Tuesday, July 19, 2011

August #ReadALong...Addicted by lizzylillyrose

Next months ReadALong is Addicted by lizzylillyrose


Summary: Her life was uneventful until she met a stunning, mysterious, obsessive man with a monstrous hidden past. What happens when the past catches up with him and throws them both into the unknown? Rated M
I picked this story because I'm addicted to Addicted. This Edward is so naughty and yummy!
Addicted's Edward has a twitter...@Addictward.
I'm going to be interviewing Addictward before the #Readalong. If you would like to ask him a question just leave a comment.

The ReadALong time and date will be announced as soon as I get confirmation from the site!


  1. I may as well kick this off for you...

    Addictward - Lots of people seem intrigued by your tattoos. I presume Bella likes them. But how many do you have, where are they all and what are they of?

    hugs and kisses

    lizzy xxx

  2. Yum...Bella's not the only one intrigued by all those tats. And, I'd love to know exactly where they all are;)

  3. since i'm still reading I have a few questions. Did you eat puss in boots? I can tell you don't like him. lmao

  4. What is the significance of the ring?

  5. Did You drink that coffee to warm your body up for bella? Did you just want to be around her? Explain

  6. I have some personal questions for you -

    1. Once your story finishes, you will still be with us on twitter like always?
    2. When Lusty comes back in to the picture, how will things be with you and him?
    3. What's up with the strip poker with Lizzy?? Seems to happen a lot.

  7. Favorite sex position?

    Favorite sport to watch on tv?

    Would you role play with Bella? If so, what?

  8. Hey...here's another that I've been dying to ask you.
    Many times when we're working together whilst I write Addicted, you tell me that you're going to write something yourself and post it to fanfiction.
    Is this just you sounding off or do you seriously intend to write something? And if so, what would it be about and who would the chracters be?
    lizzy xxx