Monday, July 18, 2011

I Screwed Up!

Waves to all... tries to hold back vomit. Anyone who knows me, knows I try to stay behind the scenes and away from controversy. Boy, have the JNG's stepped in it tonight or what?

I'm going to have to take full responsibility for what happened on this blog today. I wish I had a really good excuse, but I don't. I was coming off vacation, I was tired and knee deep in laundry. Tazz came to me last night and told me about the post. She was worried the comments made by our JNG for the day would offend some of our die hard readers and some of the authors we promote here on the blog. She considered not doing the post, but I told her to post it and stupidly said put a disclaimer on it. I do it all the time with some of the darker, more disturbing fics so not to offend anyone. I was looking at it from our followers standpoint and I didn't think it through (I usually do). If I had, I would have let the post ride and I wouldn't be posting an apology right now. Those of you who know me know I wouldn't intentionally offend anyone. I feel awful.

I'd like to extend a personal apology to duskri123. You took the time to rec on our blog and I appreciate it. I honestly did not mean to single you out. I respect all the opinions of our guests and our commenters. I've actually rec'd Be My Biggest Fan (its one of my all time faves). And, I make it a point to rec many stories, not just the naughty ones. It's my intention to celebrate the authors in the Fandom and promote as many of them as I can.

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on the subject. As I said, I made a mistake and I'm very sorry. I hope you'll continue to read what we rec.

TwiCarol is gonna kill me when she wakes up to her e-mails!  



  1. Steph, you truly are one of the classiest ladies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Kudos to you for stepping up and taking responsibility. But, and you know I'm a wordy and opinionated bitch and although I will always respect your stance and opinion, I must say that my issue (if I have one) is NOT the disclaimer at all. It was silly.

    My issue is with the way it was handled. Duskri didn't deserve the rant on Twitter that was most decidedly NOT your rant. The person who should apologize for saying it was a slap in the face has not done so, and that is the REAL slap in the face.

    Lubs you and your blog, bb!

  2. Ok..I know Tazz & Steph pretty well. I don't know the Naughty Girl for the day, but I honestly didn't see anything wrong with her comments & opinions in her post. I love smut & slash because I'm just a porny, pervy kinda girl & I wasn't offended by anything on this blog yesterday. She even mentioned some smut & what not in the FICS she rec'd.

    I also read the disclaimer, but as they say, 'it went in one ear & out the other' for me! I'm also a very "loud" & "wordy bitch" girl when I believe in something or feel someone was wronged, I don't hesitate to stand up for them. So here I am, standing up for all my Naughty Girls...honorary for the day or the "original creators", I do not feel there was anything wrong with the blog yesterday. (My opinion & I am entitled to it, just as everyone else is entitled to theirs.)

    I'm not a faithful, daily twitter girl & I didn't see or read anything that was said last night about this. I'm just having a hard time understanding what was so offensive or wrong that had everyone upset. I guess I'll have to try to catch up on last night's comments, maybe I can see why some people were in an uproar.

    Just a reminder everyone...we're all entitled to our opinions, whether you agree with it or not. If you disagree with an opinion posted, speak up & maybe have a mature discussion about it, but it's never right to say rude or hurtful things about someone just because you don't agree with them. (Nobody go & get pissed off @ me now. I'm not referring to anyone in particular because like I already said, I have no idea what was posted to twitter last night.)

    Ok, enough of my opinions. *smiles to break any tensions* Why can't we all just get along? *insert another tension breaking smile*

    Hope ya all have a great day & the rest of your week is wonderful!


  3. Steph, you are indeed the classy lady that Hammerhips says you are & I am proud to call you friend. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you last night, as I can only imagine what you went through, especially knowing you as well as I do. As for your words above, you once again blow me away. Your eloquence knows no bounds. All I can say is, "Sorry, everyone, for any offense caused." Cyber hugs for everyone!

  4. I'd like to say that I agree, Cullen818 is a very classy lady. However, the apology shouldn't be coming from anyone but one specific JNG. Other commentors were too nice to point her out, as she believed said person might be graceful about it. I, however, suffer from no such delusion.
    The issue we are all so upset about has little to do with the disclaimer (though I think if you're going to put it on one, you should put it on all to eliminate singling people out like that). We're upset by LadyTazz and her tactless, classless, ungrateful Twitter rants last night. I'm pretty sure she deleted most of them, but here's a sample what we in the fandom were treated to last night:
    Tazzy aka cupcake I have spent 2 yrs in this fandom promoting authors and their stories, for someone to basically slap in the face this way really shocks me"

    This wasn't the only little bitch-whine she posted last night, and I can only imagine how humiliating it must have been for Duskri123, who was graceful enough not to react beyond "Get over it" from what I saw.

    THAT is what we are upset about. How childish to take to Twitter and act like a drama llama to get attention because a post wasn't up to her standards. Quite frankly, if I were a guest of JNG, I would expect if I didn't write to the standard, you would each be woman enough to come to me and say "This isn't what we're looking for", and let me say "OK, I'll revise", and if I can't make it work, you have the option to bow out and find another NGFAD. But posting it instead, then taking to Twitter to humiliate the person further, and allowing commentors to bitch and moan and FURTHER alienate Duskri123, is childish. I used to love reading this blog, but after all that drama last night, I'm a little afraid to continue following. I don't read blogs to watch people get the cyber-shit kicked out of them like what Kriss endured last night.

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