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Naughty Girl For A Day ... gredelina1

Happy Monday all!!!

It's my pleasure to introduce the Naughty Girl For A Day, gredelina1! She is the author of one of my favorite stories, Hunger


Hi everyone <waves nervously>

When Lady Tazz asked me if I would consider being a Jasper’s Naughty Girl for a day I seriously thought she was kidding. She professed that she was indeed serious in her offer, which caused me to do the, in this fandom, mandatory squeeing. She kindly coached me through some breathing exercises and when I managed to get enough oxygen to my brain I of course said I was honored and happy to do it.

I instantly started to think of which fics I was going to choose, and cue the freak-out... How the hell was I going to be able to choose only three? After a few more breathing exercises I decided to go about things calmly and methodically. I took a quick look at some of the previous JNG’s to prevent any duplicate recs. I went through my list of story alerts and crossed out the non-naughty ones, which turned out to be surprisingly many by the way. I realized that I wanted a variety of pairings and that I would focus on stories that made me laugh as well as moan.

Long story short; here are the three stories I highly recommend everyone to read:

The Last Man on Earth by MrMax1911

Official summary: In a world torn in two, by the military and the creatures that inhabit it, an unlikely pair cross paths. Will this be the beginning of something beautiful or deadly? What choices would you make? AH/AU, OCC

I normally don’t read Edward/Bella stories, but when I saw that Maxipoo1024’s husband had started to write fan fiction to get some attention from his wife I had to take a look. His profile totally won me over with his statement about him being a guy; shooting guns, welding stuff, and drinking. The story is only five chapters in and I’m hooked. We’re talking zombies, gore, hilarity and a deliciously pervy Edward.

From chapter 3 - called ‘Cock in Bush is Better than One in Hand’:

Later on in the evening Edward came down from the roof and found Bella putting together the pieces of a puzzle. She looked up at him from the floor with her beautiful eyes. He only had one thought running through his mind. Please beg for it. Please just beg to touch it or stroke it or lick it, for fucks sake! Something. Anything. God, I just want to plow you stupid and you have no idea! But as he went to light the bath and close the shutters all that came out of his mouth like an automated message was, "Hey. I'm gonna get your tub ready?"

"Okay, thanks," she said as she pushed the puzzle pieces to the side. She stood up and brushed off some dust from her firm ass.

As Bella got ready for her bath, Edward lit candles but not for mood lighting. There hadn't been power since the bombing. He gently placed them around the tub. I wonder if she would notice if I took a peek as she got into the tub? Just one little look wouldn't make me a creep, would it? I have to see those tits. The way they tease me is fucking crazy. I just have to see those pretty, rosy nipples just once. Just as he was about to place the last candle, she appeared out of the vault with the ratty towel wrapped around her tiny frame, bits of soft pale skin peeking out of the holes in the war torn fabric. Stuttering at the natural beauty in front of him, he tried to speak.

"You... I mean your bath is ready. I'll be out back in the office on the radio if you need anything.

He walked out of the room, leaving her alone. She surveyed her surroundings before letting her towel drop to the floor. Edward took a peek through the string hole on the side of the blind in the office, constantly aware of his shadow from the candle to the left of him. As she disrobed, he finally laid eyes on the gaps in his imagination he had been longing to fill. The excitement of seeing her naked started a throbbing in his pants which soon became a turgid cock in his hand. He stared contently at her beautiful supple tits, trying not to ignore her pretty face. She lifted one long, pale leg to step into the tub, and he gave his cock a gentle stroke, down to his balls, as he imagined being buried deep inside the tiny, wet pussy he got a glimpse of for only a moment. As she sat in the tub, he continued stroking his stiff cock as she washed the tits he dreamed of licking. Now he felt the first bit of pre-cum hit his hand and as it lubricated his dick, he imagined how wet her tight, pink pussy must feel. The more he thought about it, the closer he got to blowing a hot load deep inside the imaginary woman in his head. He pulled his hand so tight against his balls he could almost hear her gasp in his ear as a bell rang. The only sound that could wreck what he wanted so badly...a creeper was close and getting closer.

Edward burst out of the office, forcing his massive, hard cock in his pants. Grabbing an m16, he ran to the traps.

"Stay in the tub," he shouted as Bella stood up and covered her firm perky tits, unaware of the total beaver shot she was flashing in his direction. Edward turned towards the south, after figuring out that was where the creature's moans were coming from. As he spun around, he caught a glimpse of her naked, dripping wet pussy. The combination of seeing her tiny, naked frame and turning too fast caused him to fall flat on his face.

"Holy fuck!" he yelled, partially because his nose was bleeding, but mostly because the image of her perfect pussy and perky tits were forever burned into his mind. "Stay there. I'm going to the roof."

Bella nodded and sat back into the tub, now aware of her naked situation.

Edward got to the roof and heard moans coming from every direction. He lit a road flare and threw it to the south. As the light painted the landscape, the only thing he saw were heads and bodies. They were overrunning the bank. His heart sunk as he closed the hatch and flew down the ladder.

"Bella!" he called. "Get in the fucking vault now!" He scrambled around trying to gather up what little food and water he could. He grabbed what loose guns and ammo were around and booked it to the vault where he found a sopping wet, buck naked Bella, bent over looking for some clothes. Before she turned around and noticed him, he made sure to take a good long mental note of her set up doggie style and closed the vault door, latching it behind him.

Candy Striping by Arianna-Janae

Official summary: Seductively Sexy Contest Cherry-popping runner up. A not-so-squeaky clean Bella ends up doing community service. Unlucky Bella has a knack for finding trouble.In the world of the supernatural, that's a problem. Some OOC, contains lemon and brief drug use.

This is a Peter/Bella story, one of my favorite pairings. Bella in this story is very OOC, and I really like her. She’s definitely not innocent, and her snarky side is hilarious. The story starts with a heated encounter in the janitor’s closet at Forks hospital between Bella and Peter. Bella is later introduced to the Cullen family, where things are a little... different than we’re used to. The humor in this story is great, and I love the way Jasper and Peter are written.

From chapter 2:

Emmett Cullen is sitting in the middle of one of the couches, hunched over with his elbows resting in between his knees. He's deeply enthralled in some hack and slash video game that's playing on the massive flat panel TV. A woman that I don't recognize with caramel colored hair sits at a large dining (for lack of a better word) table, reading a magazine. I assume she has to be Mrs. Cullen.

I remember the Cullen "kids" from high school. I didn't know any of them, I just knew of them. We were in entirely different circles - they in there's and everyone else in another.

"We have a guest." Dr. Cullen announces.

"Please, Bella, sit down. Make yourself comfortable." Like that's possible. I sit in the only single chair in the room. Alice and Jasper Cullen bound down the stairs, barely keeping a human pace.

"Hi Bella." Alice skips up to me, planting a kiss on my cheek. "We're going to be great friends." I can feel a look of horror spread over my face. Will someone please get this demented elf away from me?

Alice sits down in the love seat next to me, sliding it a foot over in my direction. I start to feel a sluggishness come over me and find myself relaxing in the chair without realizing it.

"Wha ta hell is goin' on?" My voice comes out in a slur.

"A little too much, Jasper." Alice whispers. My gaze settles on Jasper, who is staring intently at me.

"Roofis?" I question, but it comes out all wrong.

"Who's Roofis?" Alice asks.

"No, roof-fies."

Emmett laughs while still keeping his eyes trained on the TV. "She thinks you drugged her, dude."

The haze slowly lifts. "What the fucking hell was that?"

"Language." Mrs. Cullen tuts from the table.

"Sorry." Jasper apologizes. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can go home – back to my reasonably sane life.

"Where's Peter?"

"He's hunting." I hear a vaguely familiar voice answer. I look up to find Edward Cullen. I struggle to keep my composure at the sight of him. In one glance, I can tell he hangs a little to the left. And that's way more information than I ever want to know about Edward Cullen. He saunters down the stairs in his "skinny jeans", a skin tight white low V-neck topped with a black vest. His hair, which was always in need of a comb, was now slicked down over one eye with a little glittery bobby pin fastening the rest behind his opposite ear. I know the pack always make fun of the way the vampires "sparkle", and looking at Edward, I know why. Edward sparkles - from his silver eye shadow to the pointy tip of his rhinestone encrusted stiletto heels. He and Alice must have such fun shopping together. They were practically Twinkies, both flat chested, only with a two foot height difference.

Jailbait by Iamtwilightobsessed

Official summary: Four years is not a big difference, unless it makes the relationship illegal. What happens when the youngest pack member imprints on Bella Swan? B/S Non-Cannon, OOC, Rated M

Okay, please try to squash your need to go running and screaming when you realize it’s a Bella/Seth story... I know, trust me, the idea of the two of them together is just... wrong. Or at least it was wrong, before I read this story. I’m a huge fan of Iamtwilightobsessed and that’s the only reason I even started to read Jailbait. I thought to myself, oh well can’t like every story she writes, but I was going to give it a try anyway. Imagine my shock when I not only found myself tolerating the pairing, but soon ended up absolutely in love with them!

Jailbait is a story of love and lust so intense it eclipses anything anyone has ever known. The relationship between Seth and Bella is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read, and the way the pack and the people around them are written is absolutely amazing. Pretty much every character is OOC, but it’s done in a way that makes it feel very natural. The story is full of funny moments and has had me crying from laughter more than once. And the lemons... <fans self> HOT, HOT, HOT. One thing I really love about the lemons is that they continue throughout the story, and they are actually pivotal for the plot.

From chapter 20:

I wrapped my other leg around his waist so that both of my legs were around him, and began moving my hips with his.

"Fuck you feel good." Seth groaned.

I could feel he was still holding back. I took his face in my hands and looked at him.

"I said take me, claim me, make me yours!"

Whatever fear he had, must have left because the next thing I knew he was pounding into me.

"Fuck Seth, oh god." I screamed.

I could feel every inch of him as he thrust into me, our bodies' slick with sweat. His thrusts were powerful, hard and long.

"Fuck! Bella" He moaned as he pushed into me harder and harder.

Our lips crashed into each other all teeth and tongue, my hands found his ass as I was pulling him farther into me.

"Oh my God." I was moaning in between kisses. I could hear Seth growling and it was just making me want more. Seth's mouth was on my neck, kissing sucking and biting me.

"Seth, harder." I panted.

Seth slammed into me. "Fuck!" he yelled.

I crossed my ankles holding his body closer to mine as Seth began pounding into me making my body shudder. His hand came between us and started circling my clit. The friction of his hand with the sensation of him inside me sent me into my second orgasm of the night.

"OH FUCK!" I screamed.

All of a sudden, Seth pulled out and flipped me over.

I knew this was his wolf, and he was going to mark me, and the thought had my body pooling with more heated wetness, as he entered me hard and fast from behind.

"OH, God!" I moaned at the new sensation. Seth started thrusting into me, moaning and growling.

"Fuck Baby, so goddamn good." Seth moaned into my neck.

His hands were holding my hips in place as he hammered into me almost violently. I felt so much desire my body was trembling. He kept thrusting as his mouth found my neck, his lips kissing as his mouth sucked and his teeth grazed my skin. "Ssseth." I moaned.

Everything felt so good, our bodies connected like puzzle pieces. My body was pulsating as Seth pushed into me over and over again.

"Bella, Fuck, Ah." he moaned.

He brought one hand up grabbing my hair and pulling it to the side of my neck, as his teeth sank into my flesh.

"SETH!" I screamed as I felt his warm cum shooting deep inside me, sending me into yet another orgasm


Well, *fans self and clears throat* I would like to thank gredelina1 for taking the time to be our Naughty Girl For A Day!

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