Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonders

I'm so excited to bring you this One Shot today. This is the authors first lemon. I want to officially welcome her to the adult section of Fanfiction!!!

Being that I'm still on my Carlisle kick, today's One Shot however is not a C/B its a Carlisle/Esme.


Summary: The Volturi visit to Forks was stressful, to say the least, so Esme and Carlisle are off to Isle Esme for some R&R. Gone are the prim and proper parents to grown vampires. It's time for a little lemony goodness with the the vampire parents. one-shot

Here is a peek:

"I don't think so, my darling. If I'm not mistaken, those books are primarily about two people who hardly know each other having outrageous sex at every possible opportunity....Those books are little more than porn for women who don't want to lower themselves to look at porn."

*Laugh out load at that. Kinda sums up Fanfiction also.*

This sweet sexy One Shot shows a very playful Carlisle and Esme relaxing and just being a couple.

So, go read Trashy Romance Novel and remember to show the author some love by leaving a review!

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