Monday, July 4, 2011

Naughty Girl For A Day - IllicitWriter

Happy 4TH of July to all my fellow Americans. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

Today Naughty Girl for the Day is the wonderful IllicitWriter.

She is an amazing banner maker you, can find her work here on her blog; she also has a very controversial story called Illicitus Amare.

This post comes with a HUGE warning. She made a specail Jasper banner for us, and its very NAUGHTY.
If a naked manip of Jasper offends you, don't read any further.


For the the rest of you who scrolled down her is the NAUGTY banner..

I may have just died!

She has also made banners for my stories...

Thank you so much, Lady Tazz, for asking me to be a naughty girl for the day! I am excited and eager to share my rec with all of your followers, and more importantly, my special naughty banner as well. *snickers*
Before I get started, I guess now would be the best time to disclose that I am a faithful Bella and Edward shipper— 2 ½ years running. I’m just throwing it out there. No? Bad timing? Oh stop booing. I’m still talking. Anyways, I am slowly but surely crossing over to the other side— one fic at a time, thanks to you, Lady Tazz.

Jasper is warming up to me and rightfully he should. I’m from Texas too, darlin’.

Now, seeing as how I am clumsily navigating my way through Jasper fics, I asked a very special author to recommend a few good ones. Busymommy was more than happy to steer me in the right direction of Author, hobee1971, who has three new fictional works in progress. I asked hobee1971 about her frequency with updates. From what I gathered, each one is updated every week in this format: fic one updated the first week, fic two the second and fic three the third. Repeat.

Walk Away No More by hobee1971
Summary: Bella and Jasper are on the fast track to happily ever after when an event changes the course of everything. After eleven years, can either of them find peace again?

Three chapters are written, and from what I had read, there is promise of a long, windy and angsty road ahead. Let’s just say that it was not what I had expected going into chapter one. It was gritty in its telling. The turn of events was shocking and appalling. The grief and despair of her characters were palpable. If you are looking for angst, then look no further. I am certain you will find it here.


I would like to thank IllicitWriter for being our Naughty Girl for the Day!

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