Saturday, July 2, 2011

TwiCarol Brings You Some Light In The Dark


Summary - Humor, romance, healing and rampant geekitude collide in this Edward & Bella love story. "A funny, quirky love story about two computer geeks whose playful friendship turns into something more." - Chokin' the Rubber Chicken blog.

I read this fic last week & I LOVED it! Bella & Edward work together & are good friends who keep their true feelings for each other to themselves. This Bella is so quirky & adorable & her love for zombies knows no bounds, while Edward is the definition of geek-tastic hotness. In other words, they are perfect for each other. It's well-written & heart-warming & a pleasure to read. Did I mention that it's rather hilarious too? Well, it is. It's not all smooth-sailing for this adorkable pair, since Bella had something terrible happen to her in the past, but the way Edward is there for her & is so patient with her is just wonderful to see. Truly a fantastic reading experience, so go read it. You won't be sorry. Enjoy!

On a different note, in case anyone cares, I'm using my personal blog again. The name has changed from The Blog Formerly Known As Team Jacksper to TwiCarol's Place To Play (thanks to Cullen818 for the new name). I will be posting all the banners, wallpapers, etc that I've made there for all to see.
Here's the link : .
Feel free to stop by & say hello. :)

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