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Lady Tazz interviews Addictward & lillylizzyrose

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Well, it has seems that the story Addicted has taken over my life. I'm addicted to all things Addicted. I have also found out that many of you feel the same way. So, I have interviewed Addictward and lillylizzyrose.
This interview is in three parts, the first are your questions, the second my author interview with lillylizzyrose, and the third my one on one with Addictward!

WARNING: This post has some major spoilers!!!!

The fan questions: 

Firstly, I have to tell you that I’m sitting here in just my jeans and with nothing on my feet. It’s so damn hot and humid at the moment. Actually you are lucky that I’m not completely naked, the heat is quite oppressive. I am wearing a tie though. I thought for my first official interview I should look the part.
So, Lady Tazz, *reclining back in my chair and running my hands through my hair* fire them at me, what did people want to know?

lizzylillyrose said...  Lots of people seem intrigued by your tattoos. I presume Bella likes them. But how many do you have, where are they all and what are they of?
hugs and kisses
lizzy xxx
Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy…you KNOW where my tattoos are! But for the benefit of the interview I’ll tell you. I have one on my back and one on my arm. I have recently had one done on the nape of my neck – as has Bella, twin tattoos! I have often though about having one tattooed somewhere that would gradually spell something out when I became aroused – that would be so funny – but also damn painful. I’m too much of a wuss to have a needle anywhere near that. Can you imagine??
So I have three, the one on my back and the one down my arm are just swirly patterns – nothing in particular. The one on my neck matches Bella’s. (Spoiler alert)This tattoo is small and lists the first names of our 3 children. I wanted one there because it’s quite an erogenous part of my body. In my mind, anything that will draw Bella’s attention to those areas of my body should have a tattoo! Hmmm…maybe I should be a bit braver and get one tattooed down below. *grinning like mad here*
See photo!

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Cullen818 said... Yum...Bella's not the only one intrigued by all those tats. And, I'd love to know exactly where they all are;)
Cheeky – No others to speak off and none below my waist! Come closer if you want to see them. 

Anonymous said... since I'm still reading I have a few questions. Did you eat puss in boots? I can tell you don't like him. lmao
(Spoiler Alert if you are still reading) – NO – I didn’t eat Puss’n’boots. I would never have eaten him  - maybe sucked the blood out of him – but never eaten him. I was reacting to my thirst when I saw him on Bella’s bed, and he quite obviously knew that I was a vampire by his reaction to me. Animals have a built in fear for my kind and I behaved instinctively towards him – he was a potential meal. But to be honest, he wouldn’t have been much of a meal – more like an appetizer! Give me a black panther any day!!! 

Anonymous said... What is the significance of the ring?
(Spoiler Alert if you are still reading) The ring, hmmm. So much emphasis on rings in the story, but they do have significance, especially towards the end. The ring I wore when I met Bella was given to me by Belicia when she changed me. It has special powers, many of which I am not aware of. Belicia was a vampire with a great knowledge of witchcraft and legends surrounding our kind and she wrapped many spells and charms to the ring. The main power it had was one that because I chose a life of not feeding from humans, it gave me strength and protection from other vampires. If I was ever attacked by another vampire – it would make my strength equal, if not greater than theirs. Not wearing the ring is not usually a problem for me as there is a very low chance of me been attacked by another vampire. Obviously I hadn’t taken James game plan into consideration at the time when Bella was looking after it for me. When he attacked me, I knew I had to get the ring back on, that it would help me recover, without it I imagined I would have died – I nearly did! I didn’t know about Bella’s tears though, they were the key to keeping me ‘alive’. I had never experienced anything like that!

Anonymous said... Did You drink that coffee to warm your body up for Bella? Did you just want to be around her? Explain
As a vampire, food and all drinks (apart from coffee) had no benefit to me. I could eat and drink whatever I wanted but it wasn’t a particularly pleasant thing. Food would dissolve in my mouth due to my venom so I never got to taste it and drinks just tasted bitter. Coffee though, even though I couldn’t taste it properly, had a very strong flavor. I drank coffee to warm myself up for humans – it heated my body and skin. I hated the way Bella used to flinch away from my contact; it was never intentional on her part but I noticed it every time I touched her. Of course I wanted to be around her…I wanted to be naked and all over her…in every perceivable way. And when I was all over her it was better if I was not the temperature of an iceberg. *thinking* Although I quite liked the way my sheer nearness used to always make her nipples erect, I saw them every time, no matter what she wore. *laughing* 

Credorosa said... I have some personal questions for you -

1. Once your story finishes, you will still be with us on twitter like always?
Why? Will you miss me? I plan to disappear into the sunset, never to be seen again.
Naaaa… Can you imagine me keeping quiet for any length of time? I plan on been on twitter but I may not be there as much. Bella has been very understanding of the nights I spend talking to everyone on twitter, and my 80’s disco’s! But I do intend to spend a lot more time with her once the story is finished – we have plans to increase our family. That may impact on the time I spend chatting to everyone. I know that Bella can offer me something that I can never, ever resist – a bottle of whiskey! Haha… No, seriously, we have had several discussions about having another child and I think the time is right. I love been a father and Bella is a wonderful mother. I also find her incredibly sexy when she’s pregnant - my testosterone levels must shoot through the roof because I literally cannot leave her alone.
2. When Lusty comes back in to the picture, how will things be with you and him?
(Lusty is Edward Cullen in the Trilogy that Lizzylillyrose is writing.) I’m sure things will be fine between us. I like the man, honestly. I just don’t always trust his intentions, particularly with Lizzy. He has had a very troubled past, worse than mine is some ways, and he has also made the worst decision he could have ever made in his life – to push Bella away the way he has is a huge mistake. I hope they manage to get back together again; he needs her more than he seems to realize.
He’s coming back to Edinburgh soon, so I plan to take him out for a few drinks, try to get to know him a bit better and ensure that we get along. I have to do this, for lizzy’s sake if nothing else; she hates it when we fight.

3. What's up with the strip poker with Lizzy?? Seems to happen a lot.
Haha – Are you jealous there? Well, what can I say? Lizzy likes stripping for me? NO!!! I challenged her to poker one night, many years ago, and she suggested strip poker as a laugh. Little did she know how good I am at it! You know what she’s like – she will not give up – it only takes a few glasses of wine and she gets the cards out. She never learns! She has never won…But she did get me down to just my boxers once. I was slightly worried that night! *chuckling a lot, remembering that night* 

Jasper's Woman said...
Favorite sex position?
Hi there gorgeous. Oh gosh – I have many. We indulge in many different positions but my favorites are the ones where we are facing each other and I can see or feel all of her body against mine.
Is it me, or is it getting even hotter in here? *leaning forward and loosening tie*
Errr…I love it when Bella takes charge, particularly when she climbs aboard. *grinning* And I love it even more if I’m sitting up on a chair or the sofa and pull her astride me. She can brace herself against the back of the chair or sofa, and it gives her excellent leverage to ride me to orgasm.
But I have to say I love a bit or oral. Bella is just so…so, well delicious. *rubbing my fingers through my hair and wetting my lips* And when she goes down on me, Holy hell!
To be honest, I like any position, but I love being above her – feeling and seeing her writhe beneath me. I love the closeness of our bodies and the way I can seriously grind against her.
I’m also pretty good at the dirty talk these days. It seems to send her a little wild when I whisper my filthiest thoughts to her. *smirking and then laughing very loudly*

Favorite sport to watch on tv
I don’t watch much TV. But I do get quite excited watching the rugby. Something about all that testosterone bouncing around the screen makes me feel all manly and feral. And I have practised my rugby tackles on Bella several times.

Would you role play with Bella? If so, what?
Would I?? Seriously, would I? We do – all the time. She often asks me to bite her, so I have to go all vampy on her. If you are up to date with the story, you know the situation.
The biting as vamarests is SO incredibly erotic and very magical; so when I do bite her we know we are in for a really good time. She often wants to pretend to be the pure virginal woman, with me acting as the nasty vamp who takes her virginity and bites her in the throes of passion; a fantasy that we can both play out pretty accurately these days. There were so many times that I wanted to bite her in the early days of our relationship. The biting was always an issue for me; I seriously didn’t know whether I’d be able to stop. Nowadays that is not a problem and so we indulge ourselves in her fantasy and really enjoy acting it out.
Occasionally we role reverse the situation and I become the shy, virginal man that she corrupts. She pretends to be a vamp and bites me. Surprisingly, I really like that! There’s something about Bella being in charge that turns me on so much.  Hmmm, excuse me…be back in a minute. *Calling for Bella.*

Sorry, I’m back now. Do I look a bit disheveled? *incredibly wicked grin* I’ve lost my tie. Oh well, next question please.

lizzylillyrose said... Hey, here's another that I've been dying to ask you.
Many times when we're working together whilst I write Addicted, you tell me that you're going to write something yourself and post it to your account on Fanfiction.
Is this just you sounding off or do you seriously intend to write something? And if so, what would it be about and who would the characters be?
lizzy xxx 
Hahaha – worried about the competition lizzy? I really do fancy writing something, but I know how difficult it is. I think there is a lack of men writing on ff and I’d love to set up a blog or something for men that would like to, or do, write. 
So, yes – I am serious about writing something. But I have no idea when.
What would it be about? Hmm… what about a woman named lizzy who writes for a hobby, and befriends a vamp who she regularly plays strip poker with? *seriously laughing like mad here*

Anonymous:  addictward, will your sex life change or will pretty much stay the same? Will you ever forgive your father?
Will my sex life change? In what way I wonder? Well I still cannot get enough of Bella, but I think I have become more loving, it’s not all about the sex – but I don’t think it ever was. I know when I first met her all I wanted to do was own her, and make her mine. It was a very overpowering feeling, one that I didn’t understand at the time. I’d kept away from any sort of sexual contact since I’d been changed into a vampire; I was petrified that I would kill whoever I slept with. That fear was pushed to the side when I met Bella, there was something that flipped inside me and I had to have her. My fear of killing her became secondary to my need to satisfy myself with her body. After we’d done it once I knew I could do it again, and again…and again – but only with her.
Gosh – I’ve gone on a bit there. So, back to your question, my sex life changed from the moment I met her and has constantly changed as we’ve fallen in love with each other. If you’re asking, has our sex life changed since we’ve become vamarests? Then I would have to say, yes, but only in the way that Bella quite often likes to bite me when we make love. That was never an option before. But the actually act of making love between us has not changed at all. It’s still very intense, incredibly passionate, loving at times and rough at others. I aim to please. You’d have to ask Bella whether I deliver.

Will I ever forgive Carlisle?
Yes. (Spoiler Alert) Of course. There’s a lot that happened in the last few chapters of Addicted that I struggled to reconcile with in my own mind. But in all honesty, what was there to really forgive. He hated me for what I had become, and blamed me for the death of Esme. Depending on where you are in the story, you will see how these things change. Once Carlisle knew the truth he was desperate to apologise to me. It was hard to forget all the things he had said and blamed me for, and it was even more difficult to dismiss the way he had constantly turned me away whenever I returned to Edinburgh to ask for his help and forgiveness. But that’s all in the past now. Things are fine at the moment and I see no reason why they will not continue to be that way. 

Blonglegs: My question for the Interview with addictward. When you were a vamp you did a sexy scene in bathtub with Bella. Holding your breath for ever then blowing on her clit till she climaxed. My question since you're a vamarest now is "Can you still hold breathe longer than humans & do you think you will do a repeat performance?" So what all abilities transferred from vamp to vamarest?
Haha…trust you to ask something like this. Now then Legs, let me see. I can hold my breath for longer than a human, but not for as long as I could when I was a vampire. I didn’t need to breathe at all back then and just did it out of habit really. I DO need to breathe now, so my skill for holding it will never match what it did as a vamp. So I doubt Bella would ever be able to have a repeat performance of that scene. I could still try though. *sitting back and thinking about it*
Gosh – What abilities transferred? Hmmm… well its’ probably easier to tell you what didn’t transfer; the main thing being the fact that I do not have a raging dry thirst for blood, although I am quite partial to an odd suck on Bella these days, hahaha, I know what you are thinking – you have such a dirty mind!!!
I can still run fast, although I do tire more easily than when I was a vamp.  I can’t read minds anymore but the silent is wonderful. And I am enjoying eating proper food again, although as a vamarest I can go for days without food and then gorge myself, it’s the same for Bella.
I also have a fast beating heart and am warm to the touch. There’s not much else that is different from when I was a vampire, oh, apart from the fact I can now cause vampires intense pain; just as Bella did to me when she focused her dhampire powers at me. As a vamarest the powers that Bella had are fine tuned and even more deadly.
I’m sure you want to know how the changes have affected our sex life. I sort of answered this earlier but knowing you, you’d like all the details…and diagrams! So all I’m going to say is that my stamina in the bedroom has, luckily for me and Bella, not been affected! 

My question would be in regard to sexuality. I know that you were a virgin when you and B made love for the first time, but you also have had to listen to the minds of thousands upon thousands of people over the years as well as possibly doing your own research and learning. Being from an educational stand point or a curiosity stand point. Have any fetishes or kinds stood out as something you'd be interested in experimenting with? Anything outside of the realm of "normal" you'd like to try? You seem like you'd be an amazing Dominant. You enjoy being in control and you view Bella as "yours". She also seems to enjoy submitting to you at times as well. While tying someone up and restraining them can be fun, that's not what it's all about. As a submissive myself I know you can reach a state of deep trust, intimacy, safety, freedom and peace with your partner. The connection is truly amazing. Dom/sub couples also seem to have the best communication of any couple I've ever met before. You and Bella just seem like you could naturally fall into those roles. So, are you knowledge able and have you ever considered anything like BDSM before? To some modified degree perhaps? 
Good grief!!!
Where to start with this one? Errr, first of all, I was NOT a virgin when I met Bella. *laughing at that suggestion* I had never slept with anyone since being changed into a vampire, but I was definitely not a virgin before that. I was very popular with the ladies.
Even though I could hear other people’s thoughts, I lived quite a solitary life as a vamp so I rarely tuned into their minds. I hardly ever ventured into towns or cities – it was too noisy for me, and I didn’t like the sensation of hearing all those voices.
I’m flattered that you think I’d be an amazing Dominant, but it’s not really my scene. I think I’ve mentioned before – I love it when Bella takes charge. Just because I’ve shown, and still do, a more feral side of my nature – the side where I let my instincts take over, doesn’t mean that I would enjoy that kind of lifestyle. I have nothing against it, but it’s not something I’ve ever given a lot of thought to because I just don’t really fancy it.
I understand what you are referring to about the connection and trust etc, but I tend to call that out in my situation as pure and simple devotion and love. Gosh that sounds very cheesy – but I honestly love Bella more than anything in the world, (well I have to include 3 other little people as well here.) Perhaps you see that differently, and I can see what you are suggesting, but I have no desire to tie Bella up or use any form of control over her.  Now, if she was to suggest that to me….hmmm…maybe I’d have to consider it.

My interview with lillylizzyrose

Tell us a little about yourself?
I live in York in Northern England, work part time as a finance manager and more importantly am mum to two very energetic boys aged 10 and 8.  I have a wonderful husband who's put up with my mad ways for eighteen years, even though he constantly raises his eyebrows at my obsession with anything Twilight and my manic writing on fanfiction - he supports me through thick and thin! After all this time I still love him to death... I just wish he would take my suggestion to change his name to Edward a little bit more seriously...hahaha

Did you read the Twilight books first or see the movie?
Like many of us I stumbled across the Twilight world via a friend. She recommended the first book to me just before the film New Moon was released. I wasn’t all that interested in reading a teenager’s book about vampires but she kept going on and on about it – so I read it more than anything to shut her up. Then I realised that Twilight was the film that someone called Robert Pattinson was in, you know the chap that played Cedric Gregory in the Harry Potter movie – honestly, that was my way of thinking. But once I started reading the book everything changed. A stayed up until the early hours of the morning reading it and the very next day bought Twilight on DVD. That was it. The following books got read one after the other and I was hooked. My initial obsession was with Edward – everything Edward! Remember Me was released and boy, oh boy, it wasn’t Edward anymore it was RP!!!

How did you get involved in twilight Fanfiction?
Like so many of us – I was frustrated with Breaking Dawn, (on many levels – but I won’t go into that little rant) and the lack of, shall we say, adult material when it was such a natural and necessary thing to read –okay, okay, I understand it was a teenagers book…huff!
I was bored one evening I searched ‘Edward and Bella sex’ on my laptop and found the world of fanfiction!
I read so much back then –I’d opened up a whole new exciting and different world. After reading for several months I got what can only be described as an itch to write something myself. I had my own story to tell and that was where the ‘Bella Loves’ trilogy came from and started. The first story – A Love Worth Everything – is complete although completely unbeta’d at the moment and then the second – A Love in Control – is 17 chapters in and currently been beta’d from chapter 1. This story has been on hold whilst I have written Addicted and will be the one I go back to when I completely finish writing Addicted.
I’ve also tested my nerve by entering a few one shot competitions but anyone that knows my writing will understand how I struggle with word count in my chapters. One shots are extremely challenging for me, I like to set the scene and tell a story and I can’t do that in under 8,000 words...please…

How did you come up with your story line?
The story line for Addicted developed over time. I had a great springboard with it as it was originally a story that another author, Twilghtwhore started writing. She offered it to me to adopt as my own when real life meant she just couldn’t continue to commit to it. Again – those that know my style of writing can probably tell where our writing intertwines and where I pull away from hers. I used her base for the first few chapters – pushing my own extra bits in to fit with the story I wanted to write. But she was the main push behind this one to start with and I will always be grateful that she wanted me to have it.
Having said all that – the vampires, dhampires, aswangs and vamarests are all mine!
I’ve always had a wild and quite vivid imagination and I wanted to write a vampire story. This was the first time I sat down and planned, one chapter at a time, what I wanted to write. I advertised for a pre-reader on twitter when the story was a few chapters in – I was drowning my amazing beta, Kas90, in all my crazy ideas, and she had her own stories to write!! That’s when I found myonlyheroin – she helped me craft out the nuts and bolts of what was going to happen and together the whole outline of addicted was planned. I’ve added things and taken others parts out – but the bones of it all were in place before James turned up!!
I have no idea how I came up with the story – I think it just grew as I planned it chapter by chapter. There were certain characters running around my head – I wanted a reason for Alice and Rose being so bitchy to Bella, I wanted Bella to be linked to Edward and the woman that changed him.  I wanted Edward to be able to drink from Bella without her changing. In a way, the story evolved from the fantasies in my head – I threw them all at this one! 

As the author, is there something you hope your readers will take away from this story?
I don’t think the story has any particular message, nothing deep and meaningful. But I suppose it proves that you could say that true love conquers all, whatever and whoever you are.
I just wanted my readers to enjoy the ride, push  them to think outside the box and appreciate that maybe Addicted was a little bit different from other stories published on Fanfiction. I’ve certainly had lots of comments  telling me that they love the story because it is so different and they’ve never read anything like it, but I also know that a lot of people have critisied it for that very same reason. It all depends on the individual.

Now that Addicted is coming to end, do you have a new story in the works?
I will be heading back to the second story in the trilogy and finishing that before I start another full length fanfic. I may take another break from the trilogy before I write the final story. I have something planned, all human – called ‘The Donor’. Myonlyheroin and kas90 have read the brief plan and are itching for me to start writing it – but it will have to wait.
When the trilogy is complete I am intending on writing a story away from FF. I want to write a complete story and pursue publishing it properly. It’s a long way off and probably a pipe dream, but it’s what I’m aiming for. Once again – the bones of it are already planned – it will be more in the style of Addicted – an AU with a lot of new unheard of creatures and a good handful of mystery thrown in.

What advice would you someone who thinking about writing their first fanfiction story
So many things spring to mind that I wish I’d known when I started writing. Firstly, you really need to have an original idea if you want your fic to stand out;  do some reading for research, check out what’s popular, what’s not. Having said that if you have a great story in your head that you just have to write regardless – just go for it!
It’s also a great idea to see what competitions are open. A one shot story is a quick way to write something and get instant feedback with reviews. And there is always the chance that you’ll win!
Get yourself on twitter – push yourself out there – build up a small following and see if any of them can help you. You really need a beta and if possible a really honest pre-reader. They will support you through thick and thin and also keep you going when things get tough. Check out the blogs, don’t be afraid to pimp yourself and your story.
Be warned though – the fandom can very easily take over your life – a balance has to be found.
AND always remember – you write because you enjoy it. If that feeling ever goes away – you also need to walk away.
(VERY great advice!!)

My one on one with Addictward (swoons)

Tazzy: Hello, are you ready
 Edward: Yep. Just getting comfy.
 Tazzy: I want you comfy
 Edward: chuckles I bet you do!
Tazzy: 1st off thanks for being so patient with me this week
Edward: No problems, even I know how RL can interfere with things. Do you realize I have one item less on today than when I answered your questions the other evening via email? Well, I've still got my tie on!
Tazzy: lol..stop trying to distracting me. So, after answering the fan question  are you a little taken aback on how fascinated we are with your sex life
Edward: Not really. I get sent all sorts of emails and have seen my tweeters? They all have a curiosity in that side of my life which, to be fair, lizzy hasn't really helped by the way she writes about me in Addicted.
 Tazzy: true...you do feed from animal blood correct
 Edward: yes.
 Tazzy: Did you ever slip?
Edward: haha...only with Bella. This is difficult for me to answer if people are not up to date with the story. But when I was a vampire I never fed from anything but animals until I met Bella. I was petrified that once I tasted any other blood it would be a slippery slope into an addiction that I really didn't want.
 Tazzy: understandable
I would like to get know you in this interview. Can we start with questions before you were a vampire
 Edward: Yep. What do you want to know?
 Tazzy: We will start simple...  your favorite color
 Edward: Red.
 Tazzy: Your favorite food
Edward: Oh gosh. Before I changed it would have to have been Esme's cooked roast lamb dinners. Whatever I got up to I always made sure I was at home on a Sunday evening for that meal.
Tazzy: You were a beer drinker...what brand?
Edward: I liked Stella, but would drink anything I could lay my hands on back then.
 Tazzy: You said you were sexually active before you were changed, was there someone special?
Edward: No, never anyone special. I was a bit of a player back then, the girls seemed to like me and I definitely liked them.
 Tazzy: I see...typical guy...lol
Edward: I see how people would interpret that and I have to agree. I don't think I was such a nice person to be around back then - drunk on street corners every night, frightening old women. I'd like to blame James for the way I behaved but I could have stayed away, I knew there was an alternative. I just didn't want to take it.
 Tazzy: Speaking of James...this bring a question to mind, the night he kidnapped Bella, and the other things he did, were you to far from him to read his mind?
 Edward: I couldn't read his mind. he was always blank to me. Bastard!
Tazzy: gotcha...  ok back to your young years. What is you favorite childhood memory
 Edward: Oh, that's easy. I can remember my birth mother and father very well. It was my fifth birthday and they had bought me a massive red pedal fire engine. I thought I was the luckiest boy alive.
 Tazzy: that is awesome...
 Edward: But to be honest, all memories I have of my proper parents are special ones.
 Tazzy: that's sweet...So now I want to talk about night of the fire..is that okay?
Edward: Hmmmm...it is. loosens tie around neck nervously
 Tazzy: My 1st question is why did you let James talk you into crazy things?
Edward: I thought I owed him for all the time we spent together in the orphanage. He really looked out for me when I had no-one. We grew up together, almost as brothers; and I never had and siblings so he just seemed to fit the bill. I also felt guilty that Esme and Carlisle adopted me and left him in the orphanage. Nobody wanted him. I trusted him and was practically blind to the harm he created and the people he hurt.
Tazzy: That happens a lot....I'm adopted and have siblings that were adopted into other homes.
 Edward: Everyone has a story to tell.
Tazzy: Yes they do. Okay, back to you.
 Edward: Do you know you are coming up as 'Lady' in my chat - 'lady says...' hahaha
  You are no Lady!!  I mean that nicely!
 Tazzy: ya sure.....Tazz doesn't make the cut
Edward: Look - even my typing has gone mad!
 Tazzy: My RL name  is Tammy or you call me Tazzy..
 Edward: Short for?
 Tazzy: Tammy is short for Tamaria, okay...next question,  Belecia
 Edward: Shoot!
 Tazzy: Did you ever see her before that night
 Edward: Before the night she changed me?
 Tazzy: yes
 Edward: No, never seen her before in my life.
Tazzy: did you know about vampires befor that night
 Edward: No. never given them a second thought.
 Tazzy: before reading your story  I had never heard the term Aswangs before, im supernautraltarded...i had to google it
 Edward: Fiind anythign interesting?
 Tazzy: yes...
  im was in awe
 Edward: Why?
Tazzy: because I never heard the term. I was
  surprised at the info out there
Edward: The aswangs in Addicted are not quite the same as the ones written about on google and everywhere.
  They are NOT nice creatures at all!
 Tazzy: well..niether are you,  you really don't fit completely in what peeps think of a vamp
Edward: Haha...I like to be unclassified in every sense!
 Tazzy: We have what society think about vampires and then you have SM's fluffy vamps. Oh, and I'm looking at the tattoo pic, just thought I would let you know swoons
 Edward: Admiring my physique? I'll let you.
 Tazzy: lol...I'm drinking...so sorry. It's Friday and its 5o'clock somewhere.
 Edward: You drink away. I've just opened the bottle of whiskey. I feel like I should be playing poker!
 Tazzy: lol....I have no idea how to play poker
 Edward: Neither does lizzy laughing like mad here
 Tazzy: I have a huge question for you. What do you want us...your fans to know about you?
 Edward: Go on...
 Tazzy: basically..what are you hoping we take away from this story
Edward: Everything and nothing. I still find it quite strange that people are interested in me. lizzy has crafted my story for people to read and I hope, more than anything, that readers take away a thought of - I never thought of that. People need to be aware that for every 'normal' vampire out there, there is a story behind their life. Some are normal, quite boring creatures, others have been on an incredible journey to be where they are today. My story is unique - I have never heard or read about a vampire and a dhampire coming together, or magic that surrounds the world they live in, or the creation of vamarests. My world is very special and I hope the way lizzy wrote it appeals to peoples curiosity everywhere.  That. and of course. my oozing sexuality on every page!
  just getting another glass of whiskey
 Tazzy: getting another vodka drink...back
 Edward: What chapter are you up to?
 Tazzy: tell me a secret about you no body knows (maybe not even lizzy)
  17..I'm fail
Edward: thinking This is hard... hmmm  Got one...shhh
Maybe the tattoos on the base of my neck - nobody but Bella knows about them seeing as nobody knows about the children - it's up to you - There names by the way are Lillibet (6 years) Emmerson Charles, and Leonidas (4 year old twin boys.)Lilly, Ems and Leo. 
Tazzy: Wow, thanks!!! You gave me a HUGE secret. Next question, Besides having sex with Bella, what is your favorite past time
 Edward: Truthfully, I enjoy playing with the kids.
Tazzy: awwwwwwe
 Edward: But I also love running. I regularly go for runs through the forest near our house.
  I like running for miles and then sitting down and growling at the animals who dare to come near me.
Why are animals such dumb creatures?
 Tazzy: I have no idea...lol.  last question....what is your all time favorite movie...and I lied I have another.
 Edward: I like all action style movies. the ridiculous scenarios always make me laugh. But mny favourite...hmmmm
 Tazzy: favorite music group then
  or style of music
 Edward: I LURVE the 80's. A bit of Sam fox, Blondie, Tiffany. Brilliant. I;m not into all this modern crap that's out there at the moment. Well I wouldn't say no to Kylie!
Tazzy: ME TOO!!! ok...last question..lets leave your fans swooning
 Edward: You're making me nervous again...
 Tazzy: In your eyes ...what is the most romantic thing you have ever done
 Edward: Probably the day and night of our wedding. I told Bella all day how beautiful she looked, how much I loved her. In the evening I drew a bath for her and filled it with rose petals, lit lots of candles around it and ensured that I washed every part of her. I then carried her into the bedroom and drank champagne from her body. I never stopped that night. It was amazing.
Tazzy: awwwwwe, you made me swoon
Edward: I'm nothing special, really. I can just growl and snarl and like to flirt!
  can I say a few thank you's?
 Tazzy: snort....so with addicted coming to an end...will you still be on twitter
 Edward: Definitely - I think I answered this in the questions the other day. I need to pay Bella some attention - we are wanting to increase our family. That won't happen whilst I am on twitter - but I intend to kick around a bit. You don't get rid of me that easily!! Grrrrr......
  Sorry grrrrr
 Tazzy: Will we ever see Bella on twitter?  adictedella
 Edward: NO! heaven forbid if she ever got on twitter!!! No, no, no!!!
 Tazzy: lol....I would to thank you for taking the time to chat with me
  I very much enjoyed it  tell Lizzy that I will be emailing her later...
Edward: No probs. I still can't believe how nervous you made me. And you never commented on my lack of clothing!! hahaha
 Tazzy: I'm trying to be good. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.
 Edward: Thanks you for your interest in me! Cheerios sweetheart!

Here is an amazing photo that IllicitWriter made:

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  1. Loved the interview! Addictward was hysterical as usual and Lizzy always so sweet! The pics were beautiful, especially the tatts!! But, was not pleased about the spoiler in the epi. Will take that up with Addictward directly. :)