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Lemon Drizzles

Thank God it's Friday because it's lemon Drizzle day!!

This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

 A Sensual Love Affair by Nerdette Love

I fall back into the soft satin sheets of the bed, they slip and slide against my skin like the tender touches of a faithful caring lover but, Edward isn't the tender type. He loves the raunchy sensuality of a fuck, that tingles every sense and tantalises every nerve.

His legs dip between my own, pushing my thighs apart and exposing my most vulnerable, swollen flesh, to his greedy gaze. His eyes full of pure lust and hunger, devour my body in one swift glance. Finally settling upon my aching, wet mound.

“Bella, Bella, Bella.”

My name from his lips, three times. It sounds like a promise and a threat all in one, as he leans down to capture my lips in a passionate, lust filled haze. His plump wet lips, crash against my own.

Our lips move together like one, as his hand snakes down across my body, touching the skin briefly but with meaning to set me on fire, every one of the fibres in my body, making me arch up against him. Needing more of his touch, more of Edward.

Finally his hand reaches the goal, my aching, needy core. As soon as his palm cups my throbbing centre, I cry out in pleasure and buck my hips against his hand. Making him nip at my lower lip as he draws it out between his teeth. Scraping them sensually across my raw lip.

As I wrap my legs around his thighs, entwining us together, he pulls us up into a sitting position. My legs moving to wrap around his back, to draw us closer as his hand manipulates and teases my swollen nub. As his fingers slide between my wet folds, dripping my juices over our sweaty, shiny skin; thrusting in and out at a steady pace, making me pant and keen with every jostle and movement.

“Edward.” His name a breathless plea, as once again his lips crash against my own, silencing me.

Then finally, like he knows I can no longer take his teasing touch, his hard, thick and long cock thrusts up into me, spearing me upon him and making me scream in ecstasy as my inner muscles clamp around him.

His arm wraps around my back, as I rest my forehead against his own. Looking into his eyes as he starts to rhythmically thrust in and out of me, as though he's following some inner beat.

Edward takes one of my hands and brings it down to our joining, making me look and watch, as he slides in and out of me with such a gracious ease. He moves my hand so I'm rubbing my clit, building up my own pleasure.

“That's it baby, touch yourself. Pleasure yourself as you watch us come together,” Edward's voice a husky whisper in my ear, that makes me shiver and quake around him.

I drop my head to his neck and sigh, touching my lips to his shoulder before I nip the skin with my teeth. Biting and marking him, like he's done to me. Only mine is permanent. A tattoo, his name.

As my hand rubs against my clit, building up the tension in the pit of my stomach and the heat in the air, making it crackle with electricity as I shift my hips to meet Edward's thrusts.

His every thrust hitting the spot that sends me further towards the edge that will cause me to fall and crash with such pleasure.

Edward brings my chin up so I'm looking into his eyes again and his lips touch against my own. Joining us as the one we are, in our sensual fucking that drives us both to the edge that we so very much need after the tension and sexual energy builds between us, in every waking moment that we're together.

Every lingering touch, wistful look and sensual promise and whisper.

I melt into Edward's touch and allow his aroma to fill me up and his taste to consume me as his tongue slips between my lips. Parting them with an expertise so truly Edward and a deftly artistic style so unique to him as he sweeps aside all my resistance with his strong manly tongue that finds every cavern and pleasure spot of my mouth.

Only citing to further enhance my pleasure and push me ever closer to that final peak.

His thrusts become more erratic as we both grow closer to our releases, our bodies clinging to each other and our pants, moans and pleas full of desperation.

We're wrapped together, two perfect pieces of one puzzle.

With one hard, final thrust that buries Edward to the hilt in me, I scream and climax. My whole body shuddering, squeezing and milking him for everything he's worth.



We each speak the others' name, pouring out our hearts, in the moment. Our love affair, truly sensual and full of pleasure that has ensnared us fully together.

Edward's seed pours out into me as my body continues to shudder and shiver beneath his final touches, that continue to send shock waves of pleasure throughout my body.

“I love you.”

My final gasping plea, as he sets of another chain of pleasure with his after ministrations and tender touches, that never have before, come as I ride his body and take him into me. My Edward.

“I've always loved you.” Is his reply, as his lips crash against my own and send us tumbling backwards, into the soft satin sheets; the place where we first began, our sensual love affair.


Coming Together by rubicon_queen
Pairing: Bella/Jasper

We stumbled through the door, his keys and my purse dropping to the ground with a loud noise that echoed through the quiet space. His fingers were everywhere at once, teasing me with promises of what was to come. I yanked his shirt over his head, desperate to feel the smooth planes of his chest with my own hands.
We stumbled down the hallway, our hands never straying from one another’s bodies. He kicked open the bedroom door and spun me around as he closed it. My hands were forced up against the door as he kissed my shoulders, my neck, my spine. 

His skin pressed hotly against mine, fighting off the chill in the room; his naked torso flexing against my back 
as I pressed my forehead against the heavy wooden door. 

“Stop thinking so hard about this,” he groaned into my ear as he pulled us away from the door and towards the bed. 

My shirt had been discarded somewhere between the front door and the bedroom and his skilled hands made quick work of my pants, leaving me in nothing but a miniscule scrap of fabric pretending to be panties.
“God you are so beautiful,” he groaned, his lips pressing against the column of my throat as his fingers threaded through my hair.

I groaned into his mouth as our lips met once again and we stumbled together onto the bed. His body was a welcome weight on top of me and I scratched my nails down his back, trying to pull him closer. He hissed at the sensation before pulling away. A low whine sounded in my throat as he moved back, but he shushed me quickly and trailed his fingertips down my sides, reaching for my panties. 

“Please,” I moaned, begging him to take them off. 

Slowly, so slowly, he pulled them down my legs, only to kiss his way back up, dragging his lips from my toes to the inside of my thighs. My hands clenched at his hair, trying to pull him closer.

A long hard lick had my back arching off the bed before he buried his face in between my legs. His tongue was magic, swirling and tasting every inch before his fingers joined in, pressing into me and curving to find that perfect spot. 

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit,” I cried as he brought my orgasm crashing down upon me.
“God you taste amazing,” he groaned when he finally pulled away. 

I blushed suddenly, feeling shy once again, despite what we had just done.

“None of that, sweet girl. Don’t hide from me,” he crooned, falling onto his back next to me. “C’mere.”

He pulled me over him, situating my body on top of his and cupping my face in his hands. 

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his thumbs tracing my cheekbones. 

I squirmed under his gaze, unwittingly pressing my pelvis against his own and rubbing against his hardened length. I gasped lightly as delicious pressure increased as he bucked his hips up against me. 

“Fuck, Bella!” he cried, grasping my hips and pulling me harder against him.

He shimmied quickly, pulling his boxers down his legs and kicking them off with one foot and suddenly we were both completely naked. 

“Oh God,” I groaned, pressing my lips against his neck. 

“Please, sweetheart, I want you so much. If you want me to stop you have to tell me now,” he huffed out.

“Jesus,” I moaned, pressing my wet heat against him fully. “I want you Jasper. I’ve always wanted you.”

“Only you sweet girl, only you,” he promised. “I dreamt of having you for so long. Let me love you.”

“Yes,” I whispered.

Slowly, he lifted my hips and lined himself up, teasing my slit with just the tip of his cock. I huffed with impatience, desperate to just sink down on to him, but he kept just far enough away to torture me. 

“Please, Jasper, please!” I begged, bending forward to kiss him deeply. 

“As you wish,” he replied, finally pressing his body into my own.

It was so delicious, so filling. Way stayed there for a long moment, savoring the connection before he scooted upright holding me on his lap, pressing deeper into me. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding us together as he rocked slowly in and out of me. His lips brushed my forehead, my eyelids, my cheeks. 

With a contented sigh, he pulled my legs around his waist, pressing us closer together.

My hips rocked of their own accord, finding a smooth deep rhythm. 

“Jasper,” I called his name quietly, bringing my forehead to rest on his.

Our eyes locked together, and I gasped, coming hard and long as I watched the emotions swirl in his eyes. He kissed me deeply as he stilled, finding his own climax. We sat there together, catching our breaths, long after, simply holding one another, not wanting to lose the connection.

“I love you,” he whispered, kissing me once again.

“I love you,” I replied, silently promising myself that now that I had him, I would never let him go.

Next Weeks Pic Prompt:

Would you like to be The Lemon Drizzle author of the Month?
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What is a lemon drizzle and how does it work?

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Submissions will post on Friday, and should be received no later than Thursday at 7pm (EST).

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