Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs...Breaking Away by missypooh

Today I'm sharing a story with you that started out as an entry for the Are You Afraid of the Dark Contest (the contest we did with the Twi-Muse blog). The author missypooh has decided to expand her story!


Summary: What if BD had gone differently? What if there was no baby & Edward changed Bella when they returned from their honeymoon as originally planned? What if Bella was a typical newborn after the change & lashed out at her new family? Would B&E recover? Dark
Exdended Summary: AU Breaking Dawn. What if Breaking Dawn had gone a little bit differently? What if there were no baby and Edward changed Bella when they returned from their honeymoon as originally planned? What if Bella didn't have the amazing control that allowed her to essentially skip the frenzied newborn phase? Would things have gone so smoothly? In this version, Bella wakes up, thirsty for blood, only able to remember certain unpleasant memories from her human time with Edward, and struggling with deep-seated feelings of anger. This version tells the story of how things go terribly wrong after Bella's change when she is unable to hide her resentment against some of the Cullen's who have wronged her in the past. Instead of breaking dawn, Bella is anxious to break away.
This story is very different from anything I have read. There is no vamp/human baby, so after the honeymoon as promised Edward changes Bella. 
Bella wakes up with only the memories of Edward leaving her and the pain that it caused.  All that is left are newborn emotions, a patchy memory, and desire for human blood. Bella ultimately directs her anger towards Edward, which causes her to break away.

The story opens up with Jasper/Bella leading a nomadic lifestyle and drinking human blood. We get hot vampire sex between Jasper/Bella (this makes me extremely happy).
Jasper/Bella? You gasp. Tazzy, I thought it was an E/B?
It is, you have to read to find out how newborn newlywed Bella ends up with Jasper and drinking human blood.
Bella starts to recover some memories and her feelings for Edward resurface? Can Bella and Jasper make their way back to their mates? Will they forgive them or have they moved on? I guess the saying there is no stronger bond that that of vampire mates will be tested!

Here is a sneak peek into chapter 1:

"Bella, don't tell me you're feeling remorse at this point." Jasper's voice was colored in disbelief as he came up behind Bella. She sat on the dock, overlooking the moonlight shining upon the Gulf of Mexico.

Bella shrugged, but remained quiet. There was no need to explain; Jasper could feel everything she was feeling. 
Eventually, he sat down near Bella on the dock with his back against a post, his legs extended in front of him, casually crossed at the ankles.

They both simply sat for what seemed like hours enjoying the breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico, and the temporary euphoria from feeding recently.

Finally, Bella spoke with a low and soft voice, as only vampires could. "Another memory came to me earlier; a good one, actually."

Jasper remained quiet and waited for Bella to continue.

"It was the first summer after I met Edward. Do you remember Alice planning that weekend away in Olympia? 

The four of us attended a Fourth of July celebration to see the fireworks."

Jasper didn't answer right away until Bella turned her head to look at him. Her red eyes glowed in the moonlight.

"Yes, of course I remember," he finally answered. "Does that change your...feelings?"

"No," she answered quickly- too quickly.

"Don't try to lie to the empath," Jasper gently chided.

Bella huffed. "Well, what if it does? Does it matter at this point? It's too late." The confidence in which she spoke was undermined by the look of uncertainty Jasper saw in her eyes. She hoped she was wrong.
Jasper sighed. "Yeah, you're probably right. What's done is done."

That last line gets me "What's done is done." or is it? read and find out/ This story currently has 5 chapters, so go dive in!!!

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