Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursday

  The Start Of Something by Lady Tazz/Jackson's Cupcake

Summary: Jasper Whitlock has two of the most beautiful roommates around, Bella and Rose. He secretly has a crush on Bella. What happens one drunken night between them changes everything, how will Rose react? MATURE themes J/B/R eventually J/B

This is by far the smuttiest thing I have ever written, so be warned, Mega adult content!I wrote this for Fandom4Storms.This will be a small story around 8 chapters. The chapters are around 1,000 words, so I  will try to update twice a week!I can start posting Monday!

Here is a peek into the prologue:  

I came from work early; they weren't expecting me for another hour. I could hear my roommates going at it; their moans and groans floating through the apartment. I was a little put off that they started without me. Bella, Rose and I have been roommates for over a year now. Our unique relationship started about four months ago after an incredible dunk night with Bella. Life was good, I got to screw two of the most beautiful, sexy, and amazing women I knew. So why did I feel so empty?


A Man Above All Else by Cullen818
Summary – What would happen if Carlisle stayed behind to watch over Bella during those first few months Edward left? What if he were the reason the family picked up and left in the first place? Carlisle is just a man and Bella calls to him.

Carlisle Cullen


I made my way to the backyard and quietly stood under the huge oak tree just outside her bedroom window. The night air was turning cooler, the leaves were changing colors and my coven; my family, had been gone for a little over a month. I closed my eyes and shook my head, still reeling from their absence.

Bella would be asleep by now, but it wouldn’t last long. She always managed to somehow fall asleep, but it never lasted for very many hours. And, in the time she did sleep, it was hardly peaceful. She thrashed around, pulling at the covers and mumbling his name while she sweated and cried. Then at some point, she’d wake up screaming, causing poor Charlie to wake from his sound sleep and fumble down the hall and to her room, where he would try unsuccessfully to calm his daughter down.

Morning would come entirely too fast and Bella would be forced to pull her exhausted body from bed, go about her routines somehow making it through the day and then come and sit by her bedroom window, waiting for someone who was never coming back.

This was not the way her life was supposed to turn out.

I had made it my mission to watch over her. The rest of the town thought I'd left with my family, but I stayed behind because I had no other choice. Bella had no idea I was here and even if she did, I wasn’t entirely sure she would care. But, I felt I owed it to her to stay and see her through this. After all, I was partly responsible for Edward leaving…

***This was my Fandom4Storms o/s. I'll post on Monday!

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