Monday, July 18, 2011

Naughty Girl For A Day .... duskri123

Happy Monday all! Today's Naughty Girl For a day is duskri123. She is the author of one of my favorite Jasper/Bella stories called Someday.

(The opinions of all the JNG For A Day are solely the guests and do not reflect the actual JNG's thoughts of Fanfiction and other related topics.)  
Hey, duskri123 (aka) Kriss here to share a couple ‘naughty’ recs with you. Though, I guess the term ‘naughty’ is rather relative to how you perceive what naughty really means. I am NOT a big smut reader, never really have been and never really will be. Stories where the plot is based strongly on smut themes usually – MOST OFTEN – cause me to click the little X and disappear like a ghost without a word. My bad, I just like a bit of a plot, you know? Does that mean I never read smut? Nah, I read it, when it’s good and the story actually has a plot and a good author behind it. Sooo.... this goes without saying, GIVE ME A PLOT!!! Smile 
Without further ado, here are my ‘naughty’ recs for you all to enjoy.
This girl drives me nuts with her crazy writing. It’s so dark – and horrifying – at times that I can’t help but crave more. Yeah, I’m a dark kinda girl and I like my dark to come along with a bit of nasty sexual type things to mix in with it. Nerdy fixates huge on that here , but it’s not JUST that, it’s so much more rolled into a bunch of things. I could try to summarize it for you, but I wouldn’t do it justice by any means. Regardless, if you can’t stomach the thought of blood, sex, forcible type sexual actions or anything regarding the things I have just named, it may not be a fic for you.... but it IS fan-fucking-tastic and I can’t get enough of it. Peter/Bella is what the story states... but we may see some Jas/Bella in there too though I’m not the one to ask. Go harass Nerdy and let me know what she says back. Winking smile
I adore this very naughty AH, Jasper/Bella story so much I stop to re-read it at least once a month... or parts of it. Seriously, love it as much as Son of a Preacher Man. If you’re huge into smut, a plot, Jasper/Bella and All Human stories, this is GREAT for you. Jas is a in a band that’s just starting to make it big in places. Bella just happens to be friends with someone who knows the band... and maybe offers to get her laid. But did I mention that Bella HAS a boyfriend...? But does she really care? But this one time affair doesn’t just happen once... no it continues, and continues... until something unexpected happens that causes something else unexpected. Read it and enjoy... it IS one of my all time fave’s is this fandom.
My girl Lynette writes these 1000 word smut scenes on a picture prompt provided by the JNG blog... and I have to say, it’s fan-yourself-worthy at the best of times. Many different pairings, even some crazy ones like James and Esme but if you enjoy smut, no matter the pairing, these will most certainly have you a little heated by the time you are done reading. 
I would like to thank  duskri123 for taking the time to be our Naughty Girl For a Day!



  1. Yes, porn WITH plot please, thank you very much! And I have to LOL at the disclaimer at the top. That would go without saying, no?

    P.S. I adore Crash Hale's "Be My Biggest Fan". It's one of the only AH fics I have ever read.

  2. ROFL. Yes, it goes without saying for sure. First one ever that I can see, I feel special now. :)

    Son of a Preacher Man and Be My Biggest Fan are my top two fave AH's along side OV's First Love Lost and Last Love Found. And OV like the other two, actually gives you the porn... WITH A PLOT. Lovin' it.


  3. Yes, the disclaimer is new...I felt this post needed it.

    We are called the Jasper's Naughty Girls for a reason. We promote Naughty stories. When we ask someone to be a 'naughty girl for a day' and they say yes, we just assume they feel the same way or they would have declined the invitation.

    Our readers come here for good smutty fics, not for a story that's all cookies and milk.

  4. In this fandom there's a shit-ton of porn. And I read it, a lot of it. (And which by the way the hubby adores) I have to go with Lady Tazz on this one. This is a naughty blog, and therefore the readers who follow this blog, want the dirty. When your asked to be a guest if you don't care for smut, why the fuck would agree and then say that you only want porn with plot? Honestly if it would of been my guest, I wouldn't of posted it. I think it's disrespectful to the ladies that work on the blog. That disclaimer is perfect! Leave it. And girls give me some porn without the plot!

  5. I didn't comment to sound bitchy or rude, but your reply certainly did. I just LMAO at the disclaimer... considering the opinion certainly didn't mean anything bad persay.

    If you thought different, perhaps YOU should have informed me before posting huh? No one said I disagreed with what your blog promotes. Remember, you asked me and then verified what I sent back before posting. So maybe if it wasn't good enough, you should have said. Just a thought.

    I didn't say or ask for the disclaimer to be removed, again, thought it was more funny that my words would incite them to think they would NEED it.

    A 'Naughty' story can still be 'Naughty' if it has a plot. It shows a bit of intelligence.

    Cookies and milk? That just made me snort outloud in a very unlady like manner. Because I for one am all about writing cookies and milk in my fics.

    So my bad if what I provided wasn't what you were looking for.

    And honestly, try not to make this into something it wasn't to begin with. I haven't.

  6. I am glad they did the disclaimer. A lot of the readers here on the blog are just about the smut. I know I am one of them. Sometimes i just want to get to the action and screw the how's and whys lol. Now I know I do a heck of a plot in my expanded lemon drizzles (Thanks for rec'ing me by the way), but the ones I post on this blog are for what they are worth...the smutty goodness. To each his or her own.

  7. I'm having a difficult time grasping, though, how this site is ONLY for smut WITHOUT plot... Smut is smut, no? duskri123 was just stating that she prefers porn WITH plot. And, therefore, she lists three fics that suit this preference.

    The disclaimer, however, is redundant. The segment is a guest segment, so quite obviously, the opinions expressed within would belong to duskri123 only. What you accomplished, instead, was alienating the very author you ASKED to be a guest Naughty Girl for a day. Both Tazz and Madame Akyria, you have essentially told duskri123 in your comments above that she FAILED as such. If she was such a failure, why did you bother going ahead with the post?

    And please don't start acting like a bunch of barking spiders, especially on Twitter.

  8. Hi. I have to say with disappointment that this is not what I would expect out of a Naughty Girl for the day. You were asked by the JNG to make fic recommendations. Instead, you provided seemingly judgmental statements about fics that fall into the category of smut, adding that most, but not all, have no plot value. In doing so, you insulted thousands (if not more) women who are members of JNG that enjoy a good hot read.

    Here is an example--a role reversal if you will, regarding your position here today. I would like for you to take this into consideration as it will likely prompt you into reevaluating your blatant disregard for JNG and its members concerning the content that they promote.

    You run a blog titled Jasper’s Good Girls. You promote well-written fics- WITH PLOT- that have a healthy, clean dose of lemons. You ask Lady Tazz to be a Good Girl for the day. Lady Tazz accepts, yet she is not keen on reading lemons that are NOT smutty in nature. However, she proceeds, despite knowing that her personal views conflict with the content that you provide on your blog site.

    Now, take what you said and reverse the roles. Lady Tazz makes the statement that she is not a fan of implied lemons but more so into gratuitous ones. Lady Tazz adds that she likes stories with little or no plots and will hit the X button when this is not the case. How would this make you feel about your decision in asking her to be a guest? I understand that we all have rights to our own opinions and personal views. No arguments there. However, there is an appropriate time and a conducive place to share them with others. This instance was neither.

    Please do not give me your rationalizations or any justifications for writing what you did. That has already been established by you and needs no further explanations. This is NOT an opportunity for you to defend yourself. I want to know how this would make you feel. How would you perceive Lady Tazz’s statements? Give me your honest answers to the questions that I have provided as to how you would take such a slap in the face.

  9. *Everything I say is the opinion of Cthulhu. If you disagree, he will turn you into a giant puddle of primordial goo. Then he will teabag your gooey ass. You've been warned*

    I saw this and scritched my head. Then scratched it. Yeah, Porn WITH Plot is still naughty, right?

    I've read at least one of the stories Duskri recced and it was naughty with plot. I think the issue here is more about the disclaimer which is weird and totally your right to post as the bloggers and as long as you're consistent it shouldn't be an issue. But, I know that I said esentially the same thing in my interview eons back and I didn't have a disclaimer. *shrugs* Potato/potato.

    The only reason I'm leaving this comment is because of the other comments. Seriously, I have a ton of respect and love for most of the bloggers on this site. But some of the comments above, two in particular, just rubbed me the wrong way. To put a naughty spin on it, they were like going ass to mouth. It makes the whole situation taste like shit.

  10. So let me get this straight. In JNG's opinion, fics like The Training, The Office, The Red Line, or even J/B fics like Finding Relief and Finding Forever are considered "cookies and milk". Or as Amber said, "Jasper's GOOD Girls" fic.

    And no, don't give me "That's an E/B fic, so it doesn't count." Cause it does.

    A smut is a smut is a smut, right? Regardless of the plot or not, it's still smut.

    Finally, if you don't agree with your "guest", why did you post her recommendations in the first place?

  11. Wow, I'm really glad it was Steph who asked me to be a naughty girl for a day back when I did it. She treated me so nicely, I felt honoured to be here. Lady Tazz obviously doesn't have the same concern for her guests.

  12. Okay, I feel the need to comment again....Dang it. This time I have a new disclaimer, though:

    *Disclaimer: HammerHips is now channeling the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He has touched her with his noodly appendage, not in a sexual way, though. More in a I'm-a-friend-and-I'm-gonna-stick-my-noodly-appendage-which-is-not-phallic-around-your-shoulder type way. Ramen.*

    Again, I think this is all about consistency and the only reason I'm commenting is because I'm a master-debater (see what I did there? I made it NAUGHTY! HA!). There are a LOT of fics on this site that are recced with lots of plot and some naughty moments from first glance. So again, it's about consistency. Hell, I remember that my first real rec way back when I was actually writing fanfic and not just reccing it was a rec by a Naughty Girl (shout out to TwiCarol. I heart you hard and when I think about you, I think about unicorns shooting rainbows out their ass because you're totes up there on the scale of awesomeness). The rec was for a one shot and it had NO sex in it. Wow. And it was still recced. So again, it's about consistency.

    And really, the only reason I'm commenting is because some commenters seem to be taking this too seriously. Like serious as a heart attack serously. I'm taking it as serious as I'm-laughing-so-hard-I-accidentally-fart-and-piss-myself-at-the-same-time seriously. Big difference here. But, *shrugs* to each their own. But again, my opinion and the opinion of both the teabagging Cthulhu and the Noodly one is that consistency is key. *nods* Remember, one bloggers opinion does not express that of the entire blog. So Tazz might feel that only PWP is proper where the other gals might feel differently.

    Blogs are hard with lots of gals and people get their feelings hurt I suppose, but really, I think the issue here is more about consistency and not attacking your guests. My two cents and please disregard if you are inclined to. Just expect some teabagging and tentacle porn from some deities. I can't control them...Sorry.

  13. Totally unnecessary and redundant disclaimer: The opinions stated below belong solely to Nic and the unicorn she keeps in her closet for shitfests such as this. And on rare occasions, God.

    Please point me to the spot on this site that says that naughty is synonymous with PWP. I’d like to know why everyone got their panties in a twist over a simple opinion being expressed. I didn’t know we were such a sensitive bunch around here. My, the Major would be disappointed. Oh, wait. I don’t speak for him. *refer to disclaimer above*

    Did she not recommend naughty fics? Did you not approve her post? If you didn’t, don’t ya think you should have instead of bringing shit public like this? Simple solution: Don’t like, don’t post. If you felt that she did not keep in “spirit” with the requested post, then you should’ve handled this BEFORE it went live, causing needless drama. But then that’s just MY opinion, which anyone with two wits to rub together would assume by the fact that it’s my fat-ass fingers doing the typing here. But in case you lent one out and are still awaiting its return, I’ll refer you to my disclaimer above.

    I have to say that I am disappointed by how this site, which I usually dig, has treated this GUEST! Where’s the fucking hospitality?! Duskri123 is a bigger person than I because I would feel totally disrespected and ambushed. Plus, I’d probably go blabbering on Twitter to get others on “my” side, magnify the situation ten-fold, and feed my already ENORMOUS ego.

    But like I said, that’s just me. And my unicorn…

    And may I just respond to “this is not an opportunity to defend yourself?” WTMFuckityfuckfuckfuck! Why should she have to “defend” herself?! She did this site a favor by guest posting! And she’s gotten nothing but drama for her effort. Why don’t we all just go ahead and sharpen our pitch forks and light the pyres now? Because any “defense” or answer she might give, would not be acceptable. Again, though, she’s better than me. I wouldn’t be able to keep quiet.

    Anywho, just thought I’d say what a crock of shit this comments section has turned into and that I’m glad someone else out there enjoys a little plot with her smut on occasion. Because Lawd knows I do. But then again…*see disclaimer*



  14. Hi all! So, I just want to provide some reasoning here. If Lady Tazz had NOT posted this author’s submission, then what kind of situation would that have placed her in? Would everything still be right with the world? She loses if she didn’t. She’s seemingly losing because she did. Lady Tazz was backed into a corner, which prompted her to firmly respond to the catalyst that triggered this epic explosion--the very first post. Let’s keep this in mind as we continue to verbally spar back and forth

  15. I think this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and I'll be absolutely shocked if Steph is alright with this when she gets back from vacay.

    You ask someone to be a JNG for a day, and then you basically bash her because she prefers smut with plot? WTF is wrong with you? Why do you need a disclaimer on JUST HER rec? Lots of us prefer smut with plot and I have to agree with Maj here. Smut is smut is smut, no matter how you look at it.

    And if memory serves me correct, and it does because I was with Steph when she started this blog, this place isn't just for smut. It's for the dark and twisted as well. Hardly any of my stories have smut in them, yet, they've been featured here, per Steph.

    And I don't understand your comments about how you say when you ask someone to be a JNG for a day, you "assume" (and we all know what that makes you) that they "believe as you do", yet, she gives you stories with smut with plot and you say that's not good enough?

    Well fuck that! Again, Smut is smut! The disclaimer was a slap in the face to duskri123 in my honest ass opinion. It was basically saying that the stories she rec'd were not good enough for this blog, and that's total bullshit. That's a disgrace to each of these wonderful authors who she (duskri) felt WERE good enough.

    This type of disclaimer should go on all posts! Not just the ones that aren't "smutty" enough for YOU. But your comment made it clear that you thought that it needed it "here" meaning this one post.

    (shakes my head)

    I call bullshit.

  16. *wonders if the koolaid is grape or cherry flavored*

  17. Tazz told duskri123 that her "naughty" selections were great (not verbatim). We are sparring over the stupid disclaimer. If Tazz wishes to whitenight herself, well fire away! She's a pro.



    Peace out!

  18. I bet it tastes like cupcakes, Chipper.

  19. *Disclaimer-I don't agree with anything that comes out of my own mouth. Lego Indiana Jones is speaking through me, and I think he's an asshole.*

    Illicit Writer, I'd like to give you my two cents on your new position. As a member of a blog that also does interviews, I can safely say that I have received submissions and not used them because they didn't fit well with our blog. Not differing opinions, necessarily, but segments that just didn't work. In those cases, I asked the author if they could reword something, or we asked to edit the post down. We've also had review submissions that we've thrown out for any number of reasons. Never once has an author been offended, at least to our knowledge. I think the key here is to discuss the situation with the guest author and the other members of the blog. But again, that's my two cents.

    TBH, I think the initial faux pas was ridiculously stupid and the situation now sucks worse than an Amish virgin.

    *Runs off to do naughty things with the unicorn in givemesomevamp's closet after I find the ark of the covenant. Dun dun dun dun DUUUN DUUUUN DUUUUUUN*

  20. What I have to say needed to go in a post not a comment. I'm going to go take some Pepto now as I don't feel well. :( The post is titled, "I Screwed Up!" and its live in case you missed it.

  21. Hammerhips- Well said. :) Thank you. Love your posts BTW. Hilarious.

  22. Duskri thank you for taking the time to do such a great rec and thank you for actually rec'n my story. I fangirl over you hard as you know and I was so excited when I got a text this am telling me you had rec'd me. I loved your post and am looking forward to reading the AH rec. I was a JNG for a day once and I was nervous and excited when asked to do it and when it posted. Don't let anyone take away the excitement of seeing something you took the time to do for this away, you did a great job and I loved reading your recs doll.

    Again thank you so much for the rec!

  23. First of all, I think Blogger hates me! It won't let me log in to comment! Grrrr...

    Hi everyone! *waves shyly* Sorry I'm so late to comment, but I was sleeping when this all went down. Stupid time difference! I'm so sad to see what has happened here. I'm really sorry for any offense caused, especially to Duskri123, who did a great post for us. Now I'm going to hide under my bed, 'cause I hate this kind of thing. Don't judge me! ;) Take care, everyone.

    P.S. HammerHips - thanks for the shoutout, it was my pleasure to rec your work! I only rec what I enjoy. <3