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Friday Lemon Drizzles

Welcome to week 3 of July!!!!

Here is this weeks Pic Prompt!

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Fruits of Desire by TheUnderStudy
Pairing: Benjamin & Renesmee
We were on a small private beach with a quaint little house that Rose and Em had rented for us.  I didn’t want to use my card and my father knew where I was.  Since Benny had left his coven to be with me, he was without the funds.  Getting a nice place like this with privacy was going to cost money.  We couldn’t risk exposes ourselves to the humans.  I never sparkled like Benny and my family, but I still moved fast for a half vampire.  I wanted some down time for us to just be.
Benny and I had been testing to see which fruits from my lunch tray would get me the wettest.  We had tried the apple slice.  He had outlined my body with it and then fed it to me.  With the grapes, he had used to tickle my flesh.  Last was the strawberries and he knew they my favorite.   

I moaned as he gripped my thighs.  I leaned up from the lounge chair and nibbled his neck. He hissed and pulled away, narrowing his eyes at me.  I gave him my best innocent look and laid back on the lounger.  He just snickered at my antics and brought over our next sweet treat. A ripe, delicious strawberry. 

He slowly removed my bikini top and, with his gift, brought over some sea water.  He allowed droplets to fall and turned them to ice as they reached my nipples.  I moaned and cursed as he teased me.  As each drop fell, he fed me the strawberries.  I would never be able to eat another strawberry and not nearly combust from pleasure. 

After my third strawberry was eaten, he brought his mouth to my nipples and licked them vigorously.  He gripped the other and massaged it as he enjoyed the taste of the one in his mouth.  I was on fire for him and felt that coil about to snap. He abruptly stopped and whispered that he wasn’t ready for me to come yet. 

Benny brought another strawberry over to him and sat back on his knees.  He removed my bikini bottom and I started breathing heavily, his own need becoming apparent in his board shorts.  I watched as his bare chest rippled, catching the random sun rays and shimmering.  Benny then wrapped my legs around his waist and ran the strawberry down my thighs.  He stared at me as if he wanted to devour every inch of me. His eyes grew dark as he smelled my arousal and that did nothing but make me wetter for him.  He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. 

“I know that smell.  Someone is wet for me,” he whispered into my calf. 

“Benjamin…,” I whined and panted, “…please don’t tease me.” 

“Oh, I’m Benjamin now?  You must be really turned on,” he whispered into my thigh. 

He took the strawberry that remained in his hand and slid it up my thigh.  It kept going until it stopped right over the top of my… 

“Ummm, Benny! Fuck!” I said, squirming as the sweet fruit found its way between my folds. 

“Yes, beautiful?” He asked, still running the fruit along my opening. 

“Fuck!” I screamed again as it ran over my clit. 

“Such a nasty mouth.  It’s so unbecoming of a young lady,” he said jokingly. 

He rubbed the fruit over my aching center over and over.  I was surprised the strawberry had not been crushed by my grinding efforts. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I said in between giggles and moans. 

“Well, I am just going to have to wash that mouth out with my cock,” he whispered in my ear.
“Taste,” he commanded, his eyes black with desire. 

I bit into it ravenously, devouring it.  He moaned and it turned into a growl as he watched as I licked the remnants from my lips. 

“Fuck,” he groaned under his breath.

“Maybe I’ll have to wash your mouth out as well,” I teased. 

“You first.” 

Benny had his shorts off instantly.  His defined chest had already been exposed to me, dizzying me with the view.  He brought my head up with one hand and guided his cock to my eager mouth with the other.  I was turned on even more by his force and desire.  He was in full control and it was hot.  It signaled another dose of my arousal and I moaned as he pushed his length into my mouth. 

I wrapped my tongue around his gorgeous cock as he settled deep within my mouth.  I moaned as he set a rhythm, holding onto my head with his hand.  He pulled all the way out and pushed back in and I let my teeth slightly graze his shaft as he dipped down my throat.  I knew he loved it when I did that. 

“Amazing, Nessa!” He hissed.   

I brought my hands up to cup his balls as I sucked, rubbing and squeezing them.  It always brought him closer to his release and I hungered to taste him.  I sucked him farther down my throat and pulled him back out.  He stopped me instantly, putting space between us. 

“Not yet, Nessa.  I want to be inside you,” he whispered kissing my temple. 
He brought his lips down to mine and kissed me breathless.  He allowed me a few seconds of air before claiming my lips again.  His hands found my hips and began to lie me back down.  His now chilled body was heavy on top me and I loved it.  I wrapped my legs around him, grasping his ass to bring him closer to me.  Our kisses became more heated and our bodies grinded against each other.  His hard cock pressed against my center and the friction was wonderful, but not enough. 

I needed him… 

I wanted him… 

I ached to have him fill me… 

I brought my hips up to meet his and felt as he slid into me.  I shivered in pleasure, which cause him to slip inside me more. 

“Nessa…oh god …so warm…,” he groaned as I tried to push him further inside. 

I kissed up Benny’s neck and he caressed my hips.  I gasped as he pushed quickly, breathless from the pleasure and slight pain from it.  My hands found their home in Benny’s hair and my teeth bit into his shoulder. 

“Fuck me, baby.  We can make love later,” I whispered against the spot I just bit. 

“Then on your knees,” he growled. 

We had yet to try this position and I was so eager to.  I didn’t waste time when he pulled out and flipped over on my knees.  He lined himself up and slid right in.  Benny then gripped my hips so tight I knew I would bruise.  He found a slow pace at first, trying to prolong the feeling of this new position.  However, I was too greedy and ready to come again.  I also wanted to feel him pulse inside of me.  I pressed back with each thrust of his and he began to increase his rhythm, filling me like never before. 

“Nessa, Nessa…,” he moaned over and over. 

“Yours, Benny. Always.” 

He brought me up to him, my back meeting his chest.  His hands were wild and needy, clinging onto my flesh as if I might leave.  Our kisses were sloppy and insatiable.   

Thrust after thrust encouraged my body to tighten, readying to cum.  I muttered to him that I was close and he echoed my plight.  He leaned me back down and one hand slid down my spine from my neck to my ass.  He gave me a small smack on my ass and it triggered my climax. I fell over instantly.  Benny thrusted twice more before he joined me.  We both screamed, growling out profanities and adorations into the Rio air.  We both collapsed into the lounger, Benny spooning me. 

“We must do that again,” he said in between laughs. 

“Yes, when my legs are not jello,” I replied. 

We both settled in the afterglow, saying “I love you” as the sun set.

Next Weeks Pic Prompt: 

*This has so many possibilities* 

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