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Lemon Drizzles

Welcome to week 2 of July!!!!

Here is this weeks Pic Prompt!

This weeks Lemon Drizzles:

You're my Bitch by Jasper's Women
I pull into my driveway thrilled to finally be home. On hot days like this it sucks being in the delivery business. But I am lucky to have an understanding wife who will let me veg in front of the TV all night. I walk in, "Rose, I'm home." I guess she's downstairs doing laundry. I leave my bag in the walkway so she knows I'm home and head upstairs to the bedroom. I get out of my clothes and dump them on the floor and head into the shower. I let the water run all over me as I rest my head against the tiles.
After I'm cleaned up I grab a towel and head out of the bathroom, but stop short at the sight in front of me. Standing there is my wife, wearing some sort of black corset, with these lacy black tights, a chain hanging around her neck and black gloves. Her beautiful blond hair is flowing around her shoulders and she's slapping some sort of whip in her hand. She is glaring at me as if I did something wrong? I'm a little scared but my cock gets hard real fucking quick.
Rose, where did y......." She slaps the wall with the whip "You will not speak unless I tell you to." she yells at me. I jump back and smile, fuck when did Rose get all freaky on me? She walks up to me, rips the towel away and runs the whip along my chest and cock. Then she whispers in my ear as she twists my nipple, "I want you to get on the bed and lie on your back. Don't move and don't talk unless I tell you. If you don't listen I will use this riding crop on you as punishment." I nod, so that's what it is. I slowly get on the bed but keep my eyes on my sexy wife. 
She crawls on the bed and straddles me, rubbing her heat against my stomach. She lightly smacks my balls with the riding crop. "hmmmm, you like that, don't you?" I nod afraid that I will get hit hard if I speak. "Do you know what your naked body does to me? Do you know how fucking gorgeous that huge thick cock of yours is? Do you know I want to suck and fuck your cock all the time? It's all I think about at work and in the car." My eyes roll in the back of my head. Images of my wife thinking about sucking me off and fucking me hard flood my mind.
I try to control myself and not grab Rose, flip her over and give her what she wants. But she beats me to it and grabs my hands. She raises them above my head. I moan but then get a little scared when she handcuffs me to the headboard. She smiles down at me, "Can't have you trying to run away or deny me what is mine. I am going to bring you intense pleasure, only after I have my fun first." .
She continues to slap my chest, thighs and balls with the fucking riding crop and it stings, but also brings some pleasure too. "You've been very naughty Jacob. I tried to get you in bed three nights in a row and you ignored me. Now I am going to use your body how I want." She slaps my thighs again, but harder and quicker. I wince at the pain and pray she stops.
Then she moves up and straddles my face and I wonder how the fuck I am going to eat her pussy with her clothes on, but then I see how. She has on crotchless panties and spreads the fabric so I can get my sweet prize. I know all men think their wives pussies are gorgeous, but my Rose's pussy is fucking amazing. Not only is it so pretty and tasty, but the things it does to my body, OH FUCK. I just might cum thinking about it.  
She sits on my face and I go to town licking and biting at her folds. My hands are cuffed, so I have to make sure I give her an orgasm using just my mouth and tongue. I nip at her clit and then pump my tongue in and out of her sweet pussy. I can hear her moaning and she gyrates around my face, pushing herself harder into my face. I fucking love every minute of this. Even without my fingers I can get her off. As her juices flow around my mouth and down my neck I move my tongue faster and inside of her. I hum into her and that sends her over the edge. "Oh FUCK YES." She screams and releases into my mouth and I feel fucking superior having given my wife a good orgasm.
She moves down to whisper in my ear, "You like to eat my pussy, don't you?" I nod, damn right Rose, I'll fucking eat your pussy all fucking day and night. She tweaks my nipples and then moves down to my cock and licks it slowly. She grabs it hard and then takes most of it into her mouth and throat. I groan at the image and use all my strength to not thrust into her. Damn I can feel her sucking on my cock and hear the slurping sounds she is making. As I get close she stops and pinches my nipples hard.
"I'm not ready for you to cum yet. Jacob." She turns around and pumps my cock in her hands rubbing it along her pussy. FUCK! All rational thoughts leave as I feel her pussy take me in. OH SHIT! She moves up and down on me. I want to grab her body and slam her up and down on my cock.  Instead I thrust hard and fast. She won't want to punish me after what my cock is doing to her. She leans back on her arms and moans repeatedly. She leans back a little and I start to grunt and moan as I feel my orgasm building up. It doesn't take long for her walls to clamp down on my cock as she flows all around me "OH JACOB! OH FUCK, YES!" I slam into her one last time and cum hard and long in her tight pussy.
I can hear her panting as she slowly moves off of me, "That is exactly what I wanted." She leans over and grabs a key and takes the handcuffs off me. I quickly grab her hands handcuff her to the bed now. She looks up at me with pure lust in her eyes "You may be done, but I'm not, I have three nights of fucking to make up for. I am going to pleasure


Mistress Knows Best by TheUnderStudy
Pairing: Carmen & Edward 

My name is Edward Cullen and I am a submissive to my Mistress, Carmen Eleazar.  Make no mistake. This was not about love, but it was about devotion and need.  I had finally opened up t my mistress and told her my new needs and fears. I wanted to belong to her in every single way.  I wanted my Mistress to take me.  I was afraid that I would never be enough, but she assured me that it was that desire that would inspire me in sessions.  

A week after we had revised my contract, I was busying myself in my law office. I was swamped with logging in my case notes.  I was sitting at my desk flustered beyond thought.  The vibrating sensation began to flow though me and I broke my pen in half.  My new anal plug had been taunting me all morning.  I had been waiting in anticipation for hit to vibrate.  Feeling it nearly making me want to explode made me rethink giving my Mistress the wireless remote.  My phone vibrated along my desk and I knew who it was. 

“Good morning, my Pet,” she spoke humorously. 

“Mis-mistress,” I sighed.  The pleasure was amazing. 

“You are not to come until I say.  You are to leave your office at six o’clock and head straight to me. Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Mistress,” I moaned. 

“Oh, my Pet.  We will have great fun this evening,” she said before the line went dead and the vibrations stopped. 

We were not scheduled to meet today, but I would never disobey her.   
I got through the day nearly breaking my desk in concentration.  I did and thought of everything to keep from climaxing.  I was sweating profusely and was in need of a shower.  However, I knew she wanted me to come straight there.   

When it was six o’clock, the plug started to vibrate again. I was wondering how I was going to drive.  I sat down in my car and took several deep breaths.  I pulled out the garage and headed to my Mistress.  Once I was parked in her driveway, I felt the vibrations immediately stop.  I entered the house and began to disrobe.  When I finished, I kneeled with my head down, and hands behind my back.  I felt her presence before I saw her feet before me. 

She had on fire engine-red, peep-toe heels.  Black lace stockings covered up her muscled legs.  The chain necklace I bought her as a present was dangling down by her hip.  I quickly lowered my eyes and I heard her chuckle.  

My mistress commanded me to follow her to the playroom.  She didn’t order me to stand, so I crawled, subserviently, behind her.  We entered the room and it was colder than usual.  This warned me I would be tested; she was to make me sweat. 

“Crawl to your bench, my Pet.” 

I went willingly and waited for her next command. 

“What is your safe word? You may speak.” 

“Lotus, Mistress.” 

“When shall you use it?” She asked. 

“When I need a break or have had enough.” 

“Good.  Now, how have you liked your new plug?” 

“I have loved it, Mistress,” I answered. 

She came behind me and petted me, caressing down my back.  I felt the cold glide of the leather gloves she wore.  She knew me well. It was the only thing besides her bare touch that excited me.  Her hand continued down my back and tapped my plug. I hissed in delight and she chuckled again.  She reminded me that I was not to come until told and my silence would be rewarded greatly.  I heard her retreat to the cabinet and began to level my breathing.  My Mistress made her way to the other side of the bench and paused. 

“Look up at me, my Pet.” 

I gazed upon her in awe.  Her caramel skin glowed.  She wore a leather black bra and her makeup was light, but dark in color.  Her hair was coiled tight in a bun, except that loose tendril that never stayed in place.  She brought her hands from around her back and she held my favorite riding crop.  It had a thick, black leather end supported by a long, metal rod. I had to hold my shiver of pleasure. 

She had me to straddle the bench and then cuffed my hands above me.  I was restrained, but comfortable.   

“Let’s prepare you, shall we?” 

Before I could ready myself, she slapped the crop against my plug.  It stung wonderfully. I heard it whistle through the air as her hand pulled back.  It met the tip of the plug again and I breathed deeper.  Each slap was better than the next. It had been so long and it was somewhat overwhelming.  I felt like I was about to say my safe word.  

She removed the plug slowly and caressed my ass again before bringing the crop down to each cheek.  She tapped it next on my dripping cock and back to my ass.  She alternated repeatedly and each touch was achingly marvelous. 

I was getting close and I knew I was going to explode, so I whispered Lotus.  I no longer wanted to disappoint her.  She told me how pleased she was and I took a few breaths to calm myself.  She released my hands from their binds and told me stand. 

“I will reward you today Edward.  You will take your Mistress and pleasure her well.  You will not come until I command you.  Now undress me.” 

Excitement was an understatement.  I had only taken my mistress on other time.  It was over a year ago and we had not done so since.  I wanted this as much as I wanted her to fuck me. I did as she commanded and took off her shoes, her stockings, and her bra.  I left on her gloves and she chuckled again.  She allowed me this indulgence.  She lowered me down to the bench.  I lay down as she straddled me.  I was already rock hard and ready.  I knew our earlier activities had excited her.  There was no need to insult her by testing to see if she was wet.  I was the sub, not her. 

I lifted her by her onto me and slowly lowered her down. I knew she liked me to tease her. I was glad to oblige, as I would not want to come on accident.  I raised my hips to exert more force into every thrust.  I wanted to meet her deeper and deeper.  Her gloved hands caressed my chest and pinched my nipples. I couldn’t hold back the moan. 

“Spread your legs wider,” she moaned between my thrusts. 

I did as she instructed and felt her press down on my chest with one hand.  My eyes were closed, but flew open when I felt the crop slap against my balls. 

“Fuck, Mistress!” I screamed, but was gleefully surprised. 

“Did I ask you to speak, Pet?” 

I quieted and went back to serving my Mistress.  With each slap, a tingling sensation went through me and I pushed it into her as our bodies connected.   

My paced quickened and my force hardened.  I would never stop being the best for her.  
She was close.  I felt her walls tightening around me.  I squeezed my eyes closed, trying desperately to hold on.  She climaxed and clutched my cock with all her might.  I thought of being her good sub, being in the position she wanted.  It was the hardest test I had ever been given.  If she didn’t let me come soon, I would disappoint.  I didn’t want to use my safe word, but I knew I would have to if this continued. I trusted her to take care of me. 

I collapsed back down on the bench and she leaned on my chest, reveling in her orgasm.  She then climbed off me and ordered me to lie still, with my legs still spread.  She rubbed my balls with her gloved hands and it was ecstasy.  She brought the crop down to them and I hissed. 

“Come, Pet.” 

I answered her command immediately and released in long spurts across my chest and the crop.  It was still rubbing my balls as I came.  When I calmed, I opened my eyes and saw her licking the cum from the crop. 

“Succulent.  Would you like a taste, my Pet?” 

I nodded, but instead of the crop, I was rewarded with her lips.  Her tongue, her lips, and my essence were enough to have me hard again in seconds.  This was my life and I would never doubt that my Mistress knew best.

Next weeks Pic Prompt: 

 Food Play!!!!! 

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