her back and she dug hers into my ass.  I exploded down her throat and my wolf howled in glee.


Take her.

Claim her.


I was hard again immediately and lined myself up to her entrance.  Tanya was vibrating in expectation.  She told me she had never felt her body sing this way before.  It was like she was about to climax again just from the thought of me being inside her.  I didn’t want to keep her waiting, so I pushed myself into her dripping wet center.  I moved into her quickly and deep, not giving any time for her to adjust.

“Fuck, Seth! So hot… so fucking hot and thick…,” she moaned and gripped my arms.
It felt like heaven; like coming home and feeling secure.  I took a deep breath and looked at Tanya.  I wanted to see how good I made her feel.  Our eyes lock and it happened.  That similar, magical feeling all the imprinted wolves felt, was now radiating between us.

“Tanya!  You’re…you’re….” I stuttered.

“Sex now, talk later,” she said wrapping her legs around me, forcing me deeper.


Claim Imprint


Her breasts bounced and swayed as I began to pound into her.  I gasped and moaned as I loved the feeling oh how wet she was.  Her face was full of pleasure and joy. We gave her that.  I leaned down and took one of her breasts into my mouth as I thrusted.  I switched to the other and sped up my pace again. 

I sat back on my knees and brought her up to me.  I slammed her down back on my cock and the warmth she is now giving off is driving me crazy.  I was surprised I had lasted this long inside of her.  I was going to lose it soon and it would be fabulous.  Tanya began to take over, finding her rhythm as she rode me.  I know I will bruise, but I would heal.

I met my hips up with hers and we went faster and faster.

“Tanya, fuck… Fuck! Baby, I’m going to come,” I groan nibbling her neck.

“Me too…,” she whispers.




Tanya leaned back and it hit a new spot.  Her neck exposed and I couldn’t resist.  I bit into her neck, careful not to break my teeth.  I reached down to pinch her nub and she exploded on top of me.  The feeling of her grasping my cock felt so good.  I felt a sharp pain in my neck, but combined with her pulsing wetness, I released inside her.

My orgasm was long and hard and marvelous.

Then I felt a slight burn in my neck and then nothing.  Tanya jumped off of my lap frantically and lay me down.  I didn’t understand what was going on.

“Seth! I bit you! I gotta suck the venom out.  Where’s the bite?  OH MY GOD! The wound closed,” she cried out.

“Tanya, it’s fine.  I’m fine.  Calm down.  Nothing is happening,” I said bringing her to lie down on the bed with me.

I looked at the small bite on her neck and it is barely there.  I would have to do it while I was wolf.  I hoped she’d let me.  I theorized that maybe it is due to the fact she is my mate, my imprint.  Her venom is not dangerous to me.  My wolf was pleased and sated.

“One thousand years of waiting on my mate and he turns out to be a twenty-four year old werewolf,” Tanya giggled.

“Shape shifter.  Get it right,” I said playfully.

I was just about to ask her what we should do next.  I was sure the family was looking for us.  But the bed groaned and collapsed beneath us.

"I guess Quileute furniture is not that sturdy," Tanya said, as we accessed the damage. 

"Well, I guess it couldn’t handle my force,” I said, grinding into her thigh. I smiled at her, gaining more of this newfound cockiness, “So, how was I?”

“Great.  So great that I wonder if you’re ready to go again,” Tanya says licking down my chest.
I growled and quickly turned her onto her stomach. I pulled her ass up to me and squeezed it.

My way

My style


Yes my wolf.  I knew I was going to love it this way.

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