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Lemon Drizzles

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This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Lemon Drizzles:

  Peace by  Hopeforastalemate
Alice and Jasper
      It had been a trying evening for me.  Alice had been insistent lately that I at least make an attempt to get more involved in the local community, and she had found an organization of Civil War scholars eager to hear my “fictionalized accounts” of life as a Texas soldier.  Tonight’s dinner had featured me as the keynote speaker, and I had been rather startled by how rapt everyone was by my stories.  Several people had approached me about writing a book, something I had never even considered.  I agreed to think about it.
      While the dinner had not been unpleasant, I was extremely glad to be home.  Everyone else was out, and we entered into darkness.  Our quiet suite awaited us, and I was more than happy to hear the soft click as Alice locked the door behind us, enveloping us in the illusion of privacy.

      I stood there, breathing again for the first time that night, my vampire vision allowing me to clearly see my mate with the moonlight as the only illumination.  Everyone called my Alice a pixie, and in the glow of the night, I had to agree.  After so many years together, Alice could have read me like a book even without her power, and she knew that after being around so many humans for an extended period I needed two things:  silence and sex.  We had fed well just before the dinner, so now I was solely interested in feasting on her body.  

      She did not speak as she approached me, reaching up to ever so gently trace the angles of my face and tousle my only half-tamed blond curls.  I felt the tension in my mind begin to ease, even as the tension increased in other places.  Alice had learned early on that tenderness could both calm and arouse me; it could bring me back to myself when nothing else could.  I had spent so much of my life denied it that I craved it now with a hunger that often surpassed even my desire for blood.

      Slowly, leisurely, Alice reached up to unfasten the buttons on my suit coat and my tie pin.  She carefully unknotted the silk tie and left it loose around my neck.  She slipped the jacket from my shoulders and laid it over a chair, then reached for my belt.  It too, found its way to the chair, and by the time she had untucked my shirt, I was beginning to feel more like myself.  Each button she slipped loose took with it a bit more of the human pretense even as it bared more of my scarred chest to her nonjudgmental gaze.  I had long since ceased to be ashamed of my scars with her, though I would never dream of parading my bare chest before my family as my brothers did.  I saw no reason to remind them of the monster I had been and could still too easily become.

      Her hands trailed over my skin, and I caught them both in one of my own, turning the tenderness back on her as I reached down with my free hand to remove her headband and run my fingers through her dark locks.  I traced her face, and she kissed my fingertips as I caressed her lips.  

      Alice sighed, a sound that came out more like a purr as I turned her around and unzipped her indigo dress as carefully as she had unknotted my tie.  I slid it off her shoulders and down her body, and she stepped out of it.  I folded it over my suit jacket even as she kicked off her silver heeled sandals, and I took the opportunity to discard my own shoes.  

      I was barefoot now, my shirt hanging open as I took Alice’s beckoning hand and let her lead me over to our bed.  Not taking her black eyes off of me, she eased onto her back, her tiny form glowing against the deep purple sheets.  Only her lacy black panties and bra hid her from me now as I loomed over her.  She reached up to trace my scars with her fingers, her hands half obscured by the fine white linen of my shirt.  I let her nimbly remove the cufflinks and unbutton the cuffs before pushing the shirt off my shoulders.  It fell to the floor, forgotten.  

      I bent to kiss her gently, my lips outlining the delicate angles of her neck and the modest curves of her breasts.  With one deft movement, the bra was gone, and I had claimed my prizes, my hands weighing them playfully even as I teased the nipples with my tongue and just the slightest scrape of my teeth.  Everyone who met me seemed to think I could be nothing but rough with my mate, but the opposite was true.  The thought of hurting her made my heart ache.  My relationship with Maria had been one of force and pain, and I had no desire to treat anyone else, least of all Alice, like Maria had treated me.  What had been done to Alice at the asylum had been horrific as I discovered when Edward reluctantly told me.  It was every bit as bad as what my sire had done to me; truly, humans were as capable of becoming monsters as vampires were.  I was eternally grateful that the Change had stolen the memories of her trauma.  I would gladly bear my own for eternity so long as I could spare my mate.

      My mouth worked its way down her body until I discarded the scrap of lace concealing her center from me.  I buried my mouth between her thighs, my tongue leisurely lapping at the venom coating her sweet folds.  I played her clit with my fingers and her center with my tongue until I felt her passion reach the tipping point between pleasure and frustration.
      “Jasper, please!” she gasped out, her legs locking around mine even as I lifted her up.  I thrust into her, my hands steadying her as she began to move against me.  Our bodies knew each other inside and out; we fit together perfectly, exquisitely.  Only with her could I completely let my power go, let everything go, knowing she would catch me when I fell.

      I had never discounted the possibility that I was damned, but I knew that I had found heaven in her arms.

      Our pleasure melded as we came, our love twining together like ivory vines.  I opened my eyes to darkness, save for the moonlight surrounding my own personal angel.

      I rested my head against her stomach as she stroked my hair, relaxing in the silence of the night.   In that moment, in her arms, peace was all I knew.

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