Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursday

Here are this weeks teasers:

Ch 19:  I Do
They all walk outside making sure Bella is hidden from prying eyes as Rosalie cues the band. They play the instrumental; Alice and Rosalie walk side by side holding hands because Bella couldn't choose which sister would be her maid of honor. So she decided on them both as she wanted them to walk side by side. They are her sisters and she needed them both.  They're both equally stunning in their matching dresses. They each had on a one shoulder, full-length satin dress. Rosalie chose the dress in ocean blue while Alice preferred the moss colored dress. They held flowers that matched the others' dress. Bella couldn't have done a better job if she tried.
Jasper stood there watching his sister-in-laws. He knew that Bella would be out soon. He couldn't wait. He tried not to think of the past but he knew there was nothing he could do to change it. He thought about how Bella would look and hoped he wouldn't start crying like a fool.
Rosalie and Alice took their places across from him and smiled reassuringly. The music stopped and the wedding march started. This was all it took for Bella's stomach to feel full of butterflies. Both Edward on her right and Emmett on her left step forward, making her feel glad they're leading as she's far too nervous to even think about walking."

 Uncharted Territory by Lady Tazz/Jackson's Cupcake


Chapter 7 - Sunday Equals Fun Day

I sat in my very quiet kitchen, drinking coffee and eating jelly toast, thinking that Alice must have spent the night at Jasper's. I let out a giggle. It was kind of ironic that when I actually needed her to help me get ready she wasn't here.
I listed all the things I needed to do before Emmett got here to pick me up. I needed to shower, shave my legs and tidy my 'area', paint my toe nails, and find a sexy bra and panties to wear under my clothes. I smiled. I was pretty sure today was the day we would have sex. Everyone has sex on the third date, right? Hell, I would have had sex on the first date.
After my long shower, I painted my toe nails, picked out a purple satin push up bra with matching silk thong, and dressed in a simple low cut purple tank and jeans. I blew dried my hair and put it up in a pony tail then applied a little makeup. I looked at my reflection in my full length mirror and smiled since I looked pretty good. I turned and glanced at the time, it was ten forty-nine. I took a deep breath; he would be here in ten minutes.
I grabbed my purse and shoes and headed for the living room to wait for him. I heard him pull up and the butterflies in my stomach went crazy. Why I was acting like a sixteen year old was beyond me.
I opened the door just as he knocked. His eyes scanned up and down my body and he smiled.
“Hello. You look great,” he said as he placed a sweet kiss on my lips.
My heart fluttered. “Hello to you, too,” I replied. God, Bella you can be so lame sometimes.

Chapter 7- Frustrated BPOV

I was driving home when I found myself parking and walking across the street to Crimson. As I approached, I could see Edward turn off the lights and lock the door. Maybe I could still get his attention.
 I was about to knock on the door when I looked through the window. I stood there in shock as I saw Edward kissing some woman. My heart sank, as I continued to watch them together. He soon led her into the back. My hurt turned to anger. God, Bella! Get a grip, what did you expect? You ran out on him! I knew I had no right to be mad or jealous, but it still hurt. I guess all I was to him was just another random girl. Maybe Alice was right, he really isn't worth the time and trouble.

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