Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs

Today we're back with the remaining two entries from our Gettin' Down and Dirty with The Cullen Boys Contest.

These two authors hold a special place here on the Naughty Girls Blog!  Jaspers Woman and The UnderStudy are frequent participants in our Lemon Drizzle segment and have written some really hot, panty soakin' stuff for us over the past few months!  We were thrilled when they entered the contest!

They both wrote pairings we don't often see too much in The Fandom so it was a nice switch to read. Thanks you both for participating!


Summary - Jasper is a firefighter by day and stripper by night. He think Rosalie will be just another girl who wants him for one night, but his heart may have other plans.

 Come fighting, stripper Jasper? Do I really have to say anymore? Okay, I'll tell you the lemon is smokin' hawt!  So go steam up your Sunday!

I loved this HOT steamy One shot. OMG a hot fireman Jasper that strips and talks DIRTY! All my fantasy came true in this!!!


Summary - Sometimes a person can be all consuming in our lives. To a vampire like Emmett McCarty, needing and wanting was never an issue. It was about how he was going to take. When a golden-haired goddess begins to consume him, nothing will stand in his way of taking what’s his.

Oh sexy, possessive vamp you. What's a girl to do when you croon this in her ear?

“This won’t be romantic, easy, or slow. This is going to be hard Rosalie,” I said to her and brought her in for a lavish kiss.

You'll have to read to find out, but I think you know where this is headed!

 I love all the Cullen men, Jasper's own my heart, I have a massive current obsession with Daddy C, and of course there is Edward, but the Cullen that intrigues me is the big, sweet,hot, sexy, teddy bear that is Emmett.

This Emmett is so yummy, and I have to say I LOVED the Edward twist. What twist you ask? Well, you'll will have to go read.

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